SAPPCHAIN – introduces a new messaging and payment system built to provide blockchain-based tokens


The invention of the internet and social media brought on a cultural shift in the way people interact, socialize and spend their time. The world today has over 4 Billion monthly active messaging app users across the globe; and this figure is constantly increasing. Among its several uses and advantages, the internet has transformed and simplified how people communicate with each other worldwide.

In addition to email, instant messaging has a huge impact in bringing people together. Over the last few years, there has been increased concern about online communication privacy. The market is saturated with centralized apps and communications platforms, which are vulnerable to third-party intrusion and data theft.

The need for privacy, data security, and easy to implement systems has long been the focus of corporations seeking to keep their companies’ internal workings private. The private sector shares these concerns with the corporate world. This demand for personal instant communication provoked the rise of popular encrypted communication apps, such as Telegram and WhatsApp. Now, it appears that blockchain technology is set to revolutionize the way we communicate once more. Blockchain messaging apps are on the rise. Multiple platforms have entered the market this year, with more scheduled for release in the coming months.

Our Ecosystem is the most promising blockchain messaging platform today. Blockchain technology provides the planet with a safer and well-organized means of doing business. Blockchain, a decentralized technology; leads the world to ‘Global Economy Transformation’ entered and emerged as a tool for the next generation of money and finance.

SAPPCHAIN is the world’s first all-in-one decentralized end-to-end encrypted anonymous messaging App with peer-to-peer transfer of money, and cryptocurrency solutions; powered by Blockchain technology and revolutionized by Artificial Intelligence. Our Ecosystem will help to establish a new era of secure communication and easy peer-to-peer transfer of money and cryptocurrency coins to everyone you know.

SAPPCHAIN is a token-based ecosystem, and the name of its underline token is called SAPPCOIN Token. SAPPCOIN is a token that will be used to exchange services within the messaging app. Services in SAPPCHAIN include interactions with our AI Assistant (SAPPiO), service upgrades within the ecosystem and getting incentivized by referring friends. The token is meant for utility within our app, and is not a security token or a commodity. By interacting with the AI Assistant feature on the platform, Smartphone users can have the ability to earn extra free tokens. The SAPPCHAIN team has a wealth of experience in providing effective data privacy and security solutions.


Innovating messaging and payment system on the Blockchain powered by Artificial Intelligence The “Vision” of SAPPCHAIN project is to introduce a new messaging and payment system that is built to provide credible blockchain based tokens, which in turn facilitates the seamless transactions and payment system. It utilizes methodologies; that encourage and support infrastructure flexibility. We are designing and developing a decentralized ecosystem integrated with a global coin (token) i.e. SAPPCOIN for our end users. This smart solution will empower the entire network to chat securely, and make transactions with a seamless execution process.


The mobile application market; particularly the messenger segment, is one of the fastest growing markets of the digital industry. Combining several large segments, SappChain claims to be one of the major driving forces in this field.


SAPPCHAIN is a multifunctional decentralized instant messaging app built on Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20). While offering users all the classic features of a chat application, it also provides users with a lightweight cryptocurrency in-built wallet. Users can send and receive tokens from any crypto wallet to the e-wallet within the app. Through the wallet, users will be able to buy, sell and exchange amongst SAPPCOIN community of users, and use the SAPPCOIN Token and credits for payments within the application. While communicating with family and friends through SAPPCHAIN, the application will offer many more functionalities than the conventional instant messaging apps. SAPPCHAIN is a unified instant messaging application with features that are useful for personal and professional purposes


SAPPCHAIN aims to build a new universe of communication with faster, more secure and private communications. Our mission is to make the application more transparent because, we want to make this application available to as many people as possible. The plan is to have as many users as possible, which will later help us to break into the global market together. SAPPCHAIN, will be the new age communication application, which will enable users with seamless and secure exchange of data; not only through chats and Audio and Video calls, but also empower its users with several added features to help create a communication ecosystem that is not only conductive for personal, but also for professional purposes

General Objectives 

• To build an advanced ecosystem with adoption to crypto economy.

• To be the most cost-effective and easy to use platform to facilitate end users and professionals. • To accelerate mass adoption and increase trustworthiness of cryptocurrency market.

• To put the power of cryptocurrency in the hands of the users without the technical intricacies that surround cryptocurrency technology.

• To create an app for communication in a network that will not depend on servers, and will not be affected by government structures. Sappchain combines a high level of privacy and security of user data with the most powerful functionality –the Blockchain integrated with Artificial Intelligence.

• To build fully decentralized encrypted private messaging with a feature that the messages can be automatically deleted within 24 hours or retained.

• To build a secure smart wallet that allows the transfer of money and cryptocurrency coins between the SAPPCHAIN App users.




2. Token Symbol: SAPP (ERC-20)

3. Token Supply: 500,000,000,000



1. Reserve/Retain Fund: 15%

2. Development fund: 45%

3. Bounty and bonus programs: 30%

4. Team: 10%








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