What is SATT

SaTT is a blockchain-based revolutionary platform that facilitates transaction and ad settlement through smart contracts. The SaTT Smart Contract will allow advertisers to create campaigns and set conditions for participation among users. The smart contract itself works on decentralized structures to allow users to specify criteria for publishing and to reward advertising. In addition, SaTT intends to make ads searchable through its easy-to-use API.

The Satt Platform consists of Elements such as the following:

Smart SaTT Contracts: The SaTT Smart Contract mechanism operates on a decentralized Ethereum blocker structure to allow users to design customized advertising tools. The publisher receives a profile analysis before the ranking occurs according to its segment. In addition, they can get campaign proposals tailored for their profile
Advertisers: advertisers can create ad campaigns, manage goals and provide the details needed for the remuneration model. Essentially, establish and maintain their ad visibility.
Tokken SaTT: under intelligent contract technology, the SaTT token utility will be used to manage advertising transactions between advertising and their audience.
Oracle module: application module will help pass information between data source and Intelligent Contract to provide definition of agreement parameters for advertising campaign.

How SaTT’s Smart Contract and Token Operate

Smart contract mechanisms will utilize distributed means to allow blockchain platforms to provide advertising offerings from any API and in accordance with performance objectives. The protocol involves finding publishers and financing the best campaigns through which advertisers receive their payments after all conditions for the campaign are fully met as prescribed during the transaction. Smart Contracts automatically trigger payments, and funds go into the advertiser portfolio, with additional net commissions going to Oracle’s cost module system.

Are there any Benefits to the Advertising Industry?

Thanks to smart contracts, SaTT can guarantee revolutionary benefits for the advertising sector.
This includes Allow advertisers to hire, select and validate the appropriate publishers for relevant campaigns, depending on the scope of the different companies, or the advertising plan
The Oracle module and smart contracts allow the managers and owners of advertising campaigns to measure the results of their efforts statistically with the numbers provided
Under the blockchain, SaTT also builds trust between advertising and thus prevents ad fraud.
Ultimately, SaTT will reduce advertising costs and speed up transactions between affiliate ads
Decentralized ad networks will give users the option to design and manage their advertising campaigns through decentralized lists, integration APIs, and development SDKs.
Will SaTT Service Get Request?

While there are many advertising businesses that are set up to utilize blockchain technology, very few are taking the liberty to focus on smart contract deals for the sector. However, this should not be the basis for a good investment into the project as it will require a major change in the world of advertising before the interested parties can fully implement the solution.

What is Satt token?
SaTT tokens are issued by an Ethereum Smart Contract to facilitate advertising transactions.

Token sale

Pre-ICO- Ends
ICO Crowd sale- May 1, 2018 to July 1, 2018

Token Details
Symbo: SaTT
Protocol: ERC20 / ERC223
Payment: BTC, ETH, $, €
SaTT Price: $ 0.42 = 1 SaTT
Token supply: 420.000.000
Maximum limit: $ 104, 160,000
Minimum limit: $ 7,560,000

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:


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