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SaTT is a token to disturb publicizing exchanges! SaTT is an ERC20 token made to encourage publicizing exchanges with brilliant contracts. By utilizing SaTT, installments among publicists and distributors will be quicker, more secure, and less expensive by coordinating propelled highlights, for example, figuring the sum that must be paid through outsider measurable modules (prophets).

ATAYEN, Inc. gives a basic, quick, and great apparatus for recognizing the best correspondence media and potential accomplices with the best execution for sponsors who need to expand the infiltration of their messages. SaTT Smart Contracts will encourage the communicate of advertisements in view of execution objectives (for instance to expand their perceivability, to create movement, to produce deals openings or to create deals specifically).

On the off chance that you are a distributor and need to locate the most applicable crusades and substance that advantages the gathering of people. Because of the blockchain, accomplices would now be able to ensure that the crusade is subsidized and will be paid when the agreement conditions between the accomplice and sponsor are met, for example, toward the finish of the battle or execution limit. Once the objective is accomplished, the Smart Contract naturally triggers the exchange, and the predefined support is exchanged straightforwardly to the net arrangement of the commission paid to the Oracle module.

SaTT tokens will be utilized to oversee promoting exchanges among sponsors and distributors, because of the Ethereum Smart contract innovation, SaTT tokens will make exchanges quicker, more secure and less expensive. On account of Smart SaTT Contracts, publicists can without much of a stretch make a publicizing effort whose states of cooperation and results will be put away in registers in decentralized dispersed (blockchain) SaTT Smart Contracts work in a decentralized and conveyed way.

The benefit of the Smart Contract is to gather showcase offers in a decentralized database, to build up decides that apply to publicize contracts and naturally trigger installments after an exchange is made. SaTT is a “token utility” in light of blockchain that permits the trading of ads and group of onlookers installments. SaTT is represented by a Smart Contract that rundowns adverts on the Ethereum blockchain, sets conditions for cooperation in the crusade, decides the accomplishment of the battle, and ensures last wages.

SaTT Token Information 
SaTT is an ERC20 token with add up to supply 420,000,000 tokens. The tokens will be utilized to encourage all exchanges to happen inside the environment. By utilizing the tokens, clients could buy the suite applications and its messaging administration. The token itself will be utilized as an installment for publicizing administrations and items. It won’t consequently make it holders share the proprietorship in ATAYEN, Inc.

Presently, ATAYEN is welcoming you to join the fate of computerized publicizing time by taking an interest in its ICO. You could visit and buy some SaTT tokens by utilizing fiat by means of Visa and bank exchange, or by utilizing digital forms of money like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The SaTTs will be put away in SaTT wallet.

The token deal is held for 2 months. It is begun on May 1, 2018, until the point when the end date of ICO on July 1, 2018. You could read more data about the token appropriation and SaTT token itself (data about the token is accessible on the FAQ segment) on its whitepaper.

About ICO
Pre-SALE : 1 APRIL 2018 TO 24 APRIL 2018 (USD 0.21 = 1.0 WEBSITE)
PUBLIC SALE : 1 MAY 2018 – MAY 2018 1 (0.42 USD = 1.0 SATT)
ALL TOKENS Four hundred twenty million

ICO Details:
Ticker: SaTT
Token sale date: May 1, 2018 – July 1, 2018
Token type: ERC – 20
SaTT price: $0.42= 1 SaTT
Token supply: 420,000,000
Available for sale: 59%
Hard cap: $104, 160,000
Soft cap: $7,560,000
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, USD, EUR



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