SaTT- Smart advertising transaction token

Hello guys! Here is another wonderful platform known as SaTT This tokens will be used to govern advertising transactions between advertisers and publishers to increase brand awareness, generate traffic, acquire leads or even develop their sales and choose a payment mode for their publishers

The need to replace traditional system of payments etc can’t be overemphasized, thus one of the significance of blockchain technology. Since the inception of blockchain technology, it has been disrupting various advertising systems, platforms, sectors as can be seen in Finance systems, Healthcare systems, Gaming etc. All that is required is the right knowledge of blockchain as well as the right team and thus, any ripe system can be disrupted. The ripe system, in this case, means systems whose growth have been limited either by centralized settings or otherwise. Blockchain technology introduced decentralization as a feature which makes all blockchain based platforms to be transparent, reliable and trustworthy, thus standing out from centralized systems.

Blockchain technology also introduced the use of smart contracts which can be used to successfully carry out transactions.

Owing to the fact that one of the goals of blockchain technology is to replace traditional payment system with cryptocurrencies, a platform unique in all ramifications aims to utilize blockchain so as to bring a great turnaround in the traditional payment gateway. This is no other platform than SaTT.

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SaTT are tokens from Ethereum smart contact, the tokens will be used for advertising transactions between advertisers and publishers which commenced by a team of brilliant minds with the sole purpose of making SaTT the first blockchain-based payment gateway in the whole of the Middle East and Africa and the cryptocurrency world at large, thus replacing traditional payment and advertising methods with cryptocurrency. By being a blockchain based platform, satt will be a secure, transparent and reliable payment gateway enabling users to carry out transactions in their daily lives.


SaTT aims to make cryptocurrencies to be adopted into real-world applications. The Smart Contract SaTT will change the relationship between advertisers and content editors. However, Cryptocurrencies have been limited from being used in real-world applications due to its price instability and cashout to fiat issues. In order to curtail this, SaTT implement satt token which will be backed by USD.

This tokens will be the currency of the platform. Within the ecosystem, satt will always be equal to good rate, thus enabling Merchants to be able to withdraw to fiat from the satt platform. To make it convenient for users, satt implemented wallets which are based on both desktop and mobile, APIs integrations and SDKs will be made possible. A study has shown that regular banking tools are yet to be utilized on a larger scale in the Middle East and Africa region. This has been found to be as a result of a poor banking system and conservative practice. Further research shows that this region in question has a fragmented structure filled with different currencies. In order to curtail this, SaTT brings 100% non-banking solution based on blockchain thus creating a single currency to be used in everyday life as well as cross-border.

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SaTT, is a token to disrupt advertising transactions ! The SaTT is an ERC20 token created to facilitate advertising transactions with a smart contract. Using SaTT, payments between advertisers and publishers will be faster, more secure and cheaper by integrating advanced features such as calculations of the amounts to be paid through third-party statistical modules (oracles).

SaTT will issue a stable cryptocurrency known as SaTT tokens which will be based on a private blockchain network thus removing the need for volatility at the same time ensuring a faster transaction than traditional financial services such as credit card, etc. The SaTT token is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum blockchain, which will be used to distribute revenue and profit of the SaTT platform. Revenue will be generated from the fees from; Peer-to-Peer and Peer-to-Merchant transactions. icon Instant transactions, safe and functional. No more late payments or expensive banking services.







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