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Good morning dear reader. I am always happy to share with you the most promising ideas and the beginning of the world of crypto-currency. They are created to facilitate our lives with you, and to change the world in the future.
SaTT Token     is a blockchain platform for advertising campaigns. This will give users the opportunity to promote their own products and services, without intermediaries. SaTT will let bring information directly to potential consumers but not to people who are indifferent.
SaTT     is an ERC-223 type utilitarian token managed by smart contracts. The SaTT Token implements smart contacts, where you can enter all parameters of the ad campaign. For example, you can set a target audience for promotions, choose possible repeaters, select an Oracle campaign that assesses effectiveness and protects user data.
SaTT is a token utility that is based on blockchain technology that allows the exchange of ads and viewers. The SaTT is governed by a Smart Contract that includes promotional offers with all data stored securely on Ethereum Blockchain. Smart Contracts establish requirements to participate in campaigns, measure success and guarantee final compensation. Ethereum Blockchain is fast, cost-effective, safe and versatile. This enables fairer distribution of gifts in the Internet transportation market by removing all obstacles caused by centralized intermediaries.

How it works

The SaTT Smart Contract allows advertisers to run ads based on their performance goals and can track the evolution of their advertising campaigns on the interface they use as Google Analytics, Instagram, Facebook Analytics thanks to Oracle module connections that convey information between Smart Contracts and data sources to determine transaction parameters. Thanks to the blockchain, the publisher is guaranteed that the campaign is provided and that it will be paid immediately after meeting the requirements set by the advertiser or the campaign end date specified in the transaction. After the goal is reached, the Smart Contract triggers the transaction automatically and the specified funds are transferred directly to the portfolio after deducting the commission paid to the Oracle module.

Blockchain and Tokenized Economy

The SaTT Smart Contract works in a decentralized and distributed manner. The Blockchain will include all current offers that allow any API or platform to perform operations whether it is a creation as part of adbuilder, display to create ad directories, or in Oracle for example by providing statistics needed to validate and measure transactions. . To make SaTT more liquid, we will install the PayBySaTT function in our app store and offer SDKs for third party developers so that many exclusive products and events are paid at SaTT.


Until now, there was no simple and effective offer to meet this need: it was human work, agency work. Advertisers and publishers on many ad networks must rely on a centralized advertising agency without being able to verify the results of the statistics provided, which can tilt to make the campaign more expensive. If a technical failure occurs on a centralized platform, all ad campaigns stop functioning until the incident is resolved and if the network is centrally hacked, hackers can access all accounts in the system.

The traditional business model of traditional and centralized advertising agencies is based on expensive entry fees and monthly bills for services provided. The minimum fee for using their interface ranges from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per month and affiliate commission payments can take several months, resulting in significant transfer fees and can even be blocked if there is a minimum bill.

Our Solution

The Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed database that guarantees data integrity and transactions. Thanks to blockchain, advertisers and their campaigns are not connected to each other. As such, they are not all affected by hacking or malfunction. Thanks to the SaTT Smart Contracts, advertisements and transactions are regulated by autonomous creature modules secured by the blockchain Ethereum. If a module or Oracle is damaged, the integrity of other advertiser advertisements is maintained.

Transaction costs are divided between the encryption module and Oracle according to needs. Therefore there is no minimum monthly bill. Competition between Oracle modules guarantees high service levels and competitive prices. By using SaTT, payments are made as soon as the success criteria are met. Payments are not subject to transfer fees or currency conversion fees, providing significant cost savings for the industry.

Innovation for the future with high quality and comfort for all participants and providing the best service on the platform, maximizing the use of controls in a decentralized network to deactivate all public ecosystems on the platform, and making this platform a larger community for greater support and interaction and transactions , so this platform will grow in the future, and this platform will continue to grow in the future, create a better high-performance platform and continuously expand opportunities for innovation with others By making this platform target all customers with ease of application and level high security to monitor all conditions and provide all connection platforms, so that this platform represents a rapidly growing potential in the future.
Blockchain technology offers real changes for everything from global industry to communication methods. Thanks to transparency, increased trust, and reduced dependence on third parties, blockchain technology is used to store business data, image / video authentication and even reduce insurance costs. Because the GL blockchain distributed is very difficult to damage, greater trust in the deleted data is reached. To change data in a register, everyone in a distributed register must agree to change data (this will not happen!).
Information token
Token: SaTT
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Price in ICO: $ 0.4200
Before 100% ICO
Step 1 50%
Step 2 30%
Step 3 20%
Step 4 10%
Tokens sold: 68,000,000
investment information
Accept: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Distributed in ICO: 34%
Softcap: $ 3,360,000
Hardcap: $ 28,560,000
User Name: COB Link

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