SATURN- A Liquidity provider for crypto markets cross-chain exchange and OTC trading Platform

In a fast paced and rapidly changing world of cryptocurrency, it is important for cryptocurrency owners, investors, analyst and everyone in the cryptocurrency space to be kept abreast of current trends, innovations and analysis. Absolute control over information is an herculean task if not nearly impossible, there is increased risk of harsh user experience in the world of cryptocurrency and a rapidly advancing technology such as blockchain.

In a world of hackers, fraudsters and individuals who seek to take advantage of other people’s naivety, it is important to have access to tools, data, analysis and information to keep one up to date of current event happening in the everyday crypto space. Information is power, with the right tools, you are indomitable. But gathering these information from various sources proved to be a time sapping and effort consuming task. A perfect solution would be to have an ecosystem which provides these tools to everyone ranging from investors to cryptocurrency experts or people who are newly venturing into the crypto world in one giant platform and this is where SATURN comes in.

Clarification of SATURN!

Realize that Saturn – a liquidity supplier for the crypto showcase. Trade and OTC Trading Platform. Saturn is a beneficial interaction of the comfort and security of restrictive nuclear trades from crypto-resources and the dependability of outsider underwriter.

The objective is the production of another, fluid and safe over-the-counter market. Saturn dispatches the Exchange Trading Platform and OTC for Cryptocurrency dependent on the swap cross chain convention. an arrangement by the Saturn group to give an administration called P2P trade valuable for merchants, speculators, organizations and representatives.


The development of the quick capitalization of the youthful crypto market to greater quality 800 billion USD was supplanted by an inclination towards a long tumble to a quality beneath 200 billion USD. The complete spending plan for crypto resources diminished by 75%. A few resources have lost up to 90% of the values, just as different, are prohibited from the trade list.

Amid the fall of the market, speculators lost roughly 600 billion USD from their crypto resources. In a long remain in the crypto advertise at the lower organize, the cost of different resources keeps on refreshing the base. The proprietor of the benefit is slowly losing trust in market execution to develop and begin disposing of deteriorated coins and tokens, which disturb the market circumstance. The absence of auxiliary solicitations for crypto resources powers the group from the blockchain startup, which is viewed as loaded with a backbone as of recently, to kill any work on their items. The absence of help for resource liquidity by brokers, venture originators and trades, these business sectors are bound to wind up wiped out.


OTC cross-chain exchanging

The Saturn OTC administration enables brokers to help out the exchanges through the nuclear swap convention with the affirmation by Saturn resources. The objective client of this administration is proficient financial specialists on the grounds that the exchanges are conceivable to direct with the extensive exchanging volume and exceptionally negligible exchanging volume.

OTC auction

The Saturn OTC sale will enable proprietors to list their crypto resources on the sale toward the starting business sector cost. What’s more, the showed resources are permitted to trade with the huge sum.

Trade of Atomic exchanges

This will be a shared trade applying nuclear swap convention to accomplish the underlying objective of Saturn Back trade.

Exchanges with EURO and USD

This capacity is actualized and creating to completely serve Saturn’s clients toward the finish of 2019. OTC cross-chain exchange, OTC closeout and Atomic trade will qualify Saturn’s clients for trade between crypto resources and EURO and USD. The trade of crypto resources with USD, USDT and GUSD is conceivable to be utilized at this point.


25% Direct sales of 250 000 XSAT

1XSAT = 0.075 $

up to 20 crypto resources are accessible for instalment. Not assigned in the Private sales token will be offered to be showcased in the Pre-sales area and at Pre-deal costs.

25% pre-clearance of 250 000 XSAT

1 XSAT = 0.1 $

up to 100 crypto resources are accessible for instalment. Not assigned in the Pre-sales token will be offered to be showcased in the General sales division and at the Public sales cost.

25% of open sales are 250 000 XSAT

1 XSAT = 0.125 $

more than 300 crypto resources are accessible for instalment. Watch people group casting a ballot. A full rundown will be distributed before Public sales start.

With the deal above you can get the reward that has been set while moving, to put resources into Saturn please pursue the means on this site


The XSAT token plays a very important role for liquidity of the platform as it is important in the business model and infrastructure of the SATURN platform. The XSAT tokens will be used as a quotation asset in Saturn services such as exchange and over the counter transactions, auction and escrow.

-Token standard – ERC-20

-XSAT contact address- 0x0d9e614937a308438337a2999acf64fc86bf098a

-Single token allocation – 1 000, 000, 000 XSAT.

-Private sale – 75% November to December 2018 up to 250 000 000 XSAT 25% share Price 1 XSAT = $ 0.075/ XSAT

-Accepted payment includes BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, LTC, XMR, XRP, DASH.

-Pre-sale- in December 2018 Up to 250,000,000 XSAT which is 25% Price= $0.1/XSAT with same payment as above.

-Public sale- is scheduled for 1Q 2019 and 250,000,000 XSAT which is 25% with the Price=$ 0.125/XSAT. An opportunity for you and I to invest now.

The remaining 25% are not planned to be sold during the token sale. 100, 000, 000 is reserved for bounty program and 100, 000, 000 is distributed to the project team. Truly amazing right? Be a part of this great innovation, be a part of SATURN PLATFORM.




For more information about the project, visit the link below:

Saturn Platform atomic Exchange. Token Sale



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