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Saturn Black is a platform for cross-chain exchanges directly from crypto assets. Decentralized protocols – symbiosis of the convenience of direct atomic exchanges and the reliability of third party guarantors. Legal and safe transactions for players in the crypto market. Objective: to create markets that are qualitatively safe, new and safe for cryptactive assets.

Saturn also provides P2P exchange services for traders, investors, companies and brokers, and also conducts a series of studies to help find new methods for maturing the crypto market and increasing land liquidity so that each user develops together. with this platform, each project will receive an audit and liquidity from the token version, whose future goals are part of the market strategy, so that each element will move decomposition as a cryptographic player community and create a new market that is liquid and provides a free market.

Saturn is a symbiosis of comfort & safety of atomic exchanges directly from crypto assets and the reliability of third-party guarantors.

Our goal:

  • creating a free market that is qualitatively new, liquid, and safe.
  • Saturn launches the Exchange and OTC trading platforms for Cryptocurrency.
  • based on the Swap chain exchange protocol. Plans are provided by the Saturn team.
  • P2P exchange services for traders, investors, companies and brokers.

Saturn offers bilateral liquidity for many assets independently. That will benefit the price. The swap protocol for exchange of fees differs from other exchanges where there is an additional commission that reaches 0.2 percent for each exchange transaction, 0.5-5% for each over-the-counter transaction and 1-5 percent for auction transactions, but conditions Lastly, Relative costs will be decided when launched into the market.

The liquidity marker model is based on flexible exchange options for more than 300 cryptographic assets within the framework of the Saturn platform and free XSAT transformation becomes the main quoted asset: Bitcoin, Ethereum, US dollar. The team plans to use funds raised in exchange with XSAT tokens to ensure asset liquidity requested by the community. For this purpose, 51% of the total assets collected will be used.

Public sales

XSAT public sales took place in January 2019. The team had to do a lot of work in all the previous stages, so it was impossible to determine the exact date of opening public sales. At the stage of public sales on the Saturn platform, the acquisition of XSAT tokens will be available in return for around 300 cryptactive assets.

At each stage, the price of XSAT and a list of received cryptoactive assets are different. Up-to-date information on cost changes and the start of a new phase will be available on the project’s website.

After filling out the sales token, the Saturn team will continue implementing the road map article. The XSAT Token will be available for trading on our platform after the sales token is filled. Also, during project implementation, following reasonable pricing principles, we plan to place XSAT on popular crypto exchanges.

Token details

  • Token: XSAT
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Amount: 1,000,000,000 XSAT
  • Platform: Ethereum

Sales Tokens are planned in 3 stages:

Personal sales
This stage starts on November 17, 2018 and will be completed after the launch of the Saturn OTC Platform, while collecting the minimum capitalization required for the next stage and platform development.

This will begin after the completion of Personal sales and the exchange of atomic swap exchanges from XSAT tokens on the Saturn platform. Pre-sales will continue for 2-4 weeks. With the opening of sales to various buyers, we plan to implement XSAT atomic transactions with 100 cryptactive assets. Our team plans to open Presale in mid-December. The final decision on the start date will depend on meeting the objectives set by the team on Personal sales.

Public sales
Early Public Sales is scheduled for January 2019. Our team must do a lot of work in all previous stages, so it is not possible to determine the exact date of the opening of Public sales. In the Public sales stage on the Saturn Platform, it will be available to purchase XSAT tokens in return for around 300 crypto assets.

At each stage, the price of XSAT and a list of received cryptoactive assets are different. Up-to-date information on cost changes and the start of a new phase will be available on the project’s website.

After completing the Sales Token, the Saturn team will continue to implement road map articles. The XSAT Token will be available for trading on our platform, after completing the Sales Token. Also, during project implementation, following reasonable pricing principles, we plan to place XSAT on popular crypto exchanges.

XSAT token problem and its distribution model
Single issue 1,000,000,000 XSAT.

Personal sales
XSAT is not available for sale
1XSAT = 0.075 $
Completed December 22
148,100,000 XSAT
transferred to Pre-sale

XSAT is not available for sale
1 XSAT = $ 0.115
Finish February 6
388,700,000 XSAT
transferred to General Sales

638,000,000 XSAT
1 XSAT = $ 0.13

1 XSAT = $ 0.130
more than 300 crypto assets are available for payment. Pay attention to community voting. The full list will be published before the start of Public sales

Final stage of Saturn Black Token Sales
The Saturn Black Sale Token has moved to the final stage. Public sales will last until March 6.

In the previous stage, our project distributed 111,500,000 tokens offered for sale at prices ranging from $ 0.075 to $ 0.115.

At the Public sales stage, the price of 1 Saturn Token (XSAT) is $ 0.13, and the minimum check is $ 50.

We reserve the opportunity to buy tokens at lower prices for buyers starting at $ 5,000. To buy with a discount, contact us at or on Telegram @saturn_info.

Buy Saturn Tokens (XSAT) now
From ideas to the present day, the Saturn Black team developed this project mainly because of their own investment from team members. Thanks to community feedback, we believe in the feasibility of the project business model, which is based on the supply of liquidity to the crypto market.

At present, the project has collected a number of altcoins and launched trading operations on them in the existing market. We also continue to contact the blockchain project team to find partners who are interested in supporting their own market liquidity.

Our team continues to explore the crypto market and expand the list of assets received for payment. We are ready to receive more than 150 crypto assets in return for Saturn tokens and plan to expand the list to 300 items. Project representatives and investors can contact our team to discuss the integration of the Saturn Black liquidity system in their markets.

Escrow: December 2108.
Saturn – securing legal transactions between crypto asset owners with third party guarantees – direct exchange protocols.

OTC Crosschain Trading: December 2018.
Selling and buying large quantities of crypto assets is no longer a problem. Secure over-the-counter transactions through atomic exchange protocols (from wallet to wallet) are relevant for large numbers of crypto asset holders, initial investors, and team members from the blockchain startup.

OTC auction: 3Q 2019.
Buy and sell a large amount of crypto assets at the best price submitted. Transaction security, arrangements to place orders and low commissions will make sellers or buyers who search more accessible and safer.

Exchange of atomic transactions: 4Q 2019.
Saturn launches P2P trading based on the protocol. Saturn is additional liquidity for cryptoactive assets with low liquidity, secure cross exchanges and a convenient interface in your browser.

Transactions with EURO and USD: 1-3Q 2020.
Saturn is working to create an infrastructure for exchanging fiat currencies for all directions: atomic exchanges, over-the-counter crosschain trading, over-the-counter auctions.

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