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A cryptocurrency wallet, is a secure digital currency wallet that can be used to store, send & receive digital/Crypto-currency like Ethereum, XRP, BCH, BTC, ETC, ONEX, UXT, BCT and BFM.

Over the past eight years, Blockchain has built out a crypto-service empire that spans from ICO treasury management to raw class liquidity, custody, and research.

N.B, Most of these Alt coins have their own wallet.

Blockchain is a novel answer for the well established human issue of trust. It gives an engineering to purported trustless trust. It enables us to confide in the yields of the framework without confiding in any entertainer inside it.

Some Cryptocurrency wallets are built for a single digital currency, someother one’s can be used for more than one Altcoin, some wallets are managed by individual, while, some like those found on exchanges will be custodial.


The Saturn Black, is the only decentralized exchange where one can trade both Ethereum & Ethereum Classic tokens.

The Saturn Black is fully functional, It allows one to seamlessly interact with decentralized Applications (dApps) on Ethereum & Ethereum Classic. swap between both networks can easily be done with one click, and manage all your wallets across both blockchains technology with one tool.


The goal is to develop Saturn Black side by side with the Saturn Exchange to give traders an amazing experience on the platform.

What makes the exchange unique among other exchanges is that the order book runs completely on-chain, i.e, The Saturn Network is decentralized.

N.B, All trading fees are returned with the SATURN (XSAT) tokens and all the exchange’s profits are shared among token holders.

The Saturn Network extension is compatible with the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Chromium or Opera.

Why pick Saturn Black?

It solve security issues, when trading with the outsider, one can confront a few downsides like hacking, obstructing of assets and now and again, one may observe solidifying of withdrawals with no reason. In this way, one can’t confide in external exchangers totally. Notwithstanding, Saturn Black guarantees 100% security and dependable stage as it does exclude any dependence on the outsider. It utilizes a direct nuclear swap convention that enables clients to trade crypto-resources and make exchanges from wallet to wallet. In this way, no sum is blocked and the coins stay in the wallet till the time an exchange is made.

Saturn abuses hearty programming which guarantees rapid trade. Different stages invest some energy during the time spent trade, some during the time spent exchange and some during the time spent withdrawal. Under perfect conditions, about 5 minutes are slipped by in an exchange. In any case, at Saturn’s stage, just 10-30 seconds are slipped by in sending the crypto advantage for another gathering’s wallet and that is it. Along these lines, clients get multiple times expedient exchanges when they use Saturn Black.

Saturn Black permits direct nuclear trade that encourages crypto resource holders to trade without the mediation of any outsider. This convention enables the two gatherings to commonly execute trade exchange or drop it in the event of incompletion of two-sided terms. In this way, the gatherings can without much of a stretch and safely trade resources from their wallets.





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