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An award-winning German FinTech specializing in artificial intelligence (“AI”) that has been customized for your crypto investment

Savedroid will create a unique AI ecosystem of crypto investment for Users to gain profit and easy access to AI’s crypto investment plan in Bitcoin, Ethereal, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, Dash, Stellar, etc. and superior crypto. Investment opportunity , such as portfolios, derivatives, and ICOs, without anything
the barriers to adoption of savedroid technology eliminate complexity and process by creating an Intelligent User Experience (“UX”), which automatically invests crypto, stores it securely, and makes it accessible, tradable and commendable. Therefore, savedroid is the first ICO of germany

savedroid will leverage the existing core assets of the cutting edge AI technology
and great UX based on maximum simplification and emotional gamification
give this exceptional value proposition. In fact, savedroid is the first ICO of a German stock company that follows German rules and regulations to be given the highest level of safety.

Savedroid is the right player to make it happen: Founded in Q4 2015 in Frankfurt / Germany, savedroid has built a proven track record of its ability to simplify traditional financial saving processes and encourage mass market adoption.

Savedroid has successfully launched Europe’s first AI-based austerity application, generating over 200K + downloads and over 10 million savings transactions since its launch in October 2016.

savedroid creates significant economic value for mass market users by offering automated savings, a self-learning AI algorithm that analyzes user checking accounts to identify potential savings and spend optimizations, such as self-learning AI algorithms that identify potential contract optimization. for utility, mobile, banking solutions savedroid to save money and optimize automatically Personal expenditure based on AI independent learning technology has been recognized by various prestigious awards, among them.

Savedroid tokens can be purchased with Bitcoin and Ethereum
as well as with fiat via bank credit transfers, SOFORT Überweisung, and credit cards. The proper procedure to purchase SVD is available on our Site and in our social media channels.

Savedroid ITS will be structured in two parts, starting with Pre-Sale and followed by Primary Sales. The sale price of the reserve token during the ITS is set at 1 EUR = 100 SVD, while the special Pre-Sale discount will apply as described below.
SVD prices will fluctuate as measured in Bitcoin and Ethereum during our ITS time. From 12 to 26 January 2018, we will offer 5% of all SVD (eg 5 million SVD) for public Pre-Sale purchase with 30% bonus.
This means that every Pre-Sale participant will receive an additional 30% of the token amount he gets Purchase over free, so if someone buys 1,000 SVD he will receive a total of 1,300 SVD for the same purchase price. From February 9 to March 9, 2018 , we will offer an additional 55% of all SVD for public purchases during our Primary Sales (ie, 5.5 billion SVD). Overall we hope to sell millions of SVFA digits whose numbers are two digits lower.
The savage contract of savedroid tokens will be published in GitHub in January. We will release more details about where to find smart contracts on our Site

What I like the most about savedroid?

I’m not going to tell you a novel here after asking you to read a 64-pages long whitepaper. Instead, I will narrow down some information that caught my tech-savvy-eye from savedroid in my opinion.

  • UX simplified. No worries about keeping multiple private keys for different cryptocurrencies, and multiple registration and fees on different exchanges. The savedroid app will be making cryptocurrency saving and investing as simple as taking a photo with your mobile phone.
  • Artificial Intelligence. They aren’t making terminator that will obliterate humanity. Instead, they are making self-learning AI integrated into the savedroid ecosystem. The concept of gamification is a great niche for the platform. The so-called “smooves” which turns the user’s everyday activities into savings is an interesting way to improve user’s lifestyle while being engaged in cryptocurrency.  You run 3 kilometers and get rewarded by it. (I’m still looking a way to monetize my sleeping habit though).
  • Track Record. Unlike the other ICO, this one has already a working product and platform. In the past two years of savedroid in fintech space, it already has a 200k+ app downloads, 10 million saving transactions, a great 4.2 app rating and has renowned B2B partners such as Deutsche Börse, Wirecard and many more.
  • SVD token. Their token is an ERC20 utility token in Ethereum blockchain that has a built-in deflation mechanism. It can be used to purchase crypto services within savedroid ecosystem and will burn certain percentage of tokens to support the value. Burning token increases the scarcity, therefore increasing the value as demand goes high.

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