This is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform from a standard encryption project that supports the ERC20 token. The main goal is to develop a game platform where players not only play video games for fun, but also to generate revenue by obtaining the ScarceCoin token, which will act as game currency on this platform.

On this platform, you can choose any game options, as well as any genre (strategy, shooting, fighting, adventure, racing, etc.), and all gamers of this game not only can download but play online. And players who will perform the tasks provided by the platform, will be able to obtain tokens in this regard. Everything will depend on the level and complexity of your task.

The Scarcecoin Token will be a unique game digital currency, where users / players will be able to make purchases on the platform.

Snooping is the process of validating transactions and generating more tokens until maximum supply is reached such as mining to bitcoin but with PoS scarcecoin token standards, you do not need expensive mining rigs to mine and get more scarcecoin.

The scarcecoin platform is based on the PoS standard and as such, it simply means that only gamers can find use for tokens. Gamers can also earn more scarcecoin tokens by staking them for 100% annual return. In subsequent years, the reduction of reconnaissance will be seen. The second year will bet the interest by 50% and the third year and the next interest will be 10%.


The main goal of the scarcecoin project is to develop a decentralized gaming platform (desktop and mobile) where players not only play video games for fun, but also can play the game as a profession and earn a decent income without doing anything other than playing video games.

Token Sale and ICO

ICO runs in several stages and will begin on 1 February and end on 31 April 2018. In the near future there will be 4 sales rounds. The price will fluctuate depending on the sales cycle.

From February 1st to February 15th – $ 0.01

From 16 February to 15 March – $ 0.01

From 16 March to 15 April – $ 0.02

From April 16th to April 30th – $ 0.05

Symbol: SCO

The token price is 1ETH = 100K SCO.

Platform – Ethereum

Type – ERC20

Buying our token is very simple. Whether you sign-up or not you can buy our token straight to your ERC20 wallet by simply sending the amount of ether you optate to purchase token with to the Crowdsale contract : 0xb828c47317aa70cc96b597824854c4bcec4051ff and token immediately get transferred to your wallet by astute contract.

1ETH = 100k SCO token

Once done integrate token details to your wallet to show your balance.

Token details Symbol : SCO

decimal : 18

Token Contract : 0x0df600c873da796c3ef6d6a0472772eb954d6986

You are consequently required to send ether to buy the token from an ethereum wallet that is ERC20 compatible. For this we vigorously recommend Myetherwallet.

This might be the most popular list on this platform at this moment in time. Cryptocurrency is what is turning this world upside down, wherever you look in the cyber world it is all about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem or some other altcoin. Time for great cryptocurrency adoption is coming close. There are many deplorable altcoins out there made just for expeditious profit but there are withal some ground breaking ones with authentic life use. I’m not to technical, this is my 1st year of trading and investing but in this time i gained some favorites.

ScarceCoin Token Incipient Exchange Listing.

We earlier promulgated there’s a good news regarding exchange listing. It’s most likely not an astronomically immense news as you would be expecting but at least we are progressing. We require you to understand that as an incipient startup project getting listed this days isn’t that facile.

We have been officially listed on Expeditors Network incipient exchange.

You can now trade your token on even while ICO is still perpetual. Let’s engender some volume there so that our applications on other exchanges will yield positive. ICO price for token is now 0.00002ETH/SCO but as an incentive we will make token available for 0.00001ETH/SCO on exchange. This however doesn’t obviate you from trading at whatever price you deem fit.


ICO crowdsale : February 1- April 30 : 2018.
Coin with draw alto wallets : May,2018
Launch one exchanges and Coin marketcap : May,2018.
Release of mobile wallet : June,2018
Game platform launch : July,2018
Collaborations with big giants in gaming industry : August,2018
Release of API for game developers : September,2018
Annual international game tournament with huge reward starting November,2018.
Although there is of 2018 and into 2019, further development and improvement will be continued on the platform to bring out the best for all stake holders in Scarce Coin project.

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

Till next time…

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