This is a decentralized shared stage from a standard encryption venture that backings the ERC20 token. The principle objective is to build up an amusement stage where players play computer games for the sake of entertainment, as well as to create income by getting the ScarceCoin token, which will go about as diversion money on this stage.
On this stage, you can pick any amusement alternatives, and in addition any classification (system, shooting, battling, enterprise, dashing, and so forth.), and all gamers of this diversion can download as well as play on the web. What’s more, players who will play out the assignments gave by the stage, will have the capacity to acquire tokens in such manner. Everything will rely upon the level and unpredictability of your undertaking.
The Scarcecoin Token will be a one of a kind diversion advanced cash, where clients/players will have the capacity to make buys on the stage.
Snooping is the way toward approving exchanges and producing more tokens until the point that most extreme supply is achieved, for example, mining to bitcoin yet with PoS scarcecoin token measures, you don’t require costly mining apparatuses to mine and get more scarcecoin.
The scarcecoin stage depends on the PoS standard and all things considered, it just implies that no one but gamers can discover use for tokens. Gamers can likewise procure more scarcecoin tokens by staking them for 100% yearly return. In ensuing years, the diminishment of observation will be seen. The second year will wager the enthusiasm by half and the third year and the following interest will be 10%.
The principle objective of the scarcecoin venture is to build up a decentralized gaming stage (work area and portable) where players play computer games for no particular reason, as well as can play the amusement as a calling and procure a not too bad salary without doing something besides playing computer games.
What gamers hope to do is get coins in their wallets, at that point leave unused coins for a specific least number of days and consequently meet all requirements for skating and this can enable gamers to get stake intrigue. When the base number of interloper days is achieved, gamers just need to send tokens to their wallet’s address and they will get a level of tokens they effectively claim. This means gamers won’t have the capacity to spend their coins amid a stalking period on the off chance that you need to get an astonishing blessing yet with a 100% token every year, it merits yielding to do.
ICO keeps running in a few phases and will start on 1 February and end on 31 April 2018. Sooner rather than later there will be 4 deals rounds. The cost will change contingent upon the business cycle.
After the ICO scarcecoin will be listed on different exchanges so that it can be bought and sold. Once on the exchanges the price value of the coin will be deduced by/decided by the law of demand and supply. However, we are positive-cerebrating that being a cryptocurrency with an authentic product backing and usefulness it will facilely have immensely colossal demand coalesced with the staking possibility less scarcecoin will be available for supply. Going by simple college mazuma flow/mazuma-predicated studies we ken that when demand outweigh supply then value is bound to increment.
ICO will launch from February 1, 2018 to March 31, 2018 in 4 price rounds but at a rock bottom price of $0.01/coin. However all available ICO coin will be offered up for sale at once and could be consummately sold out at any of the rounds.
The ICO buying process has been designed to be plenarily trustless because the perspicacious contract for the symbol/symbolic has been programmed such that once a (person or business who gives mazuma to avail start a business) sends (pain-killing gas/high in the firmament) to the contract address of the symbol/symbolic then, the perspicacious contract automatically send equal number of symbols to the wallet address from which the (pain-killing gas/high in the empyrean) is sent. Once the ICO time is reached the contract address will be made available for the (instance of buying something for mazuma).
You are consequently needed/authoritatively mandated to send (pain-killing gas/high in the firmament) to buy the symbol/symbolic from an ethereum wallet that is ERC20 compatible. For this we vigorously recommend Myetherwallet.
To further make ScarceCoin a true community backed project we have mentally conceived of/considered it fit that (people or businesses who give mazuma to avail start businesses) who can apportion their referral link with friends to spread cognizance.
ScarceCoin project will have 5000 ScarceCoin free for every person that signed up with their referral link. This betokens by having just 10 referrals you are eligible for 50000
Scarcecoins which will be distributed (by a drop from an airplane) after ICO. Please note that the distribution (by a drop from an airplane) will be sent only to addresses that participated in the ICO.
There is withal the convivial media reward program. All you require to do is follow us on twitter,facebook and telegram. Each day at an arbitrary time we will make a post requesting the first 100 people to comment with their usernames and wallet addresses for a distribution (dropped by airplane) of 1000
ScarceCoin each. This reward will be distributed (by a drop from an airplane) at the close of each day (without any concern about/having nothing to do with) whether the address participated in ICO or not.
Pre-ICO reward: The pre ICO is opened to only a circumscribed number of (people or businesses who give mazuma to avail start businesses) on invitation with some needed things met and (definitely/as one would expect) with some extra goodies but with (instances of buying things for mazuma) not less nor more than $1000.
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