Hello supporters, crypto fans, investors, miners and bloggers. Today we will talk about innovative blokcheyn companies established in Argentina, and the name Scavo technology. I myself am doing cryptocurrency mining and that is why I am very interested in such projects.
Scavo Technologies specializes in manufacturing data center infrastructure for cryptosystems, renewable resources that are currently very relevant.
Scavo Technologies offers a scalable, smart and environmentally friendly solution that maximizes the use of energy resources with “zero carbon footprint”.
Crypto-mining is currently hampered by a number of problems, such as equipment costs, electricity costs, centralization of mining, decreased profitability …
Scavo Technologies has found an approach to solving this problem based on the concept of “Industry 4.0” – it is an intellectual, independent, unique and innovative solution on the market. Unlike competitors, Scavo Technologies solves the main problem – electricity costs.
To get electricity at a very low cost, Scavo Technologies develops its own technology – a hybrid solution to generate electricity through a combination of various resources (sun, wind, water, and biomass). This technology is able to independently meet the needs of the entire mining industry.
The first coin offerings (ICO) will enable Scavo technology to carry out extensive mining activities in full by building power plants that use renewable energy sources. This will allow investors to maximize their profits and receive various benefits in the short, medium and long term.
The SCAVO token created during the initial coin issue (ICO) will be used to generate profits that will be distributed according to the requirements of the Scavo Technologies business model.
SCAVO technology is based on the commercial model of SCAVO tokens. Each SCAVO token purchased by an investor represents the right to benefit from everything that is managed for a lifetime (as long as he holds the token), which is the period in which profits exceed the operating costs of maintaining a business in a farm operation.
The technology developed by SCAVO Technologies and third parties will be used to create independent and measurable mining centers that use renewable energy sources to generate electricity.
SCAVO Technologies will finance the construction of the entire system that forms the mining center by capturing and distributing SCAVO tokens during initial coin (ICO) problems. 
The maximum amount that can be tracked during the ICO process (including PreICO) as the maximum target in the technical document is $ 83.6 million. 
The minimum amount (defined as the minimum target in technical documents) is $ 500,000.
88% – SCAVO tokens can be purchased during pre-sale to ICO (PreICO) and during sales the ICO uses a crowdsale mechanism, which will take up to 108 days.
The remaining 12% of SCAVO tokens are reserved as follows:
  • 8% – reserve funds, legal advice, research and development.
  • 2% – premium for prize programs.
  • 2% – for SCAVO Technologies’ founders and teams.

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