Hi peeps, as we all know that the internet is an enormous base of information where we can do anything. Internet has connected the entire world And at the Same time the Cryptocurrency world is increasing day by day and so many people businesses and companies have improved by investing in an crypto investors it is required of you to know the current and genuine project. And that is the reason I will be expantiating on this great project. SCAVO Technologies is an association developed in Argentina worked in the improvement of communicate correspondences server cultivate system for crypto mining, using maintainable resources.. Believe me I have done a lot of research on this project and I give it a thumbs up.

What is SCAVO?

SCAVO Technologies is an association developed in Argentina worked in the improvement of communicate correspondences server cultivate system for crypto mining, using maintainable resources. Formally settled on August 1, 2017 on account of 2 years of imaginative work of prohibitive advancement that together allow the essentialness self-practicality of the entire crypto mining complex.

Through the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), SCAVO will amass the broad scale crypto mining estate of bitcoin and altcoins, in a self-keeping up way and place it into age as demonstrated by the due dates stipulated in the guide.

Moreover, SCAVO’s development relies upon business exhibit SCAVO Token. Each Token SCAVO was gotten by monetary masters will address one side to get benefits by all that is conveyed by agriculture burrowing perpetually (as long as it is the holder of a Token), grasped as a period in which the focal points outperform the costs the exercises required to keep up in the developing undertaking. Advancement made by development SCAVO and outcasts will be used to collect free and versatile mining center that usages manageable resources for power age. SCAVO advancement will finance the improvement of the entire system that structures the point of convergence of mining through crowdfunding by circling token SCAVO, in the midst of the early coins offer (ICO).


At SCAVO Technologies they have three clear estimates they all around look for after. They are:

The work must be done as a social event.

The execution of the approach must be clear and the strategies must be open by the general people.

Utilizing these three standards as a guide, we expect that even with the developing burden of mining when all is said in done, paying little respect to the mechanized cash to be mined, we can build up a productive theory program for the market through the making of normally supportive activities that are available to the general masses, immediate and dependent on bleeding edge progression.


At SCAVO Technologies, they firmly expect that interests in crypto supportable mining are the most profitable choice for entire arrangement benefits and that is the reason our proposal is to maintain the relationship with budgetary stars through clear benchmarks.

SCAVO Technologies, other than of giving a sharp reaction for the issue of the age and utilization of noteworthiness of the crypto mining ranch, by decreasing the expense of vitality to its most significant verbalization, they make excitement for the business more open and less asking for anybody around the world, paying little notice the degree that anyone is concerned and riches.

Their commitment to the SCAVO Community is with a definitive target that it licenses dynamic help in settling on pivotal choices that may affect the affiliation, using sharp contract tossing a count.


To achieve the targets proposed in our progress, it was basic to wear out the likelihood of “Industry 4.0”; this is to accomplish the most lifted level of reasonability and mechanization of the conceivable procedure for major expert. The models that guide our recommendation think about access to clean centrality and easily, the use of present day review parts for the produce and gathering of the varying units that make up the crypto mining complex, hugeness benefit and the principal quality to do the crypto mining process in the entire arrangement.

This has engaged us to offer a careful reaction for the issue of access to criticalness at intense expenses and therefore add to the control of decentralization and moreover ease access to the utilization of advancement to the general people.


They comprehend that change all through the present framework is something key, essential and basic for cryptographic sorts of money and their advancement to be perceived tremendously. Thusly, it was basic to change the movement of the varying parts that make up the crypto mining complex to the likelihood of “Industry 4.0”.

At SCAVO Technologies they have made specific programming/outfit areas that automate two or three procedure of the crypto mining complex. These parts give basic data coherently to the affiliation’s enlisting place for fundamental specialist, while these strategies are fortified back with their own and outside data that will streamline and help predict certain direct later on more completely.

This could be capable utilizing complex imaginative methodologies and present day review progression.


Their task goes for the change and association of liberal scale self-supporting crypto-mining ranches. The advantages brought up amidst the ICO will be basically dispensed to the progression of the mining ranches and their capacity plants to thoroughly supply their noteworthiness utilization. Exactly when vitality self-administration has been master, the compensation conveyed by the mining homes will manage all upkeep costs and as regularly as conceivable make extra wage.


Scavo’s way to deal with deal with the issue is evaluated, which results in a phenomenally adaptable game-plan, where noteworthiness (control) is produced using unlimited sources, making the method practical and normally lovely. Scavo ensures well ordered payouts to clients in an altogether secure and tweaked way using astute contracts which depend upon the blockchain sort out.


The SCAVO token is an ERC20 token reliant on insightful contract on the Ethereum organize. It is exceptionally upheld by mining gear and moreover other equipment in the structure. The tokens are given to money related authorities. The picked up tokens subsequently give the money related authority advantage from the mining farm. The token holders are benefitted from one another preferred standpoint from the residence.



50% BONUS 1 SCAVO = USD 0.50 FROM 07-15-2018 UNTIL 07-20-2018 6 DAYS

30% BONUS 1 SCAVO = USD 0.60 FROM 07-21-2018 FOR 07-31-2018 11 DAYS

25% BONUS 1 SCAVO = USD 0.70 FROM 08-01-2018 UNTIL 08-10-2018 10 DAYS

20% BONUS 1 SCAVO = USD 0.75 FROM 11-11-2018 UNTIL 08-20-2018 10 DAYS

15% BONUS 1 SCAVO = USD 0.80 FROM 08-21-2018 UNTIL 08-31-2018 11 DAYS

10% BONUS 1 SCAVO = USD 0.85 FROM 01-01-2018 UNTIL 09-15-2018 15 DAYS

5% BONUS 1 SCAVO = USD 0.90 FROM 09-16-2018 UNTIL 09-30-2018 15 DAYS

0% BONUS 1 SCAVO = USD 1.00 FROM 01-10-2018 TO 10-31-2018 31 DAYS

Token Distribution

88% for Token holders

8% for the General Reserve Fund

2% for prize and incentive programs

2% for founders and teams

Use of Results

92% – hardware and electricity generation

8% – Administration, R & D, and Investment


Guillermo Nardoni – CEO & Founder

Hernán Bucciarelli – CFO & Founder

Matías Nardoni – COO & Founder

Liliana Pizarro – Supervisor

Franco Ledesma – Technician

Enrique Bucciarelli – Logistics

Aldo Somoza – Chief Officer of the Cooling System and Renewable Energy Resources

Miguel Araya – CTO

Alfredo Carlstein – Advisor

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