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Seal is a platform and service authentication blockchain powered product that will give consumers and producers product confidence.
Seal allows anyone the ability to confidently, quickly and economically verify the authenticity of any product that Seal is enabled.
Seal exclusive technology uses NFC compatible Seal chips that can be effectively, safely and freely combined with physically produced products. After seal chip integration, the product is paired with a digital partner on the blockchain. Authenticity verification is instantaneous with a simple tap or scan with any smart device.
To create a more sincere world, out of love for creation.
Seals want to restore confidence to consumers and enable brands to interact with their most widely-delivered customers in the most direct way that the internet has ever seen. Together, we build a better world where consumers value the creative work of the maker and stop feeding the false economy.
  • scope of the problem
  • Loss of confidence


People lose confidence in the product due to forgery. Low-quality and dangerous products are sold as genuine, ignoring the welfare and safety of others. Brands get a bad reputation for counterfeit products and people can not sell their goods in the secondary market. It is harder for people to recognize counterfeit goods from outside, but the quality of the product never lies.
Goods worth $ 2.8 trillion are forged each year. One in five products made in China is a clone. Not only fake clothes, shoes and bags, but also airbags, plane parts and medicines are being forged. This is a big problem for business, politics, and international people.
for love of creation
The world is full of creators: designers, scientists, programmers, and makers. They dedicate their lives to give the best for us. Humbled by years of failure, driven by dreams they can not let go of, powered by will power until one day turns into brilliance.
It is this brand that seals everything, which connects us with creators, captures the birth of culture, and fills us with originality, inspiration and quality.
But this is an often overlooked attempt to be trampled on by false and inexhaustible products, making it seem normal to expect lonely replies. Now, let’s celebrate true creations, reward our dedication, and enrich our lives with valuable brands.
Buy with confidence
Make sure you get the product you expect. Get to know genuine products from fake.
Fight against counterfeiting
Make the world a safer and better place. Against the financial support of cartels and hazardous products.
Keep score
Increase product value by adding supply chain information and confidence in the secondary market.
How does it work?
The Seal Platform consists of several components, namely (i) a product with an embedded Seal-chip that uniquely identifies the physical product (ii) the Seal application is installed on an NFC compatible smartphone, (iii) Seals that enable communication between different parts of platform and (iv) Seal-network, unchanged database blockchain in which each transaction is recorded and validated by its vertices.
Brand is the only publisher of the product pair in blockchain. In this way, the brand can make sure exactly how many authentic copies are released. Dishonest producers can no longer produce imitations that can be passed as authentic, because they can not imitate tokens.
Token Cap
A maximum of 1.2 b tokens will be printed and will never exceed this amount. No more than 492 million tokens will be allocated for token sales rounds. Discounts and bonuses depend on strategic partnerships and transaction sizes.
Emission Token
KYC and AML required before buying token. Buyers must provide their details and addresses to be used to send Ether from. If the tokens in the presale round remain unsold, tokens will be offered on a large scale. The token offered remains unsold after the primary sale will be distributed proportionally to ALL the sales token participants.
Example: Buyers bought 3.69m Seal tokens during main sales, 123m (25%) tokens remain unsold. Buyer receives 1.23m [(3.69 / (492-123)) x 123] additional tokens for a total of 4.92m tokens.
Further information:
• The actual price will be in Ether and will be available on the website, together with the bonus structure
• Prices will be on Ether instead of dollars to reduce exposure to ETH-USD volatility.
We plan to allocate tokens as shown in the following table.
41% of Token Maximum sales of 492 million tokens will be distributed during token sales. Unsold token will be distributed proportionally to ALL Private Buyers, Presale, and Primary Buyers.
13% Team & Advisor
The 156m tokens will be used for rewards to teams, advisors, bounty, and future staff members. This pool is also used to attract senior executives. Token will be auctioned every 6 months for a period of 3 years.
7% The effect of 84m token will be used to lobby, influence, and other pr. Token will be auctioned every 6 months for a period of 3 years
22% Future Operations
264 million tokens will be held by Seal. Tokens will be used for strategic relationships, business acquisitions, institutional investors, other operations, architecture, implementation of phase 2 & phase 3 master plans, and if we need extra cash flow. Token vest every year for 4 years.
17% Future R & D
Token 204m will be held by Seal. Tokens will be used for future R & D such as dedicated chip development, inlay integration, development of proprietary blockchain, bApp functionality, service extensions, analytics platforms, other R & D, and if we require extra cash flow. Token vest every year for 4 years.
We plan to use the funds generated in the token sale as follows:
The following projection shows the scope and scale of the organization that is intended for each milestone. This may change depending on internal and environmental factors. Our marketing strategy is to target boutique designers, art, and limited edition products. Once models and demand have been proven we can scale business and target a wider range of products.
Soft hat is achieved
The seal will use the existing chip and develop the operation organically. Target prospects will only include small brands, boutique designers, and collective art.
Milestone 1 is reached
Build company scale, develop sales channels in EU & US, and target recognizable brands. Integrate the chip with various inlays to support various use cases.
Milestone 2 is reached
Marketing impulse to generate entry interest from major brands. Partner programs & certification models for value-added retailers (eg independent brand protection consultants, brand agents) are created.
Expansion of service portfolio.
Hard cap reach Build blockchain itself and migrate from Ethereum big book. Open offices in South Korea & Japan.
For more information and join social media. Seals now please browse through some sources for the following references:

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