The topic of today’s blog is Seal ( The team behind the project is working on the platform, which is the entire ecosystem for product authentication. What product do you ask? Of course everything, from clothes and shoes to cars, expensive artwork, and everything that comes to your mind. All of these include Seal Systems. This product is only implemented by NFC Seal chip which can be easily checked by your smartphone. Imagine buying, removing your iphone or Android device and checking the authenticity of the clothes you want to buy. Simply place the phone in a T-shirt and read the NFC chip, then get product information. It’s easy to use Seals, but more important is that Seals make sure that you get what you think to get, now with Seals you can really make sure you get it! Revolutionary! The seals will come well when I buy because in my country there are many counterfeit goods that reach the store for various routes, and it is presented as a genuine and expensive bill. Such items are almost always of poor quality and do not meet the minimum criteria. It was broken after a month and was expensive. Now with this Seal will not happen again. Brands also want to use eco Seal systems, in addition to protecting their products and names, the brand also makes a cost every time their product goes through a blockchain transaction. Each NFC chip in the product is written to Seal blockchain. You can request a demo version and check your own products! Ask here:
The Seal Network uses Token Token Token, which will drive the Seal Platform eco system. Token will be used for payment transactions, while in the future they will be used for other functions such as voting platform and many others.

The Seal Project is a fruit of work led by Bart Verschoor and Joris Verschoor. There are many other developers, designers, architects and marketing professionals who contribute to undertaking the project. Together, they have the knowledge they need to face whatever challenges they face on their journey. Many projects do not have the skills and variety of people that this project has.
This project looks very interesting and here we have provided you with basic information. We have tried to bring you closer to this promising project, but to know all the information, to the level of detail, we recommend that you see the official whitepaper, detailed announced and clear to understand whether you are an expert or a novice in blockchain technology, found at the following link: https: //
Offer token
The token offering is also planned. You can support the project and thus allow development and in turn earn tokens, and participate in the revolution. You can participate with the price of 1 ETH = 7000 SEAL tokens. Participate at the following link:
Bounty Campaign
You can also take part in what is called the gift program. This means you can project support through social networks, help founders of different translations, blogs, participate in signature campaigns, etc. For more information see:
Bitcointalk is the place to find the best information and people about the project, but you can ask questions and the people who work on the project are happy to answer or help if needed. See the link:
Join them on social media:
There is nothing left to do but expect the people who work on the project as well as those who will support it. The seals bring real predictions to the Crypto Currency Market and we are sure it will be a complete success, and you do not forget to visit and through the token offer to participate in the revolution.
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