SEAL PLATFORM: authenticity protection.

Seal platform is powered by blockchain technology that makes it very easy to use by many people with a smartphone in order to recognize and distinguish a genuine one product with the fake one. Seal also create the Seal Network that will give other beneficial features to many people such as verify authenticity, registered ownership, transfer ownership, theft prevention, track parallel trade, product recalls, product analytics, and custom integration that will make Seal platform such an all in one package platform.

Seal App also is introducing to the public and become the core of Seal platform. Seal App is compatible with any Android based Smartphone or iOS (iPhone 7 or up). Seal App will be launched in Google Play Store and App Store later this year and can be downloaded there.
Seal platform is aimed specifically at ensuring that consumers who pay for the goods were 100% sure of its origin and solves the problems with counterfeit products on a global scale. The long-term goal of Seal is to protect the interests of both buyers (consumers) and producers.
The Seal platform will change the product buying system through transparent, trustworthy platform all over the world. On the other hand, they have a well-experienced team member on the sealing platform. This platform provides brands product authenticity facility with Blockchain technology.

Seal platform has three main components of the platform. Seal Chip, Seal App, and Seal Network. Seal chip will be verifying a product with NFC technology. And after that, it will be transferred to the Seal app to processing information whether it’s a genuine product or a fake product. After entering the Seal App, the information is being worked on Seal Network combined with Seal Network’s features and later the result will be out.

The Seal technology utilizes NFC compatible seal chips. The chip can be easily integrated into any physical product. It stayed locked behind the product surface without bothering the consumers. It is a secure way to detect the genuine product manufactured by the particular brand.
Once the Seal is incorporated in the product, it can be paired with the digital counterpart on the blockchain platform. The user can verify the product instantly by just taping on the scan using the smart device such as smartphones.
The Seal platform consists of various components to verify the authenticity of the product. The embedded Seal chip is one of the technologies used to record the data of each product which can be later detected by using scanning device. You will be required Seal app on your NFC compatible smartphone to detect the information of the product.
The Seal token requires building the communication between the different parts of the platform. The token can be purchased from the platform or the other users. The Seal network is strong platform based on blockchain system used to record the information in the database. The transaction recorded in the database is stored securely and can be accessed only when it is validated by the users. The blockchain uses its nodes to verify and share the data with the particular users.

Token Cap :
A maximum of 1.2b tokens will be minted and will never exceed this amount. No more than 492m tokens will be allocated for the token sale rounds. Discounts and bonuses depend on strategic partnerships and deal size.
• Soft cap 33,000,000 tokens
• Hard cap 492,000,000 tokens
• Presale 384,000,000 tokens
• Main sale 108,000,000 tokens

Sales of tokens: C 1 April to 12 May
Designation: SEAL
Type of tokens: ERC20
Price for the token: 1 SEAL = 0.08 USD
Tokens for sale: 492,000,000 SEAL
Minimum investment: 1 ETH
The price of the Seal token is 1 ETH = 7000 Seal tokens and 108,000,000 tokens are allocated for the main sell period.

• Q1 2018: They launched the token sale period as well as distributers the Seal token in this period. You can participate their token sale period as well as enjoy the bonus facility from the Seal platform.
• Q2 2018: They manage a good te4am member for the Seal platform as well as maintain HR process strongly. They also input a great performance for this platform. The Seal platform also set up a partnership with NFC and others.
• Q3 2018: The Seal will work for the product development in Q3 2018. On the other hand, the first commercial product is deployed at this time on the Seal network. They design enterprise sale and provide an innovative idea for the participant of this ecosystem. They also develop the technical operation of this platform.
• Q4 2018: They will also develop the Seal App as well as backend at this time.
• Q1 2019: The Seal platform will include extra services in the Seal network in this time. They also add other brand-specific services.
• Q4 2019: They will release the partner program in the Seal platform.

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