Secret connection

The SecretConnection platform be so easy and understandable even for those who are not familiar with the world of blockbuster technologies. Users will be fully involved in the process, which will intuitively take advantage of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Our international team consists of professionals in various fields and directions, driven by ideas of privacy and anonymous network activities. Taking into account the results of our research, we have developed a project plan that will solve the problem of insufficient anonymity on the Internet. The implemented functionality allows thousands of people to share information without fear of breaches of security and privacy by third parties. Get a real value shown in digital tokens and conventional currencies.


The realized functional will allow to thousands of people to share information without fears for violation of their safety and confidentiality by the third persons. Getting for it the real value, shown in digital token systems, easily convertible in other types of digital property and ordinary currencies.

A platform will be maximally simple and clear in the use even for those, whoever is acquainted with the world of blockchain technologies. Users will be so engaged in a process, that will begin intuitively to use advantages of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Messenger for IOS/Android

A project will correspond to the time-spirit, in minimalism style will execute all modern functions of messenger. The account of user is determined by the private key that is kept only for him. An user authorizes the actions this key, be that report, rings or money orders. Access to conversation is given through two public keys – one on reading, other on a record. Conversation is created by an user, access to conversation is given by a transmission to other users of the corresponding public keys. Presently already there is the closed alpha version of the program, created for testing of the keys of encipherement and network of Blockchain.

Reward for breaking

We guarantee durability of our network and our messenger. Therefore we appoint a reward for breaking of our network in size of 50 000 $. The set of wishing for a search weaknesses of our alpha version of the program is already open presently, and also keys of encipherement of Blockchain. For the receipt of access to alpha (only for the search of weaknesses), write to us on mail with the mark #Test

Quality of network

We eliminate the delays of reports (Ping) and problem with quality of network, because the system will always use those telephones, that included in the system Blockchain and are nearer than all to you, creating the same minimum possible ping. Mining our tokens, it will take place each time by means of mobile, being the participant of the blockchain-system, an information (transmission of package) transfer was carried out. Breaking of package is impossible, because at passing through every participant of chain, he gets a new, unique encipherement (on principle of TOR- of browser).

Development of project

Realization of all our ideas we broke up on three basic phases:

First phase. The first aim of our project is a successful start of purse and creation of digital economy, being based on a platform ETH. During registration of user in the system he will get a purse number that will be the analogue of his telephone number, on him it is possible to keep cryptocurrency and accomplish transactions. At the end of the first phase it is pre-arranged to conduct a fork, for possibility of feasance of vocal rings and videoreports.

Second phase. Start of the test Blockchain- network of Secret Connection. Creation of in cipher network for communication of data. Distribution of the keys for alpha of version of app. Basic task of the second phase – there is a start of the program for mining our tokens, on the basis of that will be created Blockchain-system. For mining separate application (Android, IOS) is developed allowing to do your any “clever” device (from a tv tuner to the smartphone) – by a participant Blockchain-system Secret Connection, by means of that, and in cipher rings and dispatch of reports will come true, and miner for participating tokens will get in the transmission of package of data.

Third phase This creation of the in cipher system, analogue of VPN, that will provide maximal safe being in a network. At the method chosen by us watching digital track is simply impossible. In addition, for large users a start is planned on-line of depositories of information, in that it will be possible to save the enormous arrays of necessary data, access to that their proprietors will have only

Term execution drawn up a plan 9. We suggest to become you familiar with our travelling map where more in detail presented our the first steps on realization drawn up a plan.

Time map

First quarter 2018 – Collection of command, market, audience analysis, exposure of basic problems.

Second – third quarter 2018 – Creations of program prototype. Testing of Blockchain- of the system

Fourth quarter 2018 – Preparation to producing of tokens. First stage of sale of tokens.

First quarter 2019 – Second stage of sale of tokens.

Second quarter 2019 – Development of beta-version of app.

Third quarter 2019 – beta-version of blockchain chain. Third stage of sale of tokens.

Fourth quarter 2019 – Start of app and app for mining.

First quarter 2020 – Updating of time map.


Token name: SCT

Standard of Token: ERC20

Total number of tokens issued: 1 000 000 000 SCT.

Presale: 100,000,000 SCT

Token sale: 300,000,000 SCT

Bounty program: 100,000,000 SCT

Team: 200,000,000 SCT

Producing other: 300,000,000 SCT

The project will meet the spirit of the times in a minimalist style and will perform all the modern functions of the messenger. The user account is defined by a private key, which is stored only in it. With this key, the user authorizes his actions, be it a message, calls or money orders.

Access to the conversation is provided through two public keys – one for reading, one for writing. The conversation is created by the user, access to the conversation is provided by transferring the corresponding public keys to other users.

At the moment there is already a closed alpha version of the program, created to test the encryption keys and the Blockchain network.

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