A very interesting new mining project

I hope visitors, we open a new article to tell you about the new SECURIX project that started pre-sales, so now is the right time to tell you about this project and if you are interested, we will tell you how to invest,

Securix is ​​a crypto-mining operation that will be based in the Netherlands, where it is used to turn into a sugar processing plant (give me baby sugar !!!). I am a big fan of ICO mining. This is a passive income stream, which is great for investors. This is also good for crypto in general, because it helps secure and decentralize the Bitcoin network. The SRXIO symbol is an erc-20 token that will live on the Ethereum network.

Securix means providing a useful method for extracting cryptographic money that will force financial professionals to recover their wages without worrying about uncertainty associated with digital currencies. The forgery for assignment is Dubai with the name of this exchange SECURIX / SECURIX.IO Chamber of Commerce and Industry / License No. 47001024, and the server farm area is in the Netherlands.

Dubai was chosen as a volume token, given the fact that the city is a world center for economic exchange and development and hopes to join the progress of the blockade in the daily economy. The United Arab Emirates plans to become the main government, chain-controlled, on the planet by 2020. The Netherlands was chosen as the server field and the headquarters of the organization, because the Netherlands is known for its appearance in both legislative and financial aspects. Therefore, the Netherlands was chosen for four main reasons: trust, speed on the internet, foundations, and political health.

With the specific aim of achieving business goals that make Blockchain and the basics of cryptographic innovation and are open to a wider audience, individual employees of the organization and all administrations all live in the Netherlands. This means that they are close to the place where the extraction task is being carried out.

Another thing that made an extraordinary effort was that it was not just a white book with a tense future about what they could do in the near future. This is evident in their ability to successfully transfer the goals outlined in their guidelines when running a business. He has the ability to renew his troops and in an additional framework.

How does it work

Securix Flow gives you access to the Minur Securix administration and, as such, gives you the right to the level of bitcoy generated (“net income from extraction”) every month. For each period of time you become a token owner, our smart contract will be every month to buy the gross income segment from extraction in Ether into your wallet.

Decentralized energy purchases

The EAN-EAN phase is a decentralized phase with fewer meetings. Securix buys directly from a green generator. Without intermediaries. Continuity of Securix is ​​provided for all basic requirements using a power matrix. From the provider management association, called EAN, to EAN Securix number. Protected and safe for mining areas, this business is managed for duties, management and profits.

Which tokens are used and what capacity will be assessed?

Attempts to have a decent key will no doubt make an assessment of the tokens to be evaluated. From the start I had to tell the workers, the monthly income for token holders, who therefore sent them a shiny contract would be at ETH instead of tokens.

Proper study of the distribution of additional tokens shows how sincere and selfless, this business group, 77% of tokens are distributed crwodasale, 15 percent is distributed as single author compensation (collected in a year, when it ends in groups of 5% every month from now) 6 percent for innovative work and 2 percent for ICO Bounty programs. The agreement for each token variance can be found in the white article of the problem.

The organization has a two-month speculation methodology with a 10-percent 10-month net profit intended to create a number of tokens, this method combines repurchase tokens from the market and uses it to reduce the size of tokens available for use, and purchase new equipment and increase existing offices and funds. which will also expand production limits in the organization.

I also need to tell my users that it is a sign that provides automatic months of income from the business, which is ultimately very profitable and in the same way, all owners may benefit from an action plan. Tokens are also supported by significant and undeniable resources that are not common to many companies and profit sponsors, which means that tokens have real market costs, so placing resources into types of businesses with the proposed group and proven successful strategies will be the choice worth speculation.

Securix is ​​a very promising project in the cloud mining sector. This allows users to get passive income without pre-agreement. Token Securix is ​​more stable, so market volatility will not affect revenue. Through the application users can save and track the progress of the company, which increases transparency. This is truly an extraordinary project to invest now.

ICO details

Token Token: SRXIO

Token Price: $ 1.00 USD = 1 Token

Payment methods are accepted: BTC, BCH, ETH, USD / EUR / XMR

Standard token: ERC20

ICO Round 1: Aug 04 – Sep 06/30% Bonus

ICO Round 2: Sep 07 – Sep 19/20% Bonus

ICO Round 3: Sep 20 – Sep 30/15% Bonus

ICO Round 4: Oct 01 – Oct 07/10% Bonus

ICO Round 5: Oct 08 – Oct 15 / 7.5% Bonus

ICO Round 6: October 16 – October 23/5% Bonus

ICO Home: October 24 – October 31/0% Bonus


For more information: 
Whitepaper:  https://securix.IO/WP/Securix_Whitepaper_onepager_GB.PDF
Facebook:  https: / /
Telegram:  https://t.Me/securixio

Username: COB


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