SECURIX, Crowdfuded Crypto Mining in the Netherlands

About Securix

Our goal is to make Blockchain and cryptographic technology simple and accessible to abroader audience. We want a product that is simple and understandable. It is as simple as buying our SRXIO token and enjoying a passive monthly output share.

There is always a certain level of risk involved with investing, but our token is at the more stable end of the crypto spectrum. With our token, you don’t need to worry about market volatility as its ROI is calculated on a year average bitcoin price and you’re investing in our mining operation. Our mining operation has tangible assets. This protects you from exposure to huge crypto valuation swings, meaning you can potentially earn a strong passive income with little to no knowledge about the complex underlying technology. With our tokens, you are entitled to a monthly output in crypto from our Bitcoin mining operation.

Our token gives you access to our mining service and, in turn, grants you the rights to a percentage of our total mined bitcoins (“gross mining revenue”) each month. As
long as you are the owner of the tokens, our smart contract will transfer a portion of the gross mining revenue in Ether to your wallet each month.

We strive for full transparency. For that reason, on this page, you will find our company structure. Our office is located in a tax-free zone in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The crowd sale and the token and smart contract generation with all its legal and marketing activities are being held under the jurisdiction of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and managed by Securix FZ LLC in Dubai.

Our mining operation is located in the Netherlands and is hosted/operated by Fintech Capital B.V. Fintech Capital B.V. is responsible for the mining operation, and Securix FZ LLC is 100% owner of Fintech Capital B.V. Our professional team works for both Fintech Capital B.V and Securix. We will hire and expand when necessary to
ensure that we have the best staff in the industry. Our team will ensure that we have the most efficient mining operations possible.

There are multiple brands on the market. Securix strikes a balance between cost per unit, efficiency and energy usage. Securix will only purchase hardware that offers the best ROI and lowest overall risk.

At first glance, the GMO B2 24TH/S is the most efficient in combination with its power usage, but the purchase price per unit makes it unattractive. The same goes for other brands. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet. Securix will continue to monitor the mining hardware market and take the decision that’s in the best interest of its token holders. Securix is ready for all the new brands and models and the best return on investment at the time of purchase. Securix has developed the “Power Usage, Unit Price, Performance” or “PUP” model. As described in the previous section, selecting the right brand and model in combination with the unit price is vital. This PUP model will generate the best return on investment for our token holders.

Our base of operations is a former sugar processing factory more than 146 years old. This location was hand-picked by our management team. The location is exceptionally scalable and boasts the necessary power infrastructure that suits the needs of The factory has thick walls, and the room temperature is very stable. The Netherlands has an ideal climate for setting up a mining operation. Our location is also equipped to store thermal heat to make our carbon footprint as neutral as possible.

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