SECURYPTO – Decentralized Transfer and Data Storage

In this fourth industrial revolution, the Internet holds the most dominant contribution, because everything on the internet and the internet has become a necessity to separate itself from the revolution, so security on the internet is needed. Everyone must think about their data privacy and how much security they have on the internet.

It is known that every software that has been developed has errors and shortcomings. SECURYPTO brings project integrity to a new level by designing open source tools specifically for tasks and combining them with verifiable visual communication techniques that make long distance use more likely.

Securypto ICO is a blockchain based on Zerocoin, Masternode which focuses on anonymous storage and encryption. Market incentives increase revenue with anonymity distribution. Make the market grow. Transfer or store messages and encrypted files that cannot be found via the Internet. Connect to the open security sheet for additional security layers. This is achieved by a combination of hardware, software and network blocks that have been specifically designed.

Securypto always thinks about public privacy and wants to make the internet a safer place where people don’t need to think about their security and privacy when using the internet. Thinking all about privacy issues, Securypto came to help the internet world. The benefits of securypto will make people feel interested in securypto if they care about internet security.

Mechanism on the Securypto Platform
Because Securypto is determined to provide the best service for strong anonymity and security for your data, Securypto has tried to make their system very strong with some of the top material. To provide a safe place on the internet with the highest security, anonymity and privacy layer, it makes a combination of these three mechanisms :

  • Special Hardware
  • Advanced Software
  • Blockchain technology

Securypto uses blockchain technology that makes an extra layer of privacy above every Securypto function. He also added a rewording system in paid content management. A distinctive characteristic of the Securypto blockchain is using a proxy that connects masternode.

Benefits of Securypto
To provide the best security services to users, Securypto makes the best system in combination with Digisafeguard, Software, and blockchain technology. Some of the main advantages of Securypto are given below :

  • Easy to use device
  • Mandiri Data Encryption Device
  • 2FA & Entry Management
  • Messages Without Anonymous Text
  • Anonymous Encrypted File Transfer
  • Hardware wallet

SECURYPTO is based on POS, and each node also functions as a gateway for hosting. So, users who use small devices, such as smart phones, don’t need to run a full node. The ideal node is a VPS server, with 99% uptime and fast connections. Nodes use their own internal or external storage. For example, network connection or use of IPFS to save files.

SCU is an ERC-20 token based on a smart contract. SCU is a utility token that will function on the Securypto platform. SCU tokens are needed to transfer encrypted data anonymously on the securypto blockchain platform and monetize content distribution. After switching from TestNet to MainNet, the SCU token will be exchanged for SCU coins at the Securypto MainNet Blockchain. The total supply of SCU tokens is one hundred million (100,000,000).

Token info
Ticker : SCU
Platform : Ethereum
Total supply : 100.000.000

Accepted Currencies : ETH
Min Contribution : 0.1 ETH
Current Rate : 1 ETH = 2500 SCU


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