Securypto is a blockchain project based on Zerocoin, which is a masternode that focuses on mysterious storage and encrypted information transfer. Securyptooffers services including:

Monetize the circulation of unknown content in order to make space for new markets.

Transfer or store messages and encrypted files that can’t be tracked on the internet, making it a lot safer.

Connecting users to an open source hardware wallet to become an additional layer of security.

All service offers are achieved by a complete blend specifically designed as special hardware, software, and blockchain.

The presence of internet technology has revolutionized pretty much every field, especially in the ease of correspondence and storage of data databases. However, behind the convenience that it carries, the internet likewise permits misuse of personal information and data or valuable information that ought to be kept confidential. Therefore it is very imperative for encryption and secrecy.

Encryption capacities to convert sensitive personal information into certain codes utilizing calculations, with the goal that not simply anyone can read and access information, passwords, protection, et cetera. Along these lines, just private key holders can understand the message. Here, Securypto seeks to provide protection and security that can be considered as future security. With the presence of Securypto, it is expected that the internet will become a safer and more transparent place.

Securypto uses blockchain technology that is safe and transparent. Securypto has launched a genuine currency sign (SCU) that users use to pay or get paid by downloading or uploading the contents of each user. In addition, Securypto will likewise empower the transfer of encrypted unknown enormous information and earn revenue by conveying content at the same time.

Securypto Provides Special Open Source Hardware

The presence of hard devices to ensure most extreme security, because it must be achieved by consolidating the coordinating design between hardware and software simultaneously. Securypto has a special open source hardware called DigiSafeGuard (DSG) that serves to increase security even further. That way, the computerized safe is physically secure in the palm of the user for Crypto Payments, messaging, secret key management, file encryption processes, and numerous others. DSG is designed specifically to work and interact with the Securypto blockchain to maximize your security and protection. In the event that you need to get more data about this Hardware Wallet, please visit the DigiSafeGuard website and watch the video. The DigiSafeGuard hardware capacities to increase security even further.

DigiSaveGuard Hardware and Software

Protection on the internet

Protection is highly favored and becomes the primary mission of Securypto, of course. When utilizing DigiSafeGuard hardware, your message and the information you upload will be encrypted, however not completely unknown. Internet providers who view information You can connect your files and messages to your payments and conversations. Here is the role of the Securypto Blockchain in keeping up the security of your information. Then your messages and information are encrypted, as well as can’t be traced because they use zerocoin blockchain technology.

Monetize Content Distribution

Other benefits are about security as well as can empower content creators to receive direct payments from every download, show, or purchase. Simply upload the information, request payment for your content, then simply get paid from the download!

Securypto Blockchain monetizes content dissemination by the manner in which content providers are paid for each commitment. The methods are as per the following: Onion based mysterious transfers, Earn money by facilitating, Distribution of spider networks, Payments per view, and Pay per download.

Token Sale and Distribution

The name securypto token is SCU is a coin or utility token used to transfer encrypted information namelessly. The process is done on securypto blockchain platforms and at the same time monetization of content circulation. SCU is a shrewd contract based ERC-20 token. The total supply of SCU tokens is one hundred million (100,000,000 tokens).

Project Roadmap

Q1 2017

Market research

Dev team assembling.

Initial software development.

Q2 2017

Hardware team assembling.

Initial hardware vault research.

DigiSafeGuard. (DSG)

Q3 2017

Further development of hardware

Further development of software.

Q4 2017

Further development of hardware.

Further development of software.

Q1 2018

Prototype production DigiSafeGuard.

Digisafeguard Website Launch.

Q2 2018

Control panel development

ERC-20 ICO contract creation.

Q3 2018

ICO contract testing.

ICO Promotion team assembling.

Setup Community & Social media platforms.

Marketing preparation.

Q4 2018

Test-net Masternode / Staking reconstructing.

Initial Hardware development DSG-Lite.

Initiating ICO Pre-Sale.

Q1 2019

Initiating ICO Public Sale

Media promotion and publications.

Q2 2019

Test-net activation Securypto Blockchain.

Marketing team assembling.

Q3 2019

IPFS integration preparation.

Desktop Wallet development.

Linux, Windows & Mac.

Q4 2019

Android & IOS wallet development.

Onion routing integration preparation.

IPFS integration

Q1 2020

Integration external hosting facilities.

Hardware vault Production DSG.

Onion routing activation.

Preparation Securypto main-net.

Q2 2020

Securypto main-net launch.

Exchanges adoption.

Hardware Production DSG-Lite version.

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