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With the growing technological age, the use of internet and more advanced technology have contributed to the development and advancement of the global communication space which has brought about the ease in communication, access to global opportunities as well as the storage of large information database. Despite the excitement in this development, the much-needed privacy that’s meant to come with this advancement has not taken effect as individuals private data are been compromised due to lack of data security which is not known to users of various internet protocols.

This drives the need and importance of data encryption within the fourth industrial revolution in securing data and sensitive information via codes using algorithms which will thus prevent data from been read or accessed by unauthorized individuals.

The introduction of blockchain gave a new dimension and practical solution to data security providing the much-needed data-encryption through hashes and algorithms. On this a new blockchain-based project seeking the advancement of data security systems is SECURYPTO which seeks to provide next level data security and privacy, thereby making the internet a much safer place by monetizing anonymous content distribution and by providing and by providing a secure, transparent and trustless system using blockchain technology.


Securypto ICO is a Zerocoin, Masternode based blockchain project that spins around data storage and encryption. Securypto the exchange or store encoded messages and records that can’t be found through the Internet by an unauthorized individual. This is master by a blend of apparatus, programming and system barriers that have been particularly built.

Securypto continually thinks about open protection and necessities to make the web a more secure place where individuals don’t have to think about their security while utilizing the web. Considering confirmation issues, Securypto came to help the web world. The advantages of securypto will make individuals feel moved by securypto on the off chance that they care about web security.

Securypto programming is intended to make a very much adjusted framework considering the part of the ease of use, security, and protection. Most noteworthy security level must be accomplished by the right blend of equipment and programming which are uncommonly intended to coordinate each other’s capacities. The organization has structured a devoted open source equipment called DigiSafeGuard (DSG) to step up the security significantly further. A physical secure advanced vault in the palm of your hand for Crypto Payments, Secure informing, Password the executives, File encryption and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. DSG is uniquely intended to work and communicate with Securypto blockchain to expanding your security and protection.

Therefore, DigiSafeGuard is clearly the most secure arrangement when utilized with Securypto programming and blockchain. Securypto is likewise available to anybody regardless of what their monetary status or geological area is.

In this way, regardless of whether you are searching for a safe to store your computerized coins or gain some cash for your transferred work as a substance uploader or perhaps simply hoping to send encoded messages without dread of another secondary passage introduced on your most loved application, Securypto will accomplish all that for you with the intensity of the blockchain and a group of security tin thwarted cap individuals supporting it.

Consolidating Securypto and DigiSafeGuard:

Securypto and DigiSafeGuard use each other to improve their aggregate system. DigiSafeGuard (DSG) is unquestionably the most secure item as Securypto programming mixes consummately with it and gives unmatched protection and security. Some key preferences accomplished by joining Securypto (programming) with DigiSafeGuard (equipment) are:

• Encoding is prepared on DigiSafeGuard which is anchored not normal for some other cell phone or PC.

• Clients can utilize the gadget (DigiSafeGuard) console to enter the secret phrase state which is additionally anchored dissimilar to some other cell phone or PC.

• DSG is a disconnected gadget and thus, programmers can’t just access a gadget that has no association with the outside world.

• DSG has a military review cryptography dependent on AES encryption.

• Being open source, there is no degree for any secondary passage.

The vital thing which is again one of a kind about DSG is the “information exchange technique” which disposes of any gain from building secondary passages or other shrouded vulnerabilities. This implies regardless of whether we are requested to fabricate a secondary passage, it would be pointless. Sending a protected message will be accomplished by the accompanying arrangements:

• When utilizing DSG out of the blue, the client will set up the gadget by making another RSA expression empowered key combine.

• An open key can be distributed on the web or sent to anybody that might want to send you messages.

• Client type’s his/her message on the DSG gadget and message will get scrambled utilizing the RSA private key. As this is done on a gadget with no association with the outside world, there is no extension for being included remotely.

• DSG makes QR code from the scrambled information which would now be able to be sent utilizing any unbound station like WhatsApp, Telegram, email and so on.

• Collector filters the QR code which again occurs on the DSG gadget having no association with the outside world and can decode the message realizing that the message hasn’t been (couldn’t be) read on its way by anyone

Token information:

Token name: SCU

Total supply of SCU tokens: 100,000,000

SCU is an ERC-20 token based on smart contracts

Sale Minimum: 10 ETH

Current Rate: 1ETH = 2500 SCU

Pre Sale: 03-Dec-2018–24-Dec-2018

Public Sale: 01-Jan-2019–18-Mar-2019

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