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Securypto ICO is a Zerocoin, Masternode b based block chain project that focuses on anonymous storage and encryption. Market Incentives Increasing Income With Anonymity Distribution. Create emerging markets. Transfer or save encrypted messages and files that can not be found through the Internet. It is connected to an open security sheet for additional security layers. It is accomplished with the combination of specially designed hardware, software and block networks.

What is Securypto

Securypto is an Zerocoin, Masternode based blockchain project focused on anonymous storage & transfering of encrypted data. A market agitation technology by
Monetizing anonymous content distribution, creating a new emerging market.
Transfer or store truly untraceable encrypted messages & files across the internet.
Linked to an open source hardware wallet for an extra security layer.
All Achieved by a combination of specially designed Hardware, Software & Blockchain.


Maximum security can only be achieved by combining matched design of hard and soft-ware together.
We have designed a dedicated open source hardware called DigiSafeGuard (DSG) to level up the security
even further. A physical secure digital vault in the palm of your hand for Crypto Payments, Secure messaging, Password management, File encryption and more. DSG is specially designed to work and interact with Securypto blockchain to maximizing your security & privacy. For more information about the this dedicated Open Source Hardware, please visit the DigiSafeGuard website or watch the videos.
For more information visit the
DigiSafeGuard website or watch the video.

Privacy across the internet

When using DigiSafeGuard hardware or standalone software, your messages and other uploaded data are encrypted, however they are not truly anonymous.
Your internet provider or anybody else sniffing your internet can link your files & messages to your payments and your conversation parties.
This is a major privacy concern what can easily be solved using Securypto Blockchain.
Your messages & datas are not only encrypted, but also untraceable using zerocoin blockchain technology.


Empowering content creators to receive direct payment for each download, views and purchases. Just upload, ask a fee for your content and get paid by the download!
Securypto Blockchain monetizes content distribution by enabling content providers get paid for their contributions.
Onion based anonymous transfer
Monetizing by becoming an host
Spider network distribution
Pay per view
Pay per download


No amount of cryptography, consensus protocol development, and technical optimizations will help a cryptocurrency with an unstable and bankrupt ideology. Securypto is not just an blockchain, but an opensource project aimed to redesign how we save and transfer data to protect our privacy!
Securypto blockchain is what adds a privacy layer on the top of all the features offered by the dedicated hardware (DSG) and the software. At the same time, it creates a Paid-Content-Management which enables the users to get rewarded for their uploaded content and the hosts to get paid for their hosting facilities and for this you need SCU coins.
SCU is an utility coin/token having a real world usage, required to transfer anonymous encrypted data on Securypto blockchain and monetizing content distribution. Securypto token has been released on the basis of Ethereum platform. Upon switching from TestNet to MainNet, SCU Tokens will be swapped for SCU coins on Securypto MainNet blockchain. Total supply of SCU tokens is one hundred million (100,000,000).


Tokens Sold: SCU
ETH Raised: ETH
ICO Status: Pre-Sale Starting Soon, Subscribe NOW
Sale Minimum: 10 ETH
Current Rate: 1ETH = 2500 SCU


70% Crowd Sale
8% Treasury
7% Developer Team
3% ICO Team
2% Airdrop
5% Bounty
5% Angel Investors


30% Marketing
25% Blockchain Development
17% DSG Development
10% Legal
10% Reserve
5% Bounty
5% ICO Team


Q1 2017
Market research
Dev team assembling.
Initial software development.
Q2 2017
Hardware team assembling.
Initial hardware vault research.
DigiSafeGuard. (DSG)
Q3 2017
Further development of hardware
Further development of software.
Q4 2017
Further development of hardware.
Further development of software.
Q1 2018
Prototype production DigiSafeGuard.
Digisafeguard Website Launch.
Q2 2018
Control panel development
ERC-20 ICO contract creation.
Q3 2018
ICO contract testing.
ICO Promotion team assembling.
Setup Community & Social media platforms.
Marketing preparation.
Q4 2018
Test-net Masternode / Staking reconstructing.
Initial Hardware development DSG-Lite.
Initiating ICO Pre-Sale.
Q1 2019
Initiating ICO Public Sale
Media promotion and publications.
Q2 2019
Test-net activation Securypto Blockchain.
Marketing team assembling.
Q3 2019
IPFS integration preparation.
Desktop Wallet development.
Linux, Windows & Mac.
Q4 2019
Android & IOS wallet development.
Onion routing integration preparation.
IPFS integration
Q1 2020
Integration external hosting facilities.
Hardware vault Production DSG.
Onion routing activation.
Preparation Securypto main-net.
Q2 2020
Securypto main-net launch.
Exchanges adoption.
Hardware Production DSG-Lite version.


Sam Nokati: Lead Developer
Daniel Gan: Developer
IceMan: Developer
Alfredo Boni: Developer
Sasan Seyedi: Hardware Engineer
Khalil Ben Sassi: Senior Designer
Med Touati: Senior Designer
Kevin Pacayra: Marketing
Ronak Surana: Content Manager
Ahmed Rasheed: Publishing
Mohammad Sakib: Content & Community Manager
Timothy Arsan: Marketing & Promotion
Neyamul Hadi: Content & Community Manager
Thank you from me: Ket tumbar
ETH Address: 0x5A165374202E9648061144684846Afb8469645bf

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