Securypto is an Opportunity For You to Invest

Good morning cryptocurrency friends I really admire, you are a future science miner in the field of cryptocurrency, before I want to explain what crytocurenncy is.

Cryptocurrency is the latest innovation in the field of digital currency manufacturing technology. This technology uses cryptography for security which makes it impossible to fake it. The value of cryptocurrency prices is largely determined by the buying and selling power of users of this technology.

Cryptocurrency is very developed by various companies and teams of engineers in various parts of the world. Even Google Ventures also invests in one of cryptocurrency technologies.

According to my observation, up to now there have been more than 500 cryptocurrency made based on my monitor on the website. Where some cryptocurrency has different concepts and some have concepts that mimic other coins.

Because the value of cryptocurrency is purely based on the buying and selling power not guaranteed by anything; not infrequently cryptocurrency has a value of more than 20% in a day. Today I will give information to all my friends about the new innovation of a platform, in the field of Securypto cryptocurrency field control cryptocurrency, the name of the exchange that I want to explain is Securypto.

Securypto is a Zerocoin, masternode-based blockchain project focused on anonymous storage & transferring of encrypted data. A technology that agitates the market by allowing the following: Monetization of anonymous content distribution, creating a new emerging market. Transferring or storing of truly untraceable encrypted messages & files across the internet. Connection to an open-source hardware wallet for extra security. An innovation that redefines the security/convenience paradox.

This is the first blockchain based investment platform, which allows you to invest in digital assets and receive passive income generated by the Additional Neural Network Enhancement work for Cryptocurrency Trading. The main purpose of this platform is to reduce the risk of investing in cryptocurrency and overcome the difficulties associated with analysis, trading and cryptocurrency management.

Various types of exchange platforms in the world but rarely involved in platform exchanges, but maybe the exchange platform launches the best programs to improve project development in the present and future. You can research further in the white book below.

But the security platform Securypto also makes new innovations along with the development of the world of cryptocurrency, Securypto also offers you an altcoin token that is no less sophisticated than other altcoins, even though the altcoin is new but the value of the price is relatively competitive in the cryptocurrency market. for further clarity, I will provide information about tokens launched by Securypto.

In the modern world, when cryptocurrency is integrated into many areas of human activity, no one doubts that this technology can change the world, because it happens right before our eyes. In addition to advanced technology, a new branch of the economy is born, which attracts many investors.

However, because of the volatility and uncertainty of high price movements, only a few investors can manage assets well, and often bear losses. Therefore, the most urgent question now is: “How do I invest in cryptocurrency and get stable and regular income, which will not depend on current prices in the market and the latest news?”

This is a task set by the team Securypto to help investors receive stable and regular profits, without investigating the technical details of market estimates. This task is carried out by our Additional Independent Improvement Neural Network, which allows our investors to receive passive income and stop worrying about the price of Bitcoin.

I advise you to invest in SCU, for that the main requirement in investing in Securypto SCU altcoin You must first register on the site Securypto press this link and then you follow registration instructions as shown below.

Steps that must be followed

  • Click PRIVATE SALE then to Participate in Private Sale please contact @DigiSafeGuard using Telegram and As private contributors you will receive 5% extra bonus.

To preventing power & coin concentration we maintain the followings terms for private sales;

  • Minimum of 50ETH
  • Maximum of 100ETH
  • Maximum of 40 Participants in total

Rules given in the sale of token sale on 3 December

  • You can purchase without KYC registration up to 10 ETH worth of SCU tokens. To do this send desired amount of ETH to the SCU Contract address. ( SCU CONTRACT ADDRESS 0xD1b2Ab9a53AEf0685A7086b029386F0fba4C1789 )
  • Your purchased SCU tokens plus your bonus will be send automatically to the Ethereum address that have been used to purchase the tokens.
  • Do not send from exchange address or any other wallet that don’t give you access to your own private keys!
  • Sending any ETH before 3 Dec 2018 when sale is not open yet, will result in rejecting your transaction automatically and returning of your ETH by Ethereum network.
  • At Securypto we want total transparency and to achieve this all the transactions need to be online and visible to the public on the blockchain using a Ethereum Smart Contract. As a result of this we cant accept any other cryptocurrencies or fiat. This ensure that public know exactly how much has been raised and how they will be spend as Securypto also have a publicly transparent and accessible bookkeeping.

A little extra from my personal advice to those of you who like to invest in the world of crypto currency in the altcoin section, you better immediately invest in SCU.

Tokens generated by Securypto, because these tokens have very good potential price increases in the future, many tokens released by their own platforms, have price increases, and many are attracted by cryptocurrency traders in the world.

On the other hand you don’t need to worry if you have a SCU, because it will be useful in the future and will have a sophisticated exchange exchange along with better prices than other tokens and I think you get convenience, for that my next suggestion, token this can be RESISTANT in the long run. My prediction is SCU, prices will increase in the future.

because our goal allows us to build a truly useful and highly profitable investment model, which will enable us to receive high returns with minimal risk. We believe that Securypto Software will be the most popular investment platform. Join our team and achieve success with Securypto.

I think if you don’t invest your funds into SCU, it’s really a loss, and you will lose thousands of opportunities to succeed with your family. love your family by providing more income. this is the best way for you to love your family by investing together Securypto.

For more information, please visit below …

Official Website

Official Telegram

ANN Thread



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