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About SEDO

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The processes of working with human documents have evolved from a long time, from raw paperwork to process systems that work with digitized electronic documents. There is no denying the advantages of traditional electronic document systems, but they still cannot provide absolute reliability, as well as ensure the integrity of the documents. The reason is that these systems are managed by decentralized models with administrators, and not all of them are reliable.
But with the development and introduction of new technologies such as blockchain, it allows us to create systems that automate and manage processes related to human-document interaction. Since then, it is more effective by increasing the speed of information provision, data collection, and reporting. The SEDO project is developing to provide the best solution.
SEDO is a platform that uses blockchain technology to change the way we work with documents. The main problem that SEDO deals with is protecting any document from unauthorized changes as well as protecting users’ personal information.
The most important feature of S.E.D.O. Its modular architecture, which is built with high flexibility and performance. The main modules include:
  • SEDO Core – is the basic function of the system, it allows modules in the system to interact with each other.
  • SEDO Temporary storage (STS) – A module that allows participants to transfer documents to each other in the network via P2P protocol
  • SEDO Service Bus (SSB) – An integrated bus that provides system interaction with third-party integrated applications;
  • EDMS (SDMS) – A module that provides the basic functions of an electronic document management system

The benefits of SEDO

  • With technology blockchain, SEDO ensures the confidentiality, transparency, and integrity of information transferred between participants in the document workflow. In addition, it also protects against network attacks.
  • Fast transaction speed.
  • Use the Proof of Stake algorithm to give SEDO system the ability to reward users in its network
  • Built-in and built-in components allow solving many typical tasks of the enterprise system.
  • Advanced development and modeling tools.
  • Minimize the time spent on system tasks, configure project infrastructure, integrate technologies and components, develop basic functions

The main advantages of DMS based on blockchain

  • Guaranteed confidentiality of the information transferred between the participants of document workflow. sufficient transaction speed.
  • Guaranteed protection against network attacks (including network spoofing).
  • The possibility of a bonus system for network consumers using Proof of Stake algorithm (POS)

The key platform features

  • High level of abstraction regarding the technologies it based on (Vaadin, Spring, EclipseLink, etc.)
  • Pre-installed and integrated components that solve many typical tasks of the corporate systems.
  • Visual development tools and advanced template code generation.
  • In total, this allows to minimize the time spent on “system” tasks, configuring the project infrastructure, the integration of technologies and components, development of basic functionality

Detail Of SEDO TOKEN :

  • Token name: SEDO
  • Total Supply : 50,000,000 SEDO
  • Block reward: 25 SEDO
  • Block time: 10 Minutes
  • GPU & CPU Mineable: Unique miner
  • Difficulty Readjustment: every 1024 Blocks
  • Developer funds : 1,000,000 SEDO
  • Based technologies: OXBITCOIN


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