A point of sale payment collector, SelfPay could be a payment collector that uses native payment processors in every merchandiser country to supply a unified mobile and internet interface to simply accept international credit cards and native debit cards. Its distinctive set of marketing values are as follows:

  •  Reducing payment friction by sanctionative time period payment feedback employing a swish internet application interface and time period technology.
  • Eimposing buyer’s trust because the payment happens on the buyer’s device. patrons are inclined to trust their own phone over a stranger’s POS system.

As such SelfPay is providing solutions covering every use case. From informal offline merchants to tiny and medium online businesses. Besides our resistance payment system, we have a tendency to ar incentivizing sellers to use our answer by giving them a money back equivalent of two-hundredths of the fees of every dealings created mistreatment the platform.

Plug’n’Play design

SelfPay is constructed with a standard design that permits payment gateways to be swapped in and come in a seamless fashion. this permits the user to pick their most well-liked payment entryway looking on their business context and also the country their business is targeting. The modularity permits SelfPay customers to adapt their payment entryway to a lot of favorable ones as their business grows or shifts.
It additionally permits SelfPay to expand to new regions and territories with nice ease. By merely layering new payment gateways on prime of SelfPay’s solid foundations, we will grow the portfolio of gateways SelfPay supports linearly.


SelfPay could be a SaaS (software as a service) answer and provides payment functionalities by integration native payment gateways (Stripe, CyberSource, Omise, etc). As such, the safety and PCI compliance is provided by the native e-payment gateway; MasterCard numbers are ne’er striking SelfPay servers providing the very best doable security.

The Selfpay Deal platform

The SxP symbol used by SelfPay to incentivize the suppliers and symbol owners is an ERC20 symbol, designed on top of the Ethereum method to take advantage of the security that the method provides. This program symbol is primary to the program company.

SelfPay transaction walkthrough


  1. The customer is buying an item from selling real estate authorized on SelfPay (offline or online business)
  2. The price is calculated to incorporate SelfPay charges (including switch charges, obtaining financial institution, cards plan, local payment entrance or only SelfPay charges when using a cryptocurrency other than the SxP token)
  3. The customer fills up their financial institution cards information or chooses to use their SxP symbol stability or any cryptocurrency from their crypto pockets. The deal is then prepared by the payment entrance.
  4. Upon an effective charge, the item quantity is then submitted to owner account, where it can be instantly interchanged for fiat forex regarding a crypto payment.
  5. SelfPay transaction fee benefits are then sent to SelfPay inner return (those charges are interchanged if needed to cryptocurrency regarding a fiat payment).
  6. The intelligent agreement dispatches the quantity to the buyback program (40%) and to the owner (20%) using SxP symbol.

Team SelfPay

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