When we consider the usefulness of power and how its consumption has been helpful in our daily living, we see a need to improve it one way or the other such that there is perfect distribution to all those that needs to benefit from it. The power sector has evolved from its handling by the central bodies to a much more decentralised pattern that has the just discovered power sources like wind and solar power used. The major problem now is the constant loss of tangible renewable energy produced. It is so because there is no define pattern to control or manage the electricity generated in relation to how it is being used and distributed. Severe damages from extremely high or low voltage could result from the failure to set an equilibrium in the production and use of the renewable energy that seems so promising. So it means that that has to be established at all times to avoid any form of hazard on people or machines. The need to pay high power bills is also alarming and should be countered at once as that can be too burdensome on some consumers in as much as they rich might not feel stressed. More so, transparency is lacking along the channels of distribution of electricity and those operators that have given so much of their best into making things straight in the sector haven’t been motivated financiaIly. All of these complexities cause a sort of declination in the sector since all the stakeholders in it are not in unity and the fact that the government isn’t really helpful to boost the activities in it. Meanwhile, in a way, consumers have shown how interested they are in the generation and use of power which of course is seen in the way many of them have windmills for electricity as well as solar panels on their roofs to make provision for the insufficiency in power energy distrubuted. This has brought about the project called Serenity. The aim of this network is to transform this energy sector such that consumers have a part to play in it as they all connect on the blockchain.


This platform has been designed to make a lasting impression in the energy industy through its vision of making renewable energy very common and used by as many consumers of electricity as possible. It aims to make it more adoptible and sustained for life so that the issues of insufficiency in power or lack of effective coordination can be no more. Serenity will make sure all its users have their household fitted with the perfect renewable energy production panels or structures where they can produce both small and large scale energy from their household and also find it easy to monetize what they have produced. This innovation will have them properly incentivized for their contribution to the industy. So many can carve a business out of this and get a living from the comfort of their homes because all the technologies needed has already been installed in serenity coupled with the blockchain that serves as its backbone.


This platform will have all its members involved in the production of energy one way or the other as they improve on the structure of their buildings, adding renewable energy producing components to it as part of the design. With this, there would be great supply of green energy from residential homes with all those involved making money steadily from it. There is sure guarantee of benefits from serenity Innovation that goes global with this project. Serenity will be the main representative for energy distrubution and retail services across nations of the world, thus solving the problems of lack of power affecting the masses.



For the to gave placed all their hopes and believe in this platform, definitely there is something they must have seen in the source that made it so special. Serenity is birthed from a company called Serenity Source Pty LTD that is all about the improvement in energy. At first it was not situated on the blockchain but now we have it in, ready to do what no other platform has been able to do. The original company places its focus on the renewable type of energy and the industy at large, introducing how it could be made better, how contributors can be more incentivized and how the likes of the carbon credits can be used. Thus, this platform has continued in the same footsteps to make sure members have a suitable platform on the digital space for all of these including the low fees of transactions. This model plans to amplify the sale of energy, tradings and lot more in the renewable energy sector using the ledger chain leverage. However, it has secured helpful connections with some electricity operators that can help it achieve equilibrium in the demand and supply of electricity to avoid commotion. The perfect blend in the renewables and the cryptocommunity is very important. Like any other platform, a token will soon be launched, backed legally with assets in the real world to help in the exchange of the energy commodity. The token will be made a utility token to the best advantage of users for acheiving and completing all kinds of services in the ecosystem. Users will have unlimited access to their accounts in serenity and all the other features when they hold the token to be launched soon. For all the members having something to do with the system, they will be eligible to have a share or proportion of the generated revenue in serenity so that they can grow as the platform grows also. The growth will make them stronger and able to give more contributions to the project ongoing such that they also can gain from it through the profits they will generate. The value of the project will increase exponentially when some of the tokens become burnt for members to have a use kf it. As some of these tokens are burnt, the users will also be able to redeem them whenever they wish to share from the profit generated by serenity and the renewable programs it coordinates.



This platform plans to satisfy neglected people that has no connection with the energy distrubuted in the traditional network with a much more better option such that they can now handle the renewable utilities they produce or the ones that reach them from serenity. All the locally produced renewable energy will be used around their area of production thus minimizing the cost involved in transmission across borders. This same approach will reduce the dangers that can arise from extremely high voltage transmission or low voltage that usually happens then transmission loss that usually happens when long distance distribution of electricity is done will not be experienced. The rewards which members will get for getting involved in the production of energy is the carbon credits as well as a tokenized assets that can be owned and used for all the activities of transmission of energy in the market to communities where they are needed. A trustless environment have already been established, backed with some set of reliable smartcontracts that works with the operators and other stakeholders. A better deal will be secured for electricity which of course will come in a much more lower cost for anything it is used for. Distributors will get better deals for exporting the produced energy while also cutting down all the costs involved I this form of administration. More houses will have to be constructed to satisfy its Rapid building system program inorder to reduce the amount of electricity consumed in residential houses and achieve a perfect zero energy system. When this program is sustained, the amount of energy consumers in residential houses will be reduced to be lesser than the initial 40% of the total production and circulation.



Every steps taken by this platform is delibrately taken to allign the operations towards the goals it had already set. The model will serve the entire distrubuted community and help build up the system. As planned by the team, the operations of this platform will tend towards making it a perfect energy retailer and also a system that constantly provides renewable energy at all times. It brings all the developers that are active for this same goal together and ensure the perfect commercialising of the commodity. This model will have revenues coming in in so many ways and the operations in it.

Firstly, through the monetizing of the carbon credits that will be given to consumers as rewards. Revenue will be generated as the members trade this resources.

The revenue will also come from the international affiliate licensing of the renewable energy market and also from the retail services done in the ecosystem. The act of producing this energy will also be counted as a service from which the revenue can be gotten. The components that can be used for the production of renewable energy i.e the HEPEK devices will be sold in the platform of which a percentage of the profit will belong to this platform. The transactions also will have fees attached to them even though it would be very low. The aim is to also generate fund from this to keep the platform in check so it can meet up with necessary financiaI needs to keep the platform in the best condition.



A fraction of these money generated as revenue will be used in Serenity funding pools to achieve more growth as the token is used in all the programs. It will also be used in raising programs and complete its estate project that plans to bring about more production of the renewable type of energy. The electricity from this Innovation will be given at wholesale prices to members as a way of accomplishing its goals of cheaper electricity in the market. The blockchain will be responsible for its really time distrubution and the automation of the process such that market become so distrubuted. The prosumers in this serenity community will be able to access excess renewable energy supplies within the pool. They can purchase to get carbon tokens as rewards and also do the same for ERGON token. This surplus will be sold on the specially designed carbon market or at the wholesale energy at a lower price.

The demand and supply of power will be monitored by expert operators in this system to suit the new members while they are also provided with necessary installation tools or devices so they also can be a producer from their homes. To fund the production of renewable energy by serenity will become quite easier as it continues to get members involved and as it contributes its own values. The source are from battery farm, solar, and wind will be enhanced by all of the members for greater supply of the commodity. As serenity helps in making this happen, it will be regarded to have satisfied all the necessary requirements that qualifies it to be a large scale producer of energy or an effective electricity generator that penetrates the market as a wholesaler.



The ERGON token stands as the TOKEN to be used by all in this platform for payments purposes for the renewable energy City conveyed down to the grid while members who participated in this process that lowers the emission of carbon will have CARBON as their rewards. All these use of token and reward system add up to what brings more value to the ecosystem because in a way, it makes members have something to look forward to as they put in their efforts to serve the rest of humanity with their resources. The more a member puts in his best efforts to make sure this platform thrives continuously, the more green star ratings they get with the CARBON which they will have as rewards


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