Today, I will like to take the retinue of my blog followers and enthusiasts via a revolutionary and solution-oriented project that is poised to entrench dynamism in the energy space and bring about serenity.
This tech that focuses on entrenching platform where every household will have access to a revivable produced energy and storage abilities. Serenity is built using block chain tech, where this tech will help it manage a more transparent and safe platform for users worldwide.


This is a block chain approach in offering key answers to persistent problems facing the power sector. It’s designed for direct connection with energy regulators in order for power generated to get to the energy grid and onward supply to electricity users.
The introduction of Serenity centers on redefining how energy can be properly used. This initiative is set to collapse and delete the inefficient and non-transparent image of analogue energy allotment.
It also wants to present a service where energy sales deals, energy trading, etc., are carried out through block chain tech.
What Are The Features Of Serenity?
The Serenity is known for numerous outstanding features and below are the major ones;
• It works with any platform
• It is a decentralized initiative
• The Encryption is strong
• It can be tracked in Realtime
• It has smart energy retailer
• Decentralized micro-grids also in place.
• There is maximum security

Solutions Offered By Serenity

This initiative has arrived with various solutions to tackle the challenges in the power sector. The following are the main solutions it intends to proffer;
• The satisfaction of neglected people is one of the main plans of this initiative. Therefore they are offered energy revivable utilities.
• Cost of transmission across borders will be minimized and all the locally produced revivable energy will be used around their area of production.
• The approach of this project will also drastically minimize the risks that may erupt from very high or low voltage transmission especially when the distribution is from a far distance.
• Users will also get compensations for getting involved in energy production in the form of carbon credits or token assets.
• Serenity secures a better deal for electricity at a very low cost for whatever it is used for.

• It also enables distributors to get the best deals for exporting the produced energy and also cutting down all the costs implications.


What makes it different from other platforms is that it has tokens that are backed up by real assets, which makes it stable and reliable.
It issues utility tokens utilized for various purposes such as getting right of entry to serenity energy retailers, discounts, ownership, etc. The token in question has an ERC-20 base Ethereum and acts like a fuel that provides support for the serenity infrastructure.
Furthermore, the token symbol is “SERENITY” and maximum supply is 500 million.
There three token model approach on which the serenity framework shall run, which are;
• Serenity: It is the foremost value laded resource token which stands as the major driver. The token will serve as a portal to provide members right of entry as ig concerns gluts of services serenity infrastructure offers.
• ErgonToken: This is the Serenity coin, there is also trade on Energy and carbon reduction which will be rewarded with the Ergon token. It can also be redeemed for fiat or Serenity (The main token) as long as the person initiating the deal is the platform member as well.
• CarbonToken: It is a stable token created and used to reward members for reducing carbon via blockchain products of revivable energy.


The importance of partnership for the effective and efficient accomplishment of set goals cannot be over-emphasized. For this onerous reason the initiators of the Serenity source initiative has identified partnership and collaboration as key to achieving their objective, hence they have sourced galvanized relationships and partnerships that will add value to the initiative. Below are some of the very invaluable institutions and establishments of repute and technical savvy that has a partnership with the Serenity initiative.


With a view to achieving forthrightness and clarity with the serenity initiative, the conceptualizers have set a roadmap template that will elaborately showcase each step and milestone of the initiative on the go. This will enable users clients and would-be investors to be privy with the plans of the developers at a first glance.


There is the saying that the success of any initiative lies in the team’s experience, technical savvy and expertise, true to this, the collection of team members of the Serenity initiative is an altruistic demonstration of this fact,
The Serenity team is a collection of vastly experienced individuals and experts with far-reaching knowledge of the digital world and beyond.
From Elma Neimar, the CO-Founder and CEO of Serenity Source Pty Limited, to Adi Saric, the CO-Founder and CTO; including the Core Team and Advisors, they have all been phenomenal to ensuring the success of this innovative, fascinating and revolutionary initiative and infrastructure.


Serenity major aim is to be a global brand as an energy retailer and its business model and concept is a deviation from traditional energy operators. Basically premised on the fact that because energy activities will be carried out leveraging on block chain tech.
However, this initiative will create room for more trust in the energy space and consumers will have more control which they have been craving for. Having direct electricity grid and sub-stations contact, there will be maximum cooperation among stakeholders, consumers among others.
Renewable sources of energy will be more available, there will be a drastic cost cutback in administration amidst others.

To learn more about this solution-oriented project and infrastructure, please visit the website and other links below.

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