Serenity – Energy Retailer on Blockchain Project

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Serenity is bringing blockchain to the energy sector with the potential to transform how people engage with these utilities by bringing control and transparency back to the end users and offering solutions for people who have been neglected by traditional systems. erenity Platform will be connected to the National Electricity Operators, providing the necessary balance between electricity production and consumers demand, responding at substation level when it is needed, making possible structural transition towards renewables and decentralization. Energy produced locally will be traded and consumed locally, with minimal impact to the rest of existing electrical grid, avoiding high-voltage or low-voltage damaging situations and lowering the transmission loss which occurs over longer distances.

Serenity members consumers will benefit through lower price of electricity and getting a better deal for produced and exported energy. Blockchain technology and Smart Contract utilization will minimize administrative costs. Production of renewable energy will be rewarded by Carbon Credits. Use of distributed ledger architecture will provide secure and immutable proof of tokenized asset ownership and facilitate a variety of energy market transactions implemented through the set of smart contracts enabling thrustless environment for all Serenity members (consumers, prosumers and generators). It makes sense to Serenity to adapt Rapid Building System®, passive-house solutions in building industry, as early as possible and create Serenity net-zero energy platforms for renewable energy production. Building passive and Net-Zero houses by utilizing Rapid Building System® could drastically reduce residential energy consumption which is 20–40% of total energy use.


A sustainable world, where every household is organically fitted with a renewable energy  production and storage capabilities, being a small-scale energy generator connected to the distributed grid, and as a part of a shared economy monetizing their planet caring behavior through incentives and rewards. To disrupt current system and offer unfair advantage to our members we will develop multi-faceted blockchain based ecosystem, backed by real tangible business, facilitating promotion of sustainable living and smooth transition towards renewable energy production and DER technologies. We want to encourage our members to live sustainable, to retrofit homes to the point they become near net-zero buildings and generate surplus green energy from renewable resources and instantly monetize investment through Serenity platform. We will build a platform where all participants and entire community are guaranteed to benefit from their participation. Goal is to become Energy Retailer for all our members and expand globally.


The power sector is facing a transition from a centralized structure with a small number of “large-scale” energy providers (hydro, coal, gas and nuclear) to a decentralized scenario of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), such as solar and wind. A significant part of produced renewables is being lost because the power sector today is unable to optimally address structural transition towards renewables and decentralization.  The electricity grid must be balanced nearly precisely, meaning load on the electrical grid must match generation at any given point in time; otherwise, high-voltage or low-voltage damaging situations could occur.

The electricity operators struggling to balance electricity production and consumers demand and the marketplace lacks transparency and incentives for reduction of energy consumption. Cost of insufficiency bears the end user paying higher energy prices. The complexity of regulations and the cost of entry are two main reasons for the monopolies operating in energy markets globally. On the other hand, consumers are showing a greater desire to have more control over how the energy is consumed, generated and distributed. There is a direct correlation between energy and building industry in respect to energy consumption and its loss.

How it work??

Serenity ecosystem is utilizing the latest hi-tech technology, IoT (internet of things) concept coupled with blockchain and smart contract architecture, utilized to record renewable energy consumption and production. The smart energy gateway, IoT blockchain enabled devices (HEPEK) is core hardware which will be installed at our customers’ premises and will accurately measure and record on blockchain electricity consumption and renewable production. By having access to real time spot electricity market price, our gateway will be making smart decision to store generated energy into batteries or export electricity to grid and sell it on energy market for the best price. Blockchain – smart contract utilization will minimize energy retail administrative costs, provide the digital proof of ownership and ultimately provide lower energy price and rewards for CO2e reduction. A bad debt, prevalent with standard utility business will be minimized through up-front deposits and automated real-time energy purchase through micro-transactions, thanks to our smart energy gateway device and underlying blockchain infrastructure.


Rapid Building System® will be used as a “cornerstone” for building Carbon Negative, Net-Zero homes. With integrated blockchain enabled gateway HEPEK, Serenity is giving homeowners tangible platform to produce a renewable energy surplus.

Such homes, regardless of location, will be part of the new emerging distributed network of sustainable dwellings producing electric energy and selling the surplus to other members of the network ecosystem. Rapid Building System® is a holistic construction design which conforms set of Passive House design principles:

– Thermal Insulation

– High Energy Performance Windows

– Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

– Airtightness

– Thermal Bridge Free Construction

– Integrated PV roof panels

Serenity Token

Serenity token will be used as a right to perform work on behalf of Serenity community network and acquire share in Serenity revenues generated. Serenity is created to acquire access to Serenity Energy Retailer services and obtain additional electricity discounts.

Detail Token

Token Symbol SET
Maximum Supply 500 Million
Token Distribution
Sold to Public (40%) 200 Million
Treasury (40%) 200 Million
Team and Founders (15%) 75 Million
Airdrop, Bounties (5%) 25 Million
Soft Cap 5 Million USD
Hard Cap 20 Million USD


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