It’s unfortunate that people have learnt to adapt to any adverse condition of the electricity they use, we all actually deserve better than the present scenario of electricity condition in some remote parts of the world today especially in developing countries. For a long time now, the entire population of the world have had to depend solely on electricity from hydro electric plant, gas source and even from gas stations that we’re constructed. So many factors have affected all these sources of energy from the way they are distrubuted to different regions and also with the way the operators mismanage them to the point that they cause damage of consumers’ gadgets. Consumers’ demand also on the other is becoming very difficult to satisfy by what is available from the non renewable energy source. All other forms of insufficiencies has made the cost attached to acquiring energy higher and almost unbearable for them. The current energy market is void of transparency and full of many complexities that has led to an increase in the cost to acquire and keep using it. Such condition is really not good considering the fact that things can become much more easier with non renewable energy use. There is a need to have effective control on electricity consumption globally especially through the reinforcement of the not globally distributed renewable energy that hasn’t been discovered or taken seriously before. This is the only way to industry can be reformed to make up for all the past loss and to bring many other benefits to the sector. The balance in nature has been distorted with the old system of energy production that has been so full of carbon emissions, but introducing more of the renewable energy to revamp the industry will reduce the emission of carbon hence bringing about a safe environment for humans. Although renewable type of energy production is now in used but it is limited in use and is not widely used like the existing type. With a new approach of decentralisation to the new renewable power, it will be made to go round with full adoption all over the world as the blockchain support it. Also, a new method of achieving the balance in the available energy and what consumers require will be put in place by the operators that will be involved in the innovation called Serenity. Only Serenity will make energy cheaper and the environment safer as a result of its dealing with renewable energy globally and how it has put structures in place to revolutionize the power sector.


This project is all about the way energy is produced and applied. It has placed its focus on transforming the energy sector will the renewable energy with the support of the blockchain to get through to every consumers. Besides the generation of the energy, there is the monetizing of carbon credits for consumers in it. The platform allows the leasing of smart devices for the production of renewable energy, allowing them to pay less for this with a aim of revolutionizing the industry. There is a token chosen for this platform for easy access to its features and all other components. All those registered as members will be a great part of this Innovation and will need to have their buildings designed in such a way that renewable energy production is possible. The devices for the energy production would be made a part of the house structures, meanwhile, making money from it is another objective. Green energy supply will increase drastically from homes to satisfy people’s need for electricity.


This is a solution to the costly bills consumers get when they use energy. Serenity has emerged to solve this problem by offering all the consumers whole price for the electricity they consume. This is very beneficial for them and more is the fact that it annuls the control other existing retailers have over electricity. The electricity market will become a wholesale market that has the backup of the blockchain for all the transactions that involves the pricing of this energy and all the transactions involved in it. However, consumers and prosumers must know that definitely there would be excessive energy produced from the points of production. This surplus renewable energy will find it’s way into the serenity pool where other consumers will be able to purchase on wholesale energy market. The outcome will be the rewarding of the prosumers and those that specially generate them with the CARBON token and ERGON which is the main token used in this platform. As soon as there is a new member in the platform, the system will automatically allocate their own demands for the commodity and make necessary preparations to make the new users a prosumer as the energy production installations are supervised for such.



Serenity will not slack in the provision of this renewable energy since that is what it’s project is all about. It will focus on funding its own source of the energy. All it will do is to provide and build the infrastructures that is needed to sustain the production of the energy from solar, battery farms and wind. Then it will get all other prosumers I doing the same as they are form the platform energy generator where the commodity can be produced continuously. The blockchain will help in distrubuting all the resources needed for this like the HEPEK devices and ensure perfect distribution of all to ensure that they satify necessary requirements or regulatory. The energy will be produced on a larger scale to make the global energy market better. Serenity will by so doing become a large scale producer of electricity which other sources can endlessly tap from. For this process to become better and to make those involved in it out in their best into making it work, rewards would be given to them in form of the CARBON and ERGON token that will allow fast payments and exchange of services.


In this platform, carbon credits will be given for being a regular prosumer asides the token. All the members in here will be eligible for rewards because one way or the other they have been involved in the channel of renewable energy production. To earn the CARBON token, members must have actively produced a predetermined level or amount of renewable energy from their date of joining the Innovation. Also, they must have secured a level of green star ratings that will qualify them for it. Meanwhile, when this token is owned or possessed by the members, they can easily have them exchanged for fiats as they can easily redeem them on the Serenity exchange. As for the Carbon Credits, it is more like a very big currency which can either be traded locally or internationally for fiduciary money depending on how the users want it. There is an already established exchange for it and then when that is done, some of the token can be burned to make others valuable.



The peer to peer energy exchange network

This platform makes this a possibility for all the subscribers in the market to equally trade electricity as long as they are from the same sub-station. This is done to satisfy the traders demands and what the generators have come up with. It will ensure the sales of the commercial renewable generators with the necessary bidings with the token and with less transaction fees involved. All this will be contained and coordinated in the energy trading pool which also runs a p2p network.

Sales Of HEPEK gateway

This is a necessity for members in remote areas because most definitely their electricity market is declining. Only this devices can improve that and to make that a reality, the sales of these HEPEK gateway devices is licensed and made a part of the agreement which they must follow. In many cases, theses devices would be made available to all that cares such that they can pay for them by installment. This is where the utility providers comes in with all the rewards following it. The prepayment methods and the use of AI will avoid debt. As soon as many subscribers are able to secure this infrastructures, their overall consumption of electricity will be lowered and restored to moderate level.

The Serenity Market Place

The main token used and respected by this platform is ERGON. This token used for getting goods and services and also to trade them as well. All the members of serenity have the right to use this tool in market and also in the businesses laid on thw ecosystem. In ths pool market, the token is acceptable as a suitable means of payments and exchange of services between other members as long as they are both on the platform. For instance if a serenity member owns a company, another member can patronize the company, thereby using the token. The token can therefore be changed to the Fiat currency and also for paying for transaction fees for processing any operation.



The projects for the production of the renewable energy needs funding which could only be achieved through the serenity pool. With that, there would be a superb solar energy, wind and battery farms. This also requires the support of the members through the way they are able to redeem the token to contribute to the growth of the platform. Once a token has been redeemed, it will be burned instantly, thus leaving the supply to make the monetary policy intact and to yield an increased token value for the rest. Once the renewable energy produced reached a level that it can be distributed to the market for sales, that will be done on the energy market and revenues from it will be received into the platform to be shared to contributors. The smartcontracts in serenity makes the sharing of revenues easy and done in proportion to how they have contributed. Those who work in the community will be guaranteed of their rewards with the smartcontracts too so that they have their minds fixed on what is more important. As long as this community continues to function, the infrastructures will be used for what they should be used for. More of the renewable energy will be in supply while the price will still be wholesale just as it has always been. Houses of members also won’t have need of more electricity because they have what it takes to sustain them with the renewable energy they are able to produce from their homes. This is a way to cut unnecessary cost in the use of electricity.

On serenity’s part, passive homes would be built for the primary purpose of generating renewable energy. This comes as single dwellings that have perfect development and designs up to the level if equipping them with the useful HEPEK devices and solar panels or batteries which would facilitate the green energy production. Then the buildings would become net zero dwellings according to the principle and standard of the built system.



This type of houses would be fitted with important components like thermal insulation for the solar system, airtightness, integrated PV roof panels that are well laid, constructed thermal bridge, the ventilation system that works mechanically and a high energy performance window. When these types of buildings are finished, they will serve as the prosumers for the renewable energy that would provide the supplies at the extent desired. This is all the Industry needs to thrive again as Serenity has proposed. The token usage is a big part of the process as investments will be done using it. There is already the existing of higher liquidity and transparency, so there is no worry for the members or investors that really want to get the best from this project.

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