Serenity: Tacking the World’s Energy Crisis Using Blockchain

There’s a brewing energy conundrum in our world today. The London experience, which happened recently, is a tip-of-the-iceberg kind of situation of what’s in the offing.
There is a disconnect between the stakeholders in the energy sector – energy-producing companies, regulators of the energy sector and the consumers. Each party in the tripod appears to be speaking a different tongue on how things should be. The disharmony creates problems for everyone, and the sector is worse for it.
The status quo in the energy sector consists of voltage inconsistencies due to the lack of balance between energy generation and consumption. Due to the developed world’s increased energy generation attempts, consumers have suffered fatal surges in electricity voltage – much of what’s produced is not being consumed.

the next question is, How are there so called products and bills? How suitable, accessible, availability and affordable to man. These are the back to back issues, when it comes to light bill, its quit challenging, payment is huge and in my area, to be frank they end up cutting the wire connected to the light, when it comes to bulb, its not suitable to man as it generates unnecessary heats, light not shining rightly which has damaged alot of eye sights. It might sound funny but a bug issue. But how would someone manage what keeps causing harm to him. Which I call general toxic to health and man.

Huge energy bills have remained an issue for many consumers. There’s the need for a localized approach in power generation rather than the antiquated one which involves the bombarding of the national grid with unused electricity that is costing companies a fortune to produce These issues couldn’t have been handled and resolves better without the initiation of SERENITY. The renewable energy blockchain starting through the adoption of SET. As the name implies, SERENITY (PEACE OF MIND) is actually the peace we have been hunting for regarding electricity.

Far from being another startup shoving a white elephant document in our face, Serenity Source is an existent company already in the market with a vast level of experience in the energy sector to match that. This puts paid to arguments about a possible greenhorn making bold claims.
It’s always a wonder when a company speaks about using blockchain to fix contending issues. Naysayers often have a field day in such discussions. But you just have to give it to Serenity as they are fully conscious of what’s currently obtainable ground and the struggles faced by concerned stakeholders. Serenity intends to bring in the transparency of blockchain to tackle the dearth of communication between the different parties involved.

This project SERENITY seeks to bring about a change in the way energy is used by making the same produced from cheaper source with the aim that users can have a less expensive source that will even be more efficient. It has a cost saving advantage that increases the value of many infrastructures and make buildings more profitable. It has so much benefit that it gives to users financially even as it drastically reduces the initial energy cost.
However, SERENITY stands as the first of its kind to handle this type of Innovation on the blockchain technology and it is one that brings together building operators to be able to learn and add values to the ecosystem and improve the way energy is being used.

The Serenity platform would provide an avenue where energy generated is equivalent to the energy supplied which would reduce the wastage that comes in the absence of a balance between these areas.
The need for more people to embrace renewable energy sources will be emphasized as the platform guarantees localized energy production from renewable outlets will be constrained to the local community which could trigger a chain reaction of community efforts in other locations.
The blockchain technology offers businesses a support base to digitize their activities, and Serenity clearly attempts to take advantage of that window. Its sales of token for access might seem like a step too far, but users, with an understanding of what the gains are, would most likely sign up.
A revenue sharing formula could have members getting something from the tidy sum Serenity makes through transactions. Talking of transactions, the energy outfit gives doers – small scale renewable energy producers – the opportunity to sell their surplus energy production to those in need, and the Serenity platform would only take a small percentage in transaction fees. What could be a better win-win situation than this?

This startup is surely a fresh project that is founded on the blockchain technology. The team behind this platform have decided to address the challenge of electricity issue affecting the technology. With the population of the world today, there is a lot of waste generated every minute and we often don’t know how to dispose of some of these wastes. However, the team behind this project have seen the challenges and is using the best strategy to ensure everybody gets to light energy. This setup utilizes the goodness of ethereum system with ERC20 agreement tokens.

The purpose of creating a token is to be able to bring this amazing vision to a reality. And also, the decentralized system will enable this setup to provide a clear transparency and Improve users trust within the system. All these can only be achieved by the use of blockchain to recreate this light energy sector.

Token Sales Information

Token Name: SERENITY

Ticker: SET

Token Standard: ERC-20

Platform: Ethereum

Role of Token: Utility

Token Supply: 500 million

Soft Cap: $5 million

Hard Cap: $20 million

Exchange Rate: 1 SET =$0.1

Country of Registration: Australia

There are some countries that won’t participate due to some security reason: Iraq, China, Syria, North Korea, Afghanistan, the United States

Final thoughts
It’s always great to have an already established platform jump on the blockchain wagon to expand and solve problems, and Serenity is worth commending. Considering it’s on the utility turf that’s known for its static stance, you can’t help but admire the outfit’s courage.
What doing is what doing best. The innovation of SERENITY electricity was the best ever. SET with its function And the adoption of it by SERENITY, is totally amazing as it would curtail the energy challenge on human as it will end cost and bills and other challenges man encounter with energy using a decentralized medium , research has proven SET to be better than all in all ramifications.Surely, this should have a happy ending for everyone involved.



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