SERO Super-ZK Protocol confidential transactions zero-learning proofs NIZK blockchain security smart contract. The SERO framework is the world’s first blockchain stage to help confidential trades dependent on Zero-knowlegde verification and supports Turing complete smart contracts.


Current decentralized blockchain frameworks, for example, Bitcoin and other open chain frameworks, have quickly picked up prominence as an esteemed web foundation. Because of the decentralized idea of an open chain framework; the framework must achieve an accord on the information stream, and furthermore needs to achieve a consensus on the datasets. In the Bitcoin framework, the information incorporates client conjured settlement transactions, computations of transactions confirmation, and UXTO updates; which require steady following of the client’s record balance. Other sort of blockchain frameworks, for example, Ethereum, utilizes a record based model to build decentralized smart contract framework.

The economic exercises of associations in reality demonstrate the absence of security is the primary impediment to the more extensive utilization of decentralized smart contracts. Current unknown blockchain frameworks, for example, Zcash, Monero have gained some ground in planning security ensured digital assets, be that as it may, these frameworks have surrendered programmability and have not investigated programmability without uncovering transaction information in plaintext to exchange verifiers or miners.


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The present arrival of the SERO framework takes care of the above issues. The open chain framework has the accompanying exceptional highlights:

Encryption Process Optimization

Focusing on the encryption execution issues of Zcash – the transactions regularly takes 1 to 2 minutes to finish. SERO CHAIN reclassifies the whole encryption procedure to lessen transaction time. The subsequent presentation is more than multiple times quicker than Zcash.

NIZK Algorithm Improvement

The designing of improvements depend on the content of publications of Ben-Sassoon, Eli et al., issued in 2014 – ‘Succinct Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge for a von Neumann Architecture’. The algorithm further enhanced the encryption procedure to be appropriate in the setting of blockchain data framework for the distributed network.

The support of Turing Complete Privacy Smart Contracts

Through zero-knowledge proofs and homomorphic encryption protocols,, the smart contracts on the blockchain underpins various methods of Turing complete activity model. DApp developers can unreservedly issue assets with or without security insurance properties and the production or the protection of estimation details; assets incorporate tokens and tickets that store complex information structures. The privacy ensured resources, utilizing Turing complete online smart ccontracts permit DApp to issue privacy-secured tokens for various situations, for example, sealed bid auctions.

Clear and Easily Expandable Blockchain Structure

SERO CHAIN reconstructed the capacity structure of Ethereum; SERO structure utilizes the strategy for the blend of authentic and restrictive states. The structure means to accomplish the protection and security highlights of the Token circling on SERO CHAIN. The subsequent plan offers a more prominent development ability for the whole structure. The total information square encryption procedure is clear and brief; Off-chain stockpiling structure is additionally included.

Support of Selective Privacy Audit

For complex business applications, clients may require a confided third parties to lead money related reviews of transactions. Clients of the SERO’s system can settle on their decisions and choose whether to give outsiders the authorization to follow explicit data from the important transaction information to encourage audits.

Smart Contract Involving Multiple Tokens

SERO CHAIN can utilize smart contracts for the issuance and exchanging of anonymous crypo tokens and supports the trading of various, separated digital assets issued in SERO CHAIN from a similar smart contract. SERO CHAIN’s smart contracts can perform decentralized exchanging of various digital assets.

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