Dear Readers, met again with us today in a good conditions, i’ll try to explain more about ServAdvisor, which is a worldwide first decentralized services recommendation platform based on unique customer specific preferences. ServAdvisor utilizes Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Contracts and Original Token, creating a revolutionary token-based economy connecting service consumers and retailers\ service providers into one eco-system


Just remember how many times you found yourself standing e.g. at the beginning of a restaurant street looking for a place to eat? You might have read a lot of traditional ratings and even have printed out some of top places addresses, however they will not help. Moreover, most of them were already forgotten.

ServAdvisor App comprises of the following main components:

Augmented Reality with GPS tracking
  • Artificial Intelligence to optimize users preferences
  • Incentivized service consumers reviews
  • Incentivized advertisements from retailers\ service providers to consumers, standing at their door
  • Wi-Fi passwords sharing module
  • Multi-language advantages
  • Tap to scan
  • ServAdvisor Friends and Experts

What is ServCoin?

ServCoins are utility tokens that will become the currency that enables retailers and service providers to utilize this powerful blockchain distributed platform to influence and reward consumers to make smarter choices.

ServAdvisor is a marketing and consumer engagement platform that enables participating brands to incentivize consumers who check their info via App. This becomes a sustainable mechanism for retailers\ service providers to maintain customer loyalty, to provide rich product and promotional information to influence purchase decisions right at the time when the user is actually standing at the

Since the total No. of SRV tokens is strictly limited by 2 000 000 000, it’s expected by analytical centers that the value of the SRV token shall grow proportionally to the total No. of ServAdvisor App users as demand for tokens will also grow.

Forecasted No. of ServAdvisor App users is 50 000 000 by Q4 2019. Thus, expected price of 1 SRV by the end of 2019 is approx. 1,25 USD compared to 0,01 USD at Crowdsale.


ServAdvisor’s original token, the ServCoin (SRV), will be made first on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s compatible with the third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.

Total tokens supply

2 000 000 000 SRV

Available for Crowdsale

1 690 000 000 SRV (84,5%)

Token Presale begins

10 September 2018 00:00 CET

Token Presale ends

10 October 2018 23:59 CET

Tokens Presale special price

1 ETH = 65 000 SRV

+30% Bonus used for Prelase

Token Crowdsale begins

12 November 2018 00:00 CET

Token Crowdsale ends

12 December 2018 23:59 CET

Tokens Crowdsale special price

(see WP for details)

Sale stage 1: 3 000–10 000 ETH: 1ETH = 60 000 SRV / 20% bonus

Sale Stage 2: 10 000 –20 000 ETH: 1ETH = 57 500 SRV / 15% bonus

Sale Stage 3: 20 000–30 000 ETH: 1ETH = 50 000 SRV / 0% bonus

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

0.1 ETH

Distribution of Tokens

our roudmap

Q3 2017

Idea Development, forming Technical specification

Q3 2017

Team Building

Q4 2017

Concept Design

Q3 2018

Token Presale

Q4 2018

Alpha version release

Q4 2018


Q1 2019

Full-scale development, beta version release

Q1 2019

Listing on the exchanges

Q1 2019

Marketing, attracting retailers\ service providers

Q2 2019

10 mio users, over 1 mio retailers\ service providers connected

Q3 2019

Opening of the representative offices in USA, Asia

Q4 2019

50 mio users, over 5 mio retailers\ service providers connecte


ServAdvisor Core Team combines a passion for IT industry expertise & proven record in finance, business development & marketing. Out of 20 professionals working on the project we are proud to present our core team.

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