SESAME TOKEN – creates a platform not only for customers to access instant food delivery but for res


Decentralized Blockchain based Social Food network


Technology for transactions that are very safe and transparent

Sesame tokens are a decentralized food network that is powered by the Blockchain and AI. This maximizes food savings and reduces waste. It offers a search for time to eat at restaurants, grocery stores & food packaging helping buyers at discounted prices.

      Ways of working

                                 Award System


Development concept
sesame token concepts represents an easily scalable feature-rich platform that complements services provided by the traditional financial, legal, insurance and logistical institutions, and expands and enhances their capabilities, providing ways for additional cooperation between the platform and traditional businesses.
Sesame token will provide a peer-to-peer network of associated nodes based on Ethereum blockchain. Each node stores a complete copy of the sesame token blockchain. These nodes are provided in the architecture of a private, as well as an open blockchain structure to maximize the protection against unauthorized modification of data.
Sesame token project will include creation of several base functions, such as smart contract initiation, payment processing, digital ID support and others, necessary to conduct efficient and inexpensive commercial transactions between system participants.
Transparency ensures accountability. All participants in the supply chain will have information about each other and can easily trace and track food supplies. This creates a singular platform and allows participants to find better suppliers/buyers as well enable better communication to improve the overall supply chain and improve efficiencies.
Safe And Secure
All transactions are secured, accountable and traceable. In addition, using smart contracts, all buyers/sellers can negotiate deals and receive timely payments to improve their cash flow cycles.
Because the system is based on smart contracts, no one in the supply chain has to depend on each other. All transactions will be executed without the need to enforce “trust.”


  • Food wastage due to not selling it by end of day; often thrown away rather than sold end of day with promotions.
  • Knowing when a restaurant is open/closed: and not knowing about new restaurant in your local area or disruptions to normal services.
  • Fake Reviews where no one can verify or validate, leads to misleading information creating unfair advantages for bad actor restaurants.
  • Difficult to fill tables or sell deliveries on low traffic days/times which can impact the bottom line revenue.


  • Enable restaurants do last minute deals to sell food rather than waste it.
  • Facilitated Data Sharing and rewarded “Feedback System” in real-time helps to keep Restaurants information accurate and updated.
  • “Smart Contract” powered Feedback system ensures that only the person who ordered can make a genuine reviews to create an honest ecosystem.
  • “Last minute” and “End of the Day” deals – push notifications to customers phones for both food ordering and dining in.Reduce spare tables abd reduce food wastage; promote discounts or offers to loyal followers.



Token name: Sesame Token
Token symbol: SST
Token standard: ERC20
Total supply: 10,000,000,000

Token Distribution

Author: zoelhack
ETH : 0xFb0805A82fD9FA3ADe0b9A1E67Ab8F796Ecf6F79

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