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Many of you have got most likely already noticed what quantity the retail market has an adult, a minimum of you’ll determine the total direction causative to the ascent of e-Commerce. Individuals became ten times additional doubtless to shop for any product through the net, thereby saving their time, energy and energy. But, at the instant, the amount of patrons exploitation e-Commerce is nearly two billion individuals. And this is often not the limit, as several consultants researchers predict additional growth. Thus it’s value considering all the very fact that has not nevertheless digitised your business on the net.


► Project objective

The new localised project Sessia can permit to appreciate this idea. Sessia could be a distinctive resolution to any or all the higher than issues, because of that entrepreneurs can finally have direct access to their customers and can be able to encourage them for each purchase.

You may suppose that such comes already happened and this can be not news. However believe American state later, I’ll make a case for the idea of Sessia in additional detail, and you may see what proportion distinction between them and Sessia .



However, despite all this social growth dynamics, the market of trade relations is experiencing some difficulties. Each store, whether or not online or offline, fights for its client, victimisation its entire Arsenal of tools and techniques starting from selling to any loyalty programs and cashback system. All this can be used just for the aim to draw in and keep your consumer. But, as for observing shows, not all corporations and types will boast of a well-built selling setting, that as a result provides them with a lot of negative moments and troubles than if it weren’t.

What am I talking about? Affirmative, the fact that a lot of retail entrepreneurs resort to the services of third-party organisations that promise them to supply a reliable and high-quality client flow. At an equivalent time charging you a good quantity of cash. With that, it doesn’t matter what space they’ll conduct their selling for online business or offline. The principle of their work is that the same, produce a flow, heat it, so bring it to get. Usually, this can be a classic theme, and unluckily it’s often imperfect.

To eliminate the imperfections of this algorithmic program intends a team of specialists that have in-depth expertise within the field of the net and alternative money aspects. The first purpose of their plan is to eliminate any intermediaries between the merchant and his emptor, and it doesn’t matter whether or not his business is offline or online.


► What will be the working principle and advantages?

The advantages of the Sessia platform over different redistributed comes is that Sessia merely creates associate degree setting for communication between each party, while not taking a lively half and while not charging hefty fees. It’s a pleasure to figure with Sessia, as a result of in its Arsenal there’s an extensive range of tools, each for entrepreneurs and patrons.


Entrepreneur: Gets access to all or any the functions that contribute to the configuration of their systems of incentives, wherever every sets their minimum and Maxim, area unit accessible to utterly everybody.

User: Additionally gets a full social setting wherever he will build purchases, receive cash back, also as share your feedback concerning the purchased product, invite your friends and receive further commissions for the acquisition of your friends.


To consolidate the knowledge, I propose to think about a little example of user interaction and for instance some low mistreatment Sessia system. You decide to shop for low, pay money for it and obtain your product, additionally as a check that contains a unique code. The vendor scans this code through Sessia when that the system identifies the client’s ID and publishes in his social network the finished purchase, the accumulated cashback, additionally because of the Commission profit obtained as a result of the advice to his friends. Everything works quickly, and most significantly expeditiously and with none hitches.


► What will be the design feature?

The technology underlying this project wasn’t chosen, out of the blue. As a result of the blockchain is our bright future. As a result of with it, you’ll be able to keep track of all current processes. It permits you to manage the protection and transparency of all transactions, similarly as be publically obtainable at an equivalent time anyplace within the world. It’s convenient, practical, and most significantly reasonable. Analysing its blessings, the event team determined why not use of these qualities within the retail market, whereas excluding all third parties that wont to be a link between the brands entrepreneurs and their customers. Therefore the plan of Sessia was born.


By eliminating intermediaries, Sessia permits customers to act directly with any retail stores, each on-line and offline, despite their geographic location, through its platform. Brands are ready to encourage their customers in person for every purchase, charging them any low cashback mechanically. Why money back? Strangely enough, in recent years, this word has become too standard in social society, and everyone as a result of this model of interaction between the vendor and therefore the vendee the maximum amount as potential stimulates to shop for precisely the product that permits you to receive reciprocally some extra price, that is cashback.

But this can be not the sole excellent news, that is that the system Sessia. Entrepreneurs conjointly also will be ready to directly encourage their customers with an extra kick for the fact that they convey their friends and that they also create a procurement in an exceedingly specific store. Bring an exponent to get another nice bonus. This theme is incredibly just like word of mouth, and as we all know, it’s one in all the first power tools existing in trade and market relations.


► What are the ICO sales and details?

As I same earlier, there’ll be an inside an interior|an enclosed} token inside the system, that includes an exciting name KIKCs. This token has the quality ERC20 coins developed on the premise of the Ethereum blockchain. The selection within the direction of the Ethereum network wasn’t created out of the blue. Since this network includes a variety of benefits which will make sure the safety and responsibleness of the event of this project, still as contribute to high liquidity and foregone conclusion of the development of the whole project.

A total of a hundred million coins are issued from all of them unsold KIKCs throughout the ICO are burned, as every one of those coins is backed by a reasonable contract. The presence of a fair deal provides a bonded payment of all cash backs and different Commission charges to utterly each member of the Sessia system, notwithstanding that country within the world the acquisition was created.

  • Soft cap target: 5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap target: 50,000,000 USD

The distribution of token and funds will be like the picture below:

seesia dagıtım.png


► Final words

The Sessia project represents a perfect trade relationship between entrepreneurs and their customers. After all, that’s necessary for entrepreneurs is that their merchandise was in demand and acquired additional and additional. And everyone that’s required is to encourage customers for his or her alternative and a way of profit that it will bring round their families and friends, recommending in their social networks one or another favourite product.

I want you to research this project a lot of extensively. I’ve more links to official resources for you. All you have to do is click on these links. You’ll be able to have unlimited info concerning Sessia by accessing all of the resources you wish unlimitedly.



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