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Hello friends, my name is Donny. This time i will explain you about these great project, the name is SESSIA, okay check this out!
Business cannot be separated from the pulse of human life. every human being in the world must have done business. Starting from a simple business to a world-wide level, everything is part of the business. Various activities carried out daily always involve business. What’s more, nowadays the business seems to be a new lifestyle that has many devotees. This is of course because everyone needs money and one way to get money is to do business. Business has mushroomed everywhere. The types are also very diverse. There are many culinary businesses, clothing, bags, shoes, cosmetics, accessories, and various other businesses. To start a business we certainly need consumers. Consumers have a very important role because of them, the business we run will continue to grow successfully or even have to go out of business. Consumers who act as parties who consume the products we trade. Every assessment is in their hands. Therefore, to develop a business, we must create an innovation that provides its own characteristics in the products produced and of course must meet the needs of consumers.
The use of social media in modern times is no longer a new thing. Every layer of society has now been touched by the influence of social media. A variety of facilities and features that are interesting and entertaining are just a few reasons people really like this type of activity. At the beginning of the emergence of social media, its function was limited to the exchange of messages through chat and posting of posts with various themes. Social media is actually intended for people to be able to obtain various information from around the world at super speed. Social media is considered as the first media to connect millions of people in all corners of the world through a media. From here, everyone can exchange information about the events that are happening around them at that time and tell the world. Access to information is not difficult anymore after social media is present. It is this extraordinary role that enhances the existence and prestige of social media among other types of media, which gradually shifts its position. The number of new social media users every day makes the founders work hard to provide better service along with the continued increase in the number of their media users. To further pamper users, social media continues to develop in terms of functions that begin to support new features to provide greater convenience to users in their activities and obtain information.
To attract the attention of consumers, producers usually carry out promotions and campaigns to introduce their products to the public. Usually, promotions carried out involve the use of print media such as newspapers, magazines, bulletins, tabloids, and so on, and use television or radio media to broadcast and broadcast advertisements that are more tangible. But current technological developments have changed the direction of business people in advertising their products. The emergence of social media now provides assistance that is very meaningful to business people because this media is considered very practical. In addition, the costs incurred are also lower when compared to other promotional media. Social media users who have now touched billions of users have made social media a very potential media to promote business products. The center of public attention today is greater for the use of social media than watching television shows. Therefore, social media is now an easy target for businesses to promote their products.

Sessia platform

Sessia online marketplace that offers its users the opportunity to become cryptocurrency investors . In addition to the investment options, users can trade (buy or sell) various products or services by exchanging or transferring crypto-coins. All exchanges on this platform are usually safe and secure. Many consumers find many uses in the Sessia platform because they offer a variety of benefits to them. It is based solely on intelligent contracts and is designed through the blockchain of ethereum (ETH). It uses a peer-to-peer mechanism for operation.

Unique features of Sessia

  • It is a distributed investment platform with state-of-the-art blockchain supported transactions.
  • It’s a simple, simple, yet efficient platform to invest through cryptocurrencies.
  • It is a highly transparent and trusted platform.
  • It contains a user-friendly interface with many seamless functions for trading goods and products.
  • It offers its users instant and instant payments through intelligent contracts.
  • It only allows access by independent parties, but not any type of intermediary or third party.
  • It protects users from a variety of hacking issues, frauds and attacks available on the current investment market.
  • It is compatible with both IOS and Android devices.
  • It ensures smoother and safer transactions.
New features such as sharing photos, videos, audio content, location, and even support the business development function. The use of social media to promote business is now crowded by many business people. This is supported by the fact that the high number of social media users makes this media a new type of market. Users who access social media a lot can now receive posts in the form of very diverse business promotions. The number of ads that we meet today when accessing social media is the influence of the convenience provided by social media to business people. They use this media because they do not have to spend a lot of money to promote their products. They can advertise merchandise for 24 hours without restrictions and free. If they use media such as television, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc., they will certainly be charged a very high fee and the duration of the ad is also limited. That’s why social media is a very potential field for business people to help them in promotional activities.
Sessia was founded to heal the broken systems of fraudulent trafficking in which intermediaries of the centralized system extort money from traders. The main focus of the team is therefore retailers and consumers. the digital. The team aims to integrate most goods and services to use the system without intermediaries. It therefore allows the transfer of assets of any kind.
The platform helps to provide safer, faster and more portable goods and services businesses worldwide that are more cost effective through a distributed system. The system can be accessed worldwide from any location, regardless of location. It offers a valid project, as the interests of retailers, consumers, organizations and all stakeholders are of interest.
Sessia creates social media applications that are very flexible and can be used by every business person. The many features possessed by this platform are predicted to be able to attract millions of new users into the ecosystem. Sessia is the first digital platform that provides benefits to users in the form of cashback and kickback. Every user who makes a product purchase transaction through Sessia will be entitled to receive cashback. Not only one user, but millions of Sessia users have the right to accept this opportunity. Then how do users get cashback and kickback?
Sessia provides many types of products and services that cover various types of businesses in its social media applications. Users can freely choose whatever product they want. When a user buys a product, the Sessia system will automatically post it into that user’s account. This post contains the type of product purchased and the name of the producer and proof of payment placed next to each other. These posts can be liked, commented on, recommended, shared, and other users can also buy the same product just by clicking the “basket” or “purchase” button available at the bottom of the post. Sessia social media users can also see the number of KICKS tokens, official digital tokens issued by Sessia, obtained by these users. This post will only appear in user accounts after they have paid the payment. Users can easily buy products that are the same as the desired amount. When there are other users who purchase the same product from their posts or in other words there are users who click the “basket” button through their posts, then the post owner will receive a kickback. While users who buy will receive cashback. Very interesting right? Provisions for how much cashback and kickback the user will get depend on the percentage determined by each producer.


Once the purchase is complete and the QR-code has been scanned, your receipt is automatically published on the Feed, and your friends and subscribers can see it. They can comment, like or share the post on social media. Your receipt will motivate them to make a similar purchase, and you will get a kickback.


For business
  • With a flexible loyalty program, businesses can set up the amount of cashback their customers will receive for purchases
  • Business buys kicks and pays cashback in kicks
  • There are no other expenses for the business

For clients

  • Clients receive cashback from their purchases and kickbacks from their friends’ purchases
  • Kicks can be converted into any currency anywhere in the world
  • Clients can transfer kicks to each other, or they can use kicks to pay for purchases in the Sessia marketplace either in full or partially.


  • Get training at online University Kickvard
  • Connect new businesses to Sessia
  • Receive kickbacks (percentage) from their clients’ cashback


A kicker is like a lawyer: only a kicker can connect a business to Sessia, and make a decision to approve a business or not. Only a kicker can and must bear responsibility for which businesses are present on the Sessia marketplace. If a business registers itself to our marketplace, a personal kicker will be assigned automatically and will help the business throughout the entire cooperation period.
Besides purchasing through this post, Sessia users can also get cashback and kickback if they invite new users to join Sessia’s social media. The concept remains the same, where they will get cashback and kickback when a purchase transaction is made. But the benefits will be greater. If a user, say A, invites B to join Sessia, B will be registered and obtain an account as we create an account on other social media. A and B can see the posts that appear on the homepage. If A posts a purchase transaction and then B also buys the product by posting A, then A will receive a kickback and B will receive cashback.
When B invites other new users, say C, then C will be registered and have an account also in Sessia. The next procedure will be the same, B and C can see their posts. The difference is that if B posts the purchase transaction and C makes a purchase through posting B, then C will receive cashback. Whereas A and B will receive a kickback. Even though A is not directly related to C, A will still be able to receive profits. This concept applies to 4th generation users or new users invited by C. If C invites new users, say D, the same procedure also applies to both. D will be registered and have an account and can view posts C and vice versa. When C posts a purchase transaction then D buys the same product through posting C, then D will get cashback. While A, B, and C will get a kickback. This concept is very beneficial for Sessia users and only this platform provides benefits like this. Users can use their KICKS digital tokens for various types of transactions easily and practically.

Sessia Digital Wallet

Sessia facilitates every user with a digital wallet. For business people, Sessia digital wallets serve to store all their digital assets safely. Users can manage the token balance in the Sessia account and this digital wallet will make it easier for users to make transactions. Sessia has its own digital token called KICKS. This token has various uses stored in the Sessia digital wallet. To obtain a KICKS token, the user must first purchase this token which will then be added to the wallet. After having this token, business owners can later use it as a form of cashback and kickback aimed at their consumers. Cashback and kickback obtained by users come from the company’s digital wallet where the user buys the product. If the total balance of the KICKS token has reached the minimum, this digital wallet will automatically purchase the token and the Sessia system will send it to the user’s wallet. The token balance will automatically increase according to the number of KICKS tokens purchased. This only happens when the user needs it in an urgent situation. KICKS tokens can be purchased through money transfers from banks, credit or debit cards, and can use other digital currencies.

Making a Digital Store

Sessia designed a system that was used to build space that would be used as a digital store. this system is called “E-Shop Constructor”. This system is very easy to use even for new users. Every businessperson can build their own digital store on the Sessia platform and trade the products they provide. This feature is free for anyone who wants to build a business but does not have enough support. Every thing related to business operation can be done through the Sessia smartphone application. Every product order can be controlled easily and the payment process. This feature supports the function of displaying product images, showing product descriptions, product prices, and managing cashback and kickback settings that will be given to each consumer. This digital store can be easily controlled and every payment process can be arranged using a standard system with fiat currency or using KICKS tokens.

Business Report

Business people who already have their own digital store can start their business through Sessia social media. Every product post they display will be visible to millions of users from all over the world. Every transaction that takes place must be recorded in a report. In this case, Sessia provides special features that can help provide business reports to business owners and do not need to write them manually. This business report will include details of the number of products sold, purchase transaction history for each account, and profile. Business people can also specifically give discounts to certain customers and will be notified directly through this application.
Sessia has shown a new face from the application of very different and unique blockchain technology. This privilege is only provided by Sessia specifically for people who are still rethinking to start a business. Through this application, business activities will be increasingly easy to run and certainly also easier to reach consumers.


For business › FREE innovative blockchain-based software:
lower advertising expenses, loyal audience growth that stimulates client activity while paying out purchase cashbacks to clients.
For clients › Convenient marketplace integrated into a social media platform: people choose the stores, goods, services they like based on friends’ earlier purchases to earn daily cashbacks and kickbacks.

Business issues resolved

Easy е-commerce launch for offline business. Eliminate technical debt
Engage and retain clients with no intermediaries
Increase transaction size. Reporting and data analysis



After you have downloaded and installed Sessia for business, you will have to register and fill in the company profile. In a few minutes, you can start working with the app (e-shop constructor, loyalty program settings, etc.), without waiting for your company to be verified.


Sessia offers companies flexible settings for the loyalty program, so that each customer gets cashback for each purchase and their friends’ purchases.


This is a convenient and free constructor for setting up a mobile e-shop and managing it in the Sessia ecosystem on all available platforms. It gives opportunity to upload photos of a product, enter descriptions, set prices, manage the contents of an e-shop after it’s been set up.


The Reports tab has detailed information about sales, history of purchases and client base by levels (tree). Companies can send their customers different notifications, and offer special discounts to individual clients or their groups.


While registering your company, you can indicate the addresses of your shops (offices, restaurants, etc) — and users will be able to see them on the Sessia’s map and choose the one located closest to them.


Internal chat Sessia is a messenger, where you can exchange text and voice messages, stickers and pictures. Companies can use the chat to communicate directly with customers and support services.
  • Customers can buy goods on Sessia using money or Kicks
  • Tokens issued on the Ethereum platform have high liquidity and are listed on the global stock markets
  • Company and service providers can instantaneously pay cashback to their customers in any part of the world, or make other internal payments
  • All transactions using Kicks are processed on blockchain technology, which ensures maximum security and safety


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