SEYBLOCK A Decentralized Escrow System, Transcription, Traceable Transactions, and News Platform  

Stellar was removed from the Ripple protocol in 2014, although the team said it had made many changes to ownership to the platform since then. The crew at Stellar say the network can easily handle 1,000 transactions per second today. The transaction settlement time is estimated to be 2-5 seconds.


Our vision is to provide the best Escrow administration to avoid tricks and give individuals better administration. We chose Excellent to encourage Seyblock because Ethereum also has a number of inconveniences in terms of Adaptation.

Implementing our Stellar Lumens technology makes it easy to move digital assets around the world, fast, reliable, and also empowers Satoshi’s true vision, several views of our own platform to make digital / crypto currencies even
stronger. We propose that peer-to-peer networks use SCP to record the public history of limited supply of 30 million coins that have ever existed. Our goal is to provide a global solution to the problem of Bitcoin scalability. When eBTC tried before but launched their token over Ethereum they will also find some scalability issues. We offer communities that have believed Satoshi’s vision with the following advantages:


  • Fast Transaction
  • Low cost
  • Transactions around the world
  • Powered by Stellar Lumens
  • Secure payment
  • Solving Scalability Problems

Our vision is to provide the best Escrow services to prevent fraud and provide better services to people. We chose Stellar because it launched Seyblock because Ethereum also has many problems related to scalability.

Our security of other assets is very high we have our own platform that allows you to do an escrow system that you can trade with someone or exchange some products or coins / tokens through our platform. So therefore people will be safe
from fraud and illegal activities. So our security can satisfy your needs and keep you connected with random people around the world.

Our transactions are based on Stellar Lumens. Therefore we have the fastest transaction speed. Because Stellar Lumens is the fastest technology compared to other transactions.

Statistics where our team reviews with experts and sees the market. So our experts project prices and profits to our investors. We are based on a short time period analysis such as a 5 month market.

This is the projected price that our coins will reach in the marketcap within 5 months.
1 Month Price: 0.8 USD
2 Months Price: 2.37 USD
3 Months Price: 2,70 USD
4 Months Price: 3,50 USD
5 Months Price: 4,21 USD

SEYBLOCK project has launched a decentralized BLOCKCHAIN ​​escrow platform that provides returns and benefits to investors with very minimal risks. With SEYBLOCK a decentralized escrow platform, members get from their investments through providing riskless services involved. Have you ever imagined investing in a crypto currency platform free from all forms of risk? This is the SEYBLOCK platform that has come to offer investors through neutralization of all the risks involved in investing in crypto currencies. Most centralized platforms that run different investments for members do not have some quality and features that make it more difficult for crypto investors and fans to patronize them. Some of these problems include: Scalability issues,

At present, the SEYBLOCK platform has provided us with a decentralized escrow platform that operates without the involvement of third-party agency organizations.

Some features of the SEYBLOCK decentralized platform that make it better than other platforms of its type include; decentralized escrow system, transactions that can be tracked on the blockchain network, anonymous transactions, the introduction of the News platform.


For project improvement, the SEYBLOCK project is based on the star blockchain network which has a positive impact on project progress and development. Launching projects on the star blockchain platform will help fix scalability problems that enliven other projects launched on other blockchain platforms. As we know, the STELLAR blockchain platform is the best of all other blockchain platforms because of transactions and fast confirmation, worldwide adoption and low transasction costs on the blockchain network. High costs, slow transactions, and scalability issues are other projects that have struggled with other blockchain networks. With SEYBLOCK on the star blockchain, I can guarantee that there will be smooth transactions between SEYBLOCK members.

Part of the features adopted by the SEYBLOCK project to make it easier for users and investors on platforms including the introduction of profit calculators on the platform that will help users and investors know how much profit will be earned based on the amount invested in the platform. This is one feature that is lacking on other platforms due to lack of transparency on other platforms. The SEYBLOCK calculator will give investors and users more insight into how much, when and how profits will be paid. Daily profits will be paid to users and investors on the platform through commissions obtained from users and member transactions. SEYBLOCK platform has been designed to reward users and investors with 7% to 10% of daily earnings on the platform.


The implementation of the SEYBLOCK platform worldwide will be very easy through the use of blockchain technology to process all forms of transactions across the globe. People are always worried how comfortable it is for them to move funds and transfer money from one geographical location to another as a result of a series of policies that have limited global transactions of money and funds. In a centralized world, before any transaction can be your own geography there is always the involvement of the government, banks and financial institutions before the transaction can be authorized.

The SEYBLOCK project has adopted enhanced blockchain security measures to overcome hacking and attack problems occurring for all crypto-currency platforms. With improved technology adopted by SEYBLOCK project members and users can continue their trade and transactions without being hacked or attacked. The Stellar blockchain platform is the safest of all blockchain platforms due to the adoption of industry standard and technical key public cryptographic tools
SEYBLOCK teams have proven to be the best so far because of the knowledge and skills they have gathered to ensure the success of this project that confirms its validity. Most project team members always hide their details and information which gives crypto fans who are concerned about the legitimacy of the project.

After examining the SEYBLOCK project roadmap, I found that everything was there according to how the schedule meant everything went well for the project as planned.



– Fast Transactions

– Low cost

– Transactions around the world

– Powered by Stellar Lumens

– Secure payment

– Solving Scalability Problems


Team: 6% token.

Development: 17% Tokens

Airdrops and bounty: 33% Token

Sales at Exchange: 44% Tokens

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