The online gaming industry, with huge investments in virtual and augmented reality and increased availability of downloadable content, keeps players hooked. According to Nielsen, the percentage of players among the general population aged 13 years and over is almost 64% by 2016. In this way, when playing games is a very popular activity, it’s solitary natural to figure out how to earn money from him. Fortunately, there are interesting choices available.

The Technical Aspect of Sgame Pro

The SGame Pro is based on the Ethereum blockchain providing you that sense of stability and security that is generally needed when you are attempting to run any serious project. Also, this blockchain will make it substantially easier to scale things up should their project really take off, which is always great to hear.

By signing onto their platform, it then allows a smart contract to be created that connections certain rewards with doing various things with the games. The fact that we are also not talking about those generic games is an added reward as well since that would be more likely to make people walk away from the app rather than fully indulge in it.

Basically, a player will earn credits via the platform on the off chance that they take after the suggestions and recommendations of the app. These credits are as tokens which have a monetary value and can then be exchanged into real cash for them. In the event that you believe that people would struggle to take to this idea, then perhaps the way in which they have linked up with the biggest YouTube star in PewDiePie will make a difference to you.

Finally, their token is an ERC20 token which means any Ethereum based wallet can take advantage of it, which could then open up additional users.

The Advantages of Sgame Pro

The advantage of the new platform is the way in which people can at present play the games they like and yet they are rewarded in more ways than simply the fun aspect. The way in which you simply have to sign into the app after joining the platform means that it is exceptionally easy for anybody to get started, so even a novice gamer with limited blockchain experience will see that they can join immediately.

The Financial Aspect and the ICO

Along these lines, from the financial side of things then we can see that they are just going to accept ETH when it comes to their ICO. This in itself isn’t a problem and nor is it unusual even however it does then utmost things somewhat. You are also going to be restricted from taking part on the off chance that you are in the United States however that is also something that is relatively normal.

There are relatively few details when it comes to the ICO aside from the number of tokens that will be made available. There is no real mention of a soft or hard cap, which is unusual, and no base investment either, however then it is also hard to discover any idea of an exchange rate amid the ICO period either.

However, we do realize that there are 350 million tokens, and 194 million will be made available amid the ICO. This equates to 55% of the total created with the rest being given as bonuses, kept for the company and also the a pre-ICO sale.

Playtesting or Game-testing

This is a vocation where huge companies hire experienced players to test the game in the pre-release phase. Testers take after certain guidelines given to them by the company, and provide reports on the disruption and overall user experience. A certain level of aptitude and expertise is required for this activity. According to an article on The Work at Home-Wife, companies are used to search for players around their headquarters, however currently remote testing is also becoming popular.

Mining Token

The problems inherent in-app purchases and the online game industry’s security aspects have led many users and developers to seek blockchain technology for solutions. Companies like SGame Pro ™, a blockchain-based mobile game aggregator, are stepping up to provide monetary benefits to developers and game players, through their platforms.

They have assembled a useful protocol called Proof-of-Play, which simulates the mining experience by rewarding players for the time and effort they spend on blockchain platforms. The founder and CEO of SGame Pro ™, Gip Cutrino, said, “Our platform transforms a one-player mobile game into a multiplayer game, which enhances the gameplay experience as well as rewards players as SGM tokens, which can be used in all games on the platform and also to purchase products from our Marketplace. ”

YouTube Videos

Recording video gamers who play a popular game and then placing them on YouTube is a popular source of game income today. According to research by Ipsos, 56% of YouTube gamers say that the platform is the most viable place to connect with the gaming community, says an article about Think with Google. In any case, remember that YouTube monetizes just videos that offer educational steps and educational comments. Gamers can not simply put a video of those who play the game secretly and expect to earn money from it. In fact, social media influencers can make a major difference by promoting game and gaming platforms, earning revenue through their promotional activities.

Tipping Strategy

Other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter Periscope are devising strategies to construct their image as a ‘go-to’ platform for professional gamers and gaming enthusiasts. According to an article on Recode, ‘tipping’ is a strategy in the gaming industry where people who watch live streams from their favorite gamers can also actually send them money as a token of appreciation. Facebook also offers paid offers, along with opportunities to get donations from fans.

The SGame Pro ™ community and platform allows players to play games from the world’s best publishers and get tokens at the same time, which they can then use in the publisher’s digital store or for in-game purchases. Out of the blue, new players are given a share of advertising revenue (ADV) generated by playing.


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