“SGAME PRO”; Smartest way to acquire money via Decentralized Gaming

Sgame Pro is a mobile gaming Platform aggregator (“Sgame Pro”), owned by Sgame SA a Swiss based company (the “Company”). Under development since 2016, Sgame Pro successfully launched its Alpha version in 2017 achieving over 50,000 downloads with no marketing spending. Sgame Pro is entirely focused on the rapidly growing mobile gaming industry.


Sgame pro offers publishers an easy and inventive way to promote games. Publishers will have the alternative to reward players with bonus expenditure in SGM, provide special rewards in challenges as well as straight involve Sgame pro’s influencers. Sgame pro provide supreme admission to key influencers such as Pewdiepie, giving publishers free global marketing. In addition, Sgame pro offers publishers an completely new income stream as they will divide with Sgame pro the challenge’s fees.


Sgame market opportunities are offered to several parties.

They are,

  • Players
  • Publishers
  • Influencers
  • Merchants

Market opportunities for players

  • Drop of attention in single player games
  • Intrusive ADV
  • Lack of centralized location for new game release information
  • Cost of digital goods
  • Rewards can’t be used across different games
  • Crypto tokens mining is hard to understand

Market opportunities for publishers

  • Expensive and inefficient user acquisition
  • User retention
  • Suboptimal ADV and IAP revenues
  • No innovative revenue channels

Market opportunities for influencers

  • Decreasing effectiveness of traditional social media channels
  • Increasingly hard to keep follower base engaged
  • Decreasing revenues from traditional channels

Market opportunities for merchants

  • High cost of marketing
  • Challenging to effectively target the right audience

There are marketing needs and marketing solutions for the parties I mentioned above.

Let’s focus on to it.

For players

Needs Solutions
Single player games lack social interactions: Multiplayer games significantly increase Player engagement metrics and reduce churn rates. Sgame Pro transforms single player games into Asynchronous Multi player games with PvP options ranging from 1 vs 1 to 1 vs 100.
Advertising provides a negative user experience: Players hate invasive in-app advertising, which currently only benefits Publishers. For the first time, Players receive a portion of the advertisement revenues (ADV) generated by playing.
Limited non-invasive promotional techniques for new games. Sgame Pro provides a one-stop-shop for their favourite games and new game announcements from the world’s best Publishers.
Cost of digital goods in online stores: in order to compete adequately in many games, Players often have to spend money on digital goods (i.e. swords, gems etc…). A large number of Players refuse to spend Fiat and abandon the game. All SGM rewarded can be spent on digital goods instead of using Fiat, increasing Player engagement rates.
Rewards are game specific: Time & effort in one game cannot be leveraged in other games to boost performance or purchase digital goods. SGM can be used across all the Sgame Pro’s games and on the Sgame Marketplace.
Crypto mining barriers to entry: Mining requires significant financial investment and technical know-how, which act as steep barriers to entry. The SGM rewarding protocol “Proof of Play” simulates a mining experience by rewarding time and effort spent on Sgame Pro.

For publishers

Needs Solutions
Users acquisition and retention: Publishers struggle to reach large numbers of new users and keep them engaged. In addition, decreasing development costs have enabled thousands of new independent Publishers to flood the iOS/Android marketplaces, dramatically reducing the average time a game stays on a gamer’s device. Sgame Pro aggregates Players, facilitating user acquisition for Publishers, increasing visibility, stickiness, as well as reducing churn.
Increase ADV earnings: Publishers with freemium games rely on IAP and ADV revenue. In order to maximise their revenue streams, Publishers are incentivised to use invasive advertising and force Players to buy digital goods just to compete adequately. Players who wouldn’t normally spend Fiat in-game are more likely to spend SGM, which they have earned at no cost. This in turn incentivizes longer playing times and higher revenues from ADV.
Find new revenue streams: The market for digital goods (in-app purchases) is evolving towards a secondary market for digital goods where Players trade with each other. Publishers will have to find new revenue streams as classic IAP in freemium games decrease. Publishers will receive part of the fee generated by Challenges.

For Influencers

Needs Solutions
Commercial: the main income source for Influencers’ no longer comes from traditional social media Platforms (YouTube™, Instagram™, etc) but rather from private companies trying to promote products. If not careful this can act as a distraction and detract followers. Sgame Pro offers an attractive referral system providing Influencers the opportunity to monetise their following without compromising their image.
Follower churn: follower churn is high and is intrinsically linked to the latest gaming trends, leading to highly unpredictable earnings Every referral will be rewarded with part of the SGM earned by the newly introduced Player, without time limit and regardless of whether the Player remains a follower or not.

For Merchants

Needs Solutions
Online marketing costs: online marketing is incredibly expensive and will only increase going forward. Sgame Pro provides Merchants with unprecedented economies of scale and offers the total reach of multiple Publishers all at once.
Audience targeting: without high quality Player data it’s impossible to target Players accurately for promotional purposes. Sgame Pro generates comprehensive high quality user data through Player engagement on the Platform. Player profiles will be cross-game, providing significantly more granular Player targeting capabilities.

So, now you know what is Sgame and how it works and beneficial parties of Sgame Pro.

So, from my next article let’s talk about key features of Sgame pro. Hope you guys will keen to know about it as well. Hence, stay tuned for more updates about Sgame Pro.

Keep in touch with this project.

Thank you.

Channa Jayawickrama.

Please don’t forget to share your ideas and knowledge about the project with me. You are welcome to share them in the comment section of this article.

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