Sgame Pro is a game aggregator and community where Players are rewarded in SGM by:

• Playing iOS and Android mobile games from the world’s best Publishers

• Challenging other Players

• Streaming their Challenges to millions of Players

• Taking part in targeted actions via a personalized Offer Wall

Players will be able to use SGM to redeem a large number of digital and physical goods on the internal Sgame Pro marketplace (hereinafter “Sgame Marketplace”) and on Publishers’ digital stores. In addition, Players will be able to transfer SGM from their internal Sgame Pro wallet (the “SWallet”) to their external ERC-20 compatible wallet (the “Personal Wallet”).

Building on the success of Sgame Pro’s Alpha version that rapidly achieved 50,000 users in 2017 with no marketing spend, a Beta version of the Sgame Pro Platform will be released in May 2018, with an extensive new features roadmap over the course of 2018.

Mobile as the largest source of gaming revenue has paved the way for a new array of business models and integrated payment solutions ranging from subscriptions fee, pay-per-play, in-app purchase (IAP), royalty to premium account, upgrade remunerations and – most importantly – advertising in app (ADV).

Within this framework the free-to-play mode, with revenue derived from ADV and the sale of digital goods, has emerged as the dominant model. Supercell, the maker of mobile games Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, generated $2.3 billion in sales in 2016, all coming from Players purchasing digital goods to compete with each other.


Sgame Pro’s core mission is to provide Players with an unparalleled user experience where they can play their favourite games while seamlessly ”mining” SGM tokens. In addition, Sgame Pro engages Players in entirely new ways such as by rewarding Players for LIVE streaming their gaming.


Single player games lack social interactions:
Multiplayer games significantly increase Player
engagement metrics and reduce churn rates.
Advertising provides a negative user experience:
Players hate invasive in-app advertising, which
currently only benefits Publishers.
Limited non-invasive promotional techniques for new games.
Cost of digital goods in online stores: in order to compete adequately in many games, Players often have to spend money on digital goods (i.e. swords, gems etc…). A large number of Players refuse to spend Fiat and abandon the game.
Rewards are game specific: Time & effort in one game cannot be leveraged in other games to boost performance or purchase digital goods.
Crypto mining barriers to entry: Mining requires significant financial investment and technical know-how, which act as steep barriers to entry.


Sgame Pro transforms single player games into Asynchronous Multi player games with PvP options ranging from 1 vs 1 to 1 vs 100.
For the first time, Players receive a portion of the advertisement revenues (ADV) generated by playing.
Sgame Pro provides a one-stop-shop for their favourite games and new game announcements from the world’s best Publishers.
All SGM rewarded can be spent on digital goods instead of using Fiat, increasing Player engagement rates.
SGM can be used across all the Sgame Pro’s games and on the Sgame Marketplace.
The SGM rewarding protocol “Proof of Play” simulates a mining experience by rewarding time and effort spent on Sgame Pro.


Sgame Pro offers Publishers a simple and innovative way to promote games. Publishers will have the option to reward Players with bonus payments in SGM, provide special rewards in Challenges as well as directly involve Sgame Pro’s Influencers.

Sgame Pro provides unparalleled access to key Influencers such as Pewdiepie (60mln followers), giving Publishers free global marketing. In addition, Sgame Pro offers Publishers an entirely new revenue stream as they will share with Sgame Pro the Challenge’s fees. To put this into context, in 2017 over 800 billion Challenges were played in multiplayer games. Clash Royal, a multiplayer online battle arena, had over 42 billions Challenges during the past year.


Users acquisition and retention: Publishers struggle to reach large numbers of new users and keep them engaged. In addition, decreasing development costs have enabled thousands of new independent Publishers to flood the iOS/Android marketplaces, dramatically reducing the average time a game stays on a gamer’s device.
Increase ADV earnings: Publishers with freemium games rely on IAP and ADV revenue. In order to maximise their revenue streams, Publishers are incentivised to use invasive advertising and force Players to buy digital goods just to compete adequately.
Find new revenue streams: The market for digital goods (in-app purchases) is evolving towards a secondary market for digital goods where Players trade with each other. Publishers will have to find new revenue streams as classic IAP in freemium games decrease.


Sgame Pro aggregates Players, facilitating user acquisition for Publishers, increasing visibility, stickiness, as well as reducing churn.
Players who wouldn’t normally spend Fiat in-game are more likely to spend SGM, which they have earned at no cost. This in turn incentivizes longer playing times and higher revenues from ADV.
Publishers will receive part of the fee generated by Challenges.


Sgame Pro allows Influencers to monetize their followers through a referral system which generates an ongoing revenue stream for every lead, regardless of whether the lead remains an Influencer’s follower in the long-term.


Commercial: the main income source for Influencers’ no longer comes from traditional social media Platforms (YouTube, Instagram, etc) but rather from private companies trying to promote products. If not careful this can act as a distraction and detract followers.
Follower churn: follower churn is high and is intrinsically linked to the latest gaming trends, leading to highly unpredictable earnings.


Sgame Pro offers an attractive referral system providing Influencers the opportunity to monetise their following without compromising their image.
Every referral will be rewarded with part of the SGM earned by the newly introduced Player, without time limit and regardless of whether the Player remains a follower or not.


Sgame Pro provides an easy and cost effective way for Merchants to promote their products online through the sections Marketplace and Special offers:


1.Online marketing costs: online marketing is incredibly expensive and will only increase going forward.

2.Audience targeting: without high quality Player data it’s impossible to target Players accurately for promotional purposes.


1.Sgame Pro provides Merchants with unprecedented economies of scale and offers the total reach of multiple Publishers all at once.

2.Sgame Pro generates comprehensive high quality user data through Player engagement on the Platform. Player profiles will be cross-game, providing significantly more granular Player targeting capabilities.


a. Concept

We enable players to be rewarded with our newly issued utility crypto-token SGM while simply playing the world’s most popular mobile games. SGM will be the only way to access and benefit from the Sgame Pro Platform and the sole settlement method for all transactions within the Sgame Pro ecosystem.

b. Focus

Under development since August 2016, Sgame Pro successfully launched its Alpha version in 2017 achieving over 50,000 downloads with no marketing spend. Our entire focus is on the rapidly growing mobile gaming industry and we have developed several technical innovations in favor of Players, Publishers, Merchants and Influencers.

c. Innovation

Our platform aggregates the fragmented sector of independent and major game Publishers into a one-stop-shop gaming platform where Players will have the opportunity to challenge others in games that were previously only single player. This innovation is truly disruptive given that 78% of the mobile gaming market is single player while most of the revenues stem from multiplayer games.


Transaction Model

The SGM token economy is centered around a continuous circulation of tokens between Sgame Pro and the ecosystem’s participants aiming at a highly liquid token. Its architecture is built in a hybrid manner whereby SGM flow inside the Platform is OffChain so that the actual Ethereum network’s limitations (i.e. confirmation times, congestion, transaction costs) do not impede the Platform’s day-to-day functioning.

All SGM rewarded to Players will be deposited to the Player’s internal SWallet on Sgame Pro. Players will be able to immediately use SGM from their SWallet to perform all the Sgame Pro ecosystem transactions at no costs or wait times. The Player has full control over when SGM are transferred from his SWallet to his personal ERC-20 compatible wallet.

Proof of play

One of Sgame Pro’s major technical innovations is the advent of the Proof of Play protocol. Proof of Play is the mechanism by which Sgame Pro determines consensus as to whether enough ‘play’ has been performed to mine a “Play-Block”, releasing the associated SGM block reward to the Player. This works similarly to Proof of Work where computational effort by miners is rewarded.

Play-Blocks are defined as a set of actions that, if completed, generate a block reward in SGM. Play-Blocks vary by level, which determines the amount of ‘play’ required and the size of the SGM block reward. Initially there will be two types of actions in a Play-Block: Time Actions and Offer Wall Actions. Sgame Pro determines the value of Play-Blocks, which may fluctuate over time, but the Player will always know the SGM block reward size in advance.

Liquidity Reserve

We will maintain an SGM liquidity reserve to manage outflows/inflows to/from Sgame Pro participants, which are expected to grow inline with the number of Players. This SGM Reserve will initially be equal to 23.7% of the SGM Total Supply, and Sgame Pro will aim to maintain it at least at 10% during its normal course of business, buying back SGM on exchanges as and when needed.

Sgame Pro will maintain full control over the amount of SGM rewarded through Proof of Play, and will make this information available in the app to each Player. The Play-Block reward amounts in SGM will be adjusted periodically to reflect the underlying SGM token’s price fluctuations, aiming to ensure a near constant value of Player earnings in Fiat.


Issuer: Sgame Sa (Swiss Based)

Symbol: SGM

Type: ERC20

Main Sale: June 2018

Price in Chf: 10d before Main Sale

Exchange Rate ETH/CHF:24h prior Main Sale

Currency: ETH

KYC: Required


Total Supply: 350,000,000

Private Sale: 139,500,000

Main Sale: 55,000,000

SGM Liquidity Reserve: 83,000,000

Kept by Issuer: 51,000,000

Advisors & Founders: 15,000,000

Bounties & Airdrops: 6,500,000


Giampietro Cutrino | Founder & CEO

Former Italian TV showman, for the last 8 years Gip has been an entrepreneur in the world

of mobile gaming. He is an expert team leader and a creative marketer, having collaborated

with many leading brands in the digital world.

Nicola Rizzo | Co-Founder & CFO

A law graduate, he has financed the project from the onset. Nicola is an entrepreneur

combining management consulting experience with decades of experience as a serial


Natale Ferrara | Co-Founder

Founder of Eidoo, Co-Founder of Cryptopolis and CFO of Digital Identity, Natale Ferrara

has skills in business strategy, project management, business development, M&A and he

has vast experience in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Luca Carrozza – MD OPS

MarTech vet, 12ys in Fullsix Group, Eu pioneer in digital marketing, as PMO lead, business

manager, client director; last 5ys building and leading IPG Group’s adv tech divisions:

Reprise, search & social, and Cadreon, programmatic adv & data management.

Dragan Bozic | MD Marketing

Dragan has a a strategic digital and tech background mixed with strong business development

skills. He helps to create a culture of change within the business, providing creativity,

analytical thinking and advanced data analysis.

Francesco Ongaro | CTO

Sec urity expert and Hacker, he’s specialized in Network and Web Application Penetration

Tests. He performed technical activities for many of the most exposed customers in the

private and public infrastructure, finance, banking, insurance and media fields.

Domenico Ferrari | VP of Engineering

Combining strong project management skills with deep technical abilities, Domenico’s

ability to optimize the software development processes has led him to be responsible for

the development of the Platform.

Ale Menegotti | Games Dev Manager

An awarded computer scientist, he has led for many years a succesful global game

company. With a result-oriented approach, he is sensible to the many needs of a digital

product and very passionate about the ever-changing development scenario.

Andrea Sala | Community & Marketing Manager

BA in Psychology with an emphasis on consumers psychology and buying behavior, quantitative

research and organizational management. Passionate about challenging

business ideas, technology, startups, fintech, management, blockchain and new media.


Igor Pezzilli | Business Strategy

Co-founder of the Lazada Group, senior consultant at Bain & Company in Zurich, he his

highly skilled in business strategy and business planning, as well as in business and

corporate development, management and private equity.

Roman Hammerl | Finance

CFO in and executive for Morgan Stanley, Roman Hammerl graduated at the

Vienna University of Economics and Business and at the Red McCombs School of

Business in Austin. He is specialized in equities, capital markets and hedge funds.

Raphael Galante | Gaming

Founder and CEO of Digital Bros and of 505 Games, he has more than 20 years of experience

in the mobile gaming and console sector. Digital Bros, together with the 505 Games

and Halifax brands, ranks the top 10 global game publishers.

Robert Taylor | Crypto Expert

Co-founder and CTO of capital markets fintech Origin, Robert has been involved in the

cryptocurrency space for over 5 years. Robert works with a number of crypto projects to

develop their token economies, technical architecture and token sales.

Lars Schlichting | Legal & Tax

Partner of Kellehals-Carrard, Lars Schlichting’s main areas of expertise are the banking

and financial sectors. Since 2016 Lars provides advice in the world of cryptocurrencies

and has participated in several Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Validity Labs | Smart contract

Validity Labs span multiple areas of blockchain and smart contracts technology managing

in house diverse platforms and skills levels. Equip change agents to utilise blockchain

technology in order to improve how we trade, make contracts and collaborate.


Felix A. U. Kjelberg (Pewdiepie) | Influencer

Felix is the world’s most important Youtuber with over 60 million followers subscribed to

his channel. PewDiePie has also appeared in a number of other medias, such as radio and

TV. He is currently the official figurehead for the launch of the Platform.

Ignacio Sepulveda | Tweakbox CEO

Currently CEO of Tweakbox (10mm users) with great experience in the software sector.

Expert in marketing strategies, user interfaces design and project planning. He is graduated

at the Brains International School of Alcobendas.

Francesco Imbesi | Bit Walk

Founder of Bit Walk, Francesco built a Company that reached millions of active users in

less then 1 year involving major artists such as: Massive Attack, Oasis, Blur, Ewan McGregor,

Willem Defoe and Marina Abramovic.

Marzia Bisognin | Influencer

Marzia is an Italian internet personality who is also involved in writing, fashion design, and

business. Her channel currently has over 7 million subscribers, making it the most

subscribed channel in Italy


This is my personal review, and i recomend just invest in this project man, look the Partner is “Pewdiepie”,The Number 1 Youtuber in the World.


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