Currently, there is practically no industry in which blockchain technology can be used.
Now, many industries may have a very old habit in society; such as the exchange of goods and services between two people. This is for changing any goods or services without paying money. This change is becoming increasingly popular among the masses. The growth of this phenomenon began around 2008, when the global crisis began. Now life is becoming more and more complex, and naturally, the need for this service is growing exponentially.

Easy Free creates a virtual market for exchanges called ShareMeAll. The company offers an exchange system where users can exchange services, amenities and everything else. The principle used by the company is transparent and simple, everything will be based on practice and experience. For simplicity, all transactions in an instrument will be exchanged cryptocurrency eSwitch.


The main goal of the project is to combine modern technologies and centuries – old traditions of exchange in a single and harmonious environment. You will use the technology of the blockchain, which is optimized for transparent, secure and trusting relationship between the participants of both sides. Simply put, with this platform you can share everything from small services to real estate, cars and other products. In contrast, users ShareMeAll services are offered, the service, etc. From other countries. they will receive an electronic switch that will allow them to use it.

All transactions will be automatically stored in the Blockchain and you will be able to change your products or services for the eSwitchtoken. Every day, the user will be given the opportunity to exchange the purchased eswitch tokens for another cryptocurrency or Fiat. Everything works quickly, simply, most importantly, efficiently and safely.


Information about the token and ICO:


Accepted payment methods: Visa and Mastercard related Bank, credit card usage, Btc, Eth and direct Bank transfer.


Token distribution

It is planned to create and distribute 60 million eswitch tokens;
60% of tokens, 36 000 000 will be stored in Easy Free. During the sale will be sold 25% of tokens, 15 000 000. 10% or 6 000 000 tokens will be distributed free of charge to those who participate in a successful commercial operation. 5% will be distributed to the team, 5% to the team and 5% to the team.




As you know, about half of the project’s success depends on a well-chosen team. The ShareMeAll project website contains information about team members who have contact information. The team already has members with successful projects in the field of blockchain. The team included all the necessary specialists in the project. Business processes, Finance, legal services, block chain development, advertising professionals. Project consultants provide technical advice to participants on the preparation and management of the company.

Road map:



The idea and goals of the project are much higher than it seems at first glance. ShareMeAll aims to bring together users of different ages and interests, users of different nationalities and races. The platform is a place where everyone can find exactly what he needs and share it with his friend. I think the idea seems very interesting and unusual, I would like to say that such a project has a chance to succeed in the crypto community and will bring profit to its investors in the near future.


More information about the project:


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