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Most players find many opportunities to find because there is courage to win lottery prizes. We allow you to be like that for normal limits. So you know, if other people know you have just won the lottery, there are some people who will mean to you. Therefore, to be safe you have to make sure first, whether you really will get money or not. If you are right, you must ask what you do for the money. We refuse to use electronic banking or bank transfers. In addition to being safer, your money will not run out without a mature fee for whatever the money is.

The current lottery solution is a platform to make the Most Transparent, Simple and Honest Lottery, Decentralized Lottery, Support by Ethereum Blockchain, SHARK LOTTO.

Shark Lotto is the perfect lotto for everyone who likes to win! This is the Crypto lottery you’ve been waiting for! with several main advantages in important moments. We believe that Shark Lotto will change the world once and forever.

– Safe and Secure You can safely order lottery tickets for each jackpot. Victory is spread by the blockchain network, strictly according to the rules of the game. The results of each statement can enter the blockchain open registry and cannot be manipulated. Our solution is 100% safe after blockchain technology.

– Satisfaction If you are not satisfied with our service, you can cancel at any time for full money. Shark Lotto is an International decentralized lottery supported by Blockchain. Playing from any part of the planet, using cryptocurrency,

– Our industrial blockchain infrastructure uses blockchain technology that is able to handle many existing problems and dramatically change markets.

– Lottery players and prizes remain anonymous always. Our lottery uses a secure Random Number Generator based on the decentralized Bitcoin protocol. The program source code is available for inspection on Github. This service is only for those who only have basic computer skills.

– Start by trusting our standards, commitment to trust, honesty, transparency and responsiveness. fair opportunity for each player based on a random block. It’s safe and can’t be manipulated. Your victory depends only on God and the comfort of mathematics.

– Fair game All Dead Shark Lotto prizes by smart hands immediately after the picture. This allows you to get any amount of fees from additional fees and costs. – Instant payment of prizes on Ethereum’s smart contract technology,

– Our professional team is a professional and online team. Trying to be the best in our field, focusing on the best customer experience.

Shark Lotto’s main goal is to turn the conventional lottery into a better one with blockchain technology for a radical way of changing the ancient way of spending traditional games.

With this technology, the victory is spread by the blockchain network, strictly according to the rules of the game. The results of each statement can be stored in the blockchain open registry and cannot be manipulated. This solution is 100% safe because blockchain technology produces many other platforms.

Generator random numbers (RNG) are also based on blockchain technology which means that lottery numbers or tickets cannot be forged. Shark Lotto is a truly anonymous lottery, designed to meet the needs of players and winners who always want it to remain anonymous. Shark Lotto only accepts and saves money, allows players and prizes to remain anonymous.

Tokens released on the Ethereum platform comply with ERC20 standards. The total number of tokens released is 10,000,000. Other tokens outside this number are not planned to be released.

Hard Cap
$ 7,000,000

Soft Cap
$ 1,500,000

Hasil gambar untuk sharklotto bounty

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