Shipit ICO – NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform

Shipit ICO - NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform

Shipit ICO

Shipit ICO - NextGen Crowd Express Delivery PlatformShipit ICO – Shipit is one amongst the results of the blockchain business development, that has smart performance and a good plan supported a system that enables investors to be additional open with symbolic investments.

This is the primary application of its kind that uses sensible contracts and obstruction as a native tool to facilitate people’s lives around the world. Implementing the block system, the developers wish to create relationships between the participants on the premise of transparency and security, that ought to be the goal of any system. desegregation of the crypto-purse, they require to save lots of the appliance from any issues and limitations related to the transactions of the act.

Shipit ICO Distinctive Shipping Services

Shipit could be a distinctive and revolutionary delivery service in the future. over two.5 million purchasers can be part of the project. The hundred and twenty countries that may be the prospect of shipit and $ 340 million bucks in revenues from the eco-delivery services that become a chance for ships to enter into a brand new, additional economic and additional distinctive delivery service sector.

Shipit can send AN categorical packet in an exceedingly distinctive method while not employing a traveler. Shipit can benefit the person as a traveler World Health Organization you’ll select World Health Organization can attend your home for the vacations. this can cut back the shipping prices incurred for every cargo. Posts are often half-tracked by victimization the mobile app and you’ll set World Health Organization gets the package. Secure delivery is going to be enforced by shipment, storage system, the one that submitted the package, still as multi-factor verification to make sure safer delivery and destination.

The aim of the project is to make another platform for categorical delivery, supported by the principles of a shared economy, detachment and transport services.

Despite current difficulties, the worldwide marketplace for traveler delivery and delivery of parcels is continually evolving and provides carrier firms with billions in revenue.

The business of traveler and categorical delivery is growing at 1 Chronicles each year for the last 5 years from 2012 to 2017. IBISWorld consultants expect that demand for traveler services can still grow over consecutive 5 years by 2022. this can be thanks to the expansion of shopper disbursement and demand for the product.

Shipit ICO - NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform


Problem Delivery Service

There area unit some common issues with existing shipping firms. the matter among these is.

Expensive Price

The present operational prices of shipping services area unit quite high-priced after they wish to ship product abroad. The high-priced price in thanks to the payment of traveler service, thousands of staff, machinery and different supporting instrumentality to send the products.

Delivery Time

Long delivery times also are a difficulty of international shipping services. typically the package continues to be within the delay till the verification. several procedures should be so as for the package allowed out. Delivery isn’t solely at one purpose, their area unit some places that may be within the direction. The delivery service additionally uses a 3rd party service that creates the delivery time longer.

Lost or Broken Shipments

The risks and downsides of shoppers area unit the loss of cargo and unseen, fragile things as they need to be been through several places and lots of checks. Lost and broken things are going to be done to verify to customers World Health Organization can build customers unsuccessful.

Shipit is currently at the start of the year a crypto company with bound characteristics, with a spread of and high current commercialism crypto markets that dominate the market. Shipit company Become one amongst the massive firms that may be terribly booming within the future.

Trade in the planet of cryptocurrency has ne’er at liberty the rising and falling of rate fluctuations and exchange of coins, it’s a natural factor to feel scientific discipline of the corporate. Moreover, the corporate has no artistic concept that the system might not use the investment, of course, it’s a disaster that may be fatal with the destruction of the corporate.

Decentralized assets on the blockchain platform for investors everywhere the planet is a good philosophy offered by this platform. With the vision and mission of the construct of mutual profit between the project owner and therefore the token owner. With such a big amount of markets within the cryptocurrency world this year, competitors of the many firms that operate or area unit commercialism should have additional distinctive options and ability, this might be one amongst the advantages that the crypto commercialism community can do.

Shipit ICO - NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform


Shipit Works

Shipit can verify each user and monitor all submissions and guarantee safe submissions till destination. The delivery method is going to be done quickly. Below could be a shipping scheme.

Excess Shipit

Shipit is that the 1st delivery service platform victimization blockchain technology and sensible contracts. With the utilization of blockchain technology, all transactions area unit done is going to be clear, safe and straightforward to trace.

  • Security is applied by shipit terribly hight in order that packets are often delivered safely within the hands of users. Strict needs for senders and travelers World Health Organization wish to send a packet to the destination. Platform shipit is safe for everybody.
  • The security deposit is going to be within the on system shipit. The sender or person should build a deposit to forestall thieving. The sender is going to be protected and therefore the cargo safer.
  • Smart contract or sensible contracts that become fashionable security solutions these days. All transactions are going to be processed by sensible contracts and user information are going to be held on in an exceedingly secure blockchain and cannot be ready to be rubbed by anyone.
  • Shipit helps build a brand new on-line commercialism chain that permits individuals to induce the required product from different countries. shopping for product internationally or from outside the State then forwarded by AN negotiant service.

Shipit Platform Safe Delivery

The security of the shipit system is incredibly necessary so as for the delivery to run swimmingly and quickly and therefore the package is going to be safe and reach the receiver’s hand. All international shipping method is going to be detected and unbroken strictly guarded. All shipments are going to be wiped out accordance with the procedure and make sure that no activity violates the shipping rules and conditions. Security that’s applied is

  • Original photo
  • Multi-factor verification
  • Smart Product Tracking
  • Netverify the verification service
  • Smart Messages
  • Step by step guide
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Secure delivery safety


Key Features of Shipit Platform

  • No need to pay customs tax
  • A responsible approach
  • C2C, B2C, B2B
  • Quick delivery faster
  • Personal communication
  • Less bureaucracy
  • security
  • Consumption of Collaboration and Economic Division

Shipit ICO Token

Detail: Shipit ICO Token
Token SHPT
Price 1 SHPT = 0.015 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC
Hard cap 6,000,000 USD
Country Saint Kitts and Nevis
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China, Singapore, New Zealand
Shipit ICO - NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform

Shipit ICO Team

Shipit ICO - NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform


Shipit ICO - NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform


Shipit ICO - NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform


Shipit ICO - NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform

Shipit ICO Partners

Shipit ICO - NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform


Shipit ICO - NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform

Shipit ICO Courier Logistics

Shipit ICO - NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform

Shipit ICO Roadmap

Shipit ICO - NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63



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