ShipIt ICO Review: Make Extra Money While Traveling

Many of us ship packages daily and almost every corner of the world. However, there’s a high possibility of a sender running into problems with pricey shipping services, delivery delays, and high risks of shipments obtaining lost or broken. Customs and communicating services might cause a good sort of troubles starting from excessive work to outright thievery. At a similar time those services cannot boast of outstanding potency and quick work. Typically the shipments are delivered behind all required deadlines. Except for that, governments usually charge completely different shipping fees and taxes inscrutable to the sender.

shipit Token sale review

Commercial courier corporations don’t seem to be good further. It’s important to mention that courier and parcel delivery services ought to use heaps of individuals, machinery, and instrumentation units further on pay attention of insurance policies for his or her activities. All that ends up in quite important prices that are eventually carried by customers.


Delivery and courier services usually cannot ship a parcel directly from A to B and are forced to resort to transit hubs that introduce even a lot of threats and risks. Naturally, the rise in range of mediator delivery and courier companies concerned doesn’t result in increase of the responsibility of every party concerned.

Yes! They have made our lives way easier but they are not perfect as well and they also not willing to do it.

The world is developing and we want to make things easier that are never before.

So now the question is

  • what is the solution of the problem?
  • How to minimize shipping cost?
  • How to eliminate mediators, affecting the cost?

My answer of this questions to you is “Shipit”.

Now let us understand that,


“What is shipit?”

shipit ICO project

The main concept of Shipit is – Send packages. No couriers. Just people.

The goal of Shipit is to create an alternative platform for express deliveries based on principles of sharing economy, blockchain and crowd shipping.

Shipit is a mobile app that will connect senders and travelers around the world to provide them cost effective, fast and reliable solution to deliver packages.

It will help travelers to earn extra amount of money while travelling. Shipit will create a chain of senders and travelers using that sender can send their shipment in the most effective way. It is a combination of best ideas and practices of courier, crowdsource, and crowd shipping services.

Shipit is a first app of its kind to use smart contracts and blockchain at a same time. It will use both of them as a native tool for peoples to make their life simpler.  Blockchain technology will be used to build relations between participants by using the transparent and a safer ways.

shipit cryptowallet working


About the Shipit app

In the app itself you will be able to find someone easily who is taking a trip to the place where you want to deliver your package. You have to set your destination and then choose a traveler whom you want to deliver your package. After that the traveler will deliver your package to your chosen destination.

The app will help you to reduce the shipping costs as well as better service which is safer and efficient. The app is also helpful for travelers to earn money so that they can also make their trip more cost efficient.

The app has a system of deposits, reviews, and multi-factor authentication which will ensure a safe delivery of your package.


Features of Shipit

Deposits – Basically it is an insurance of your package in case of theft, loss or damage. Suppose you handed off a package to a traveler who will deliver your package from UK to US. Due to some x, y, z reasons if your package is damaged before delivery then you will get your full refund. Travelers are also aware of these rules. They will not be able to earn money in case of damage, theft or loss.

Safety and reputation – As safety of the package is the most important factor of this whole procedure. Therefore the app comes with very strict criteria such as deposit, multi-factor verification, smart contracts, blockchain, reputation system, real-time photos etc.

According to the performance suppose the traveler is shipping the packages safely several time by following the rules of the platform. Doing so they will manage to get positive reviews and higher ratings. Rating will help travelers to promote themselves automatically whenever a new shipping request is created in the app.

feature of shipit App

Factoring – It is just same like any type of borrow. Here you will get some companies or banks who are willing accept the risk of payment delays.

If you want to make a delivery of any costly item but you don’t have that much money in order to make deposit but if you have good reputation in the app then you will get factoring service from shipit so that you can make your delivery without deposit.

Smart contracts and blockchain – Suppose Alex is delivering a package from Spain to Parish and now he is waiting for addressee on the airport. Now addressee have to give a code that Alex must have to enter in order to confirm the addressee ID. Once the ID is verified Alex will give the package to the addressee.

smart contract shipit


How does Shipit works?

The app is simple and easy to understand. UI of the app is also user friendly. First download the app and install it in your phone. Register yourself and agree to the terms and conditions of the app. After that take a picture of your item that you want to ship. Input your address as A and the destination address where you want your package to be shipped as B.

Describe the size and the value of item in detail. Now enter the price that you are willing to pay for the delivery to a traveler. The system will start the search automatically for travelers according to your requirements and it will show you the best matcher of travelers for your criteria.

Now it’s on you. Pick any traveler from the list with good reviews and reputation. Now meet the traveler at point and hand off your package to him/her. You can also track you package shipment details upon delivery.

Shipit always verifies the user and monitors all shipment providing item’s safety. You can also edit your details if you forget to mention some important details or filled wrong details.

shipit ecosystem


Revenue from Shipit?

Shipit make revenues by charging a commission of fees paid to users of the service. There are two types of fees.

  • Fiat payments
  • Cryptocurrency payments

revenue from shipit

Suppose a shipit user posts a shipping request form US to UK in the app and the fees he/she is ready to pay for the delivery. After that the user will see some travelers according to the matches. He/she will choose a traveler and will hand off the package. Once the package is delivered the traveler gets paid and in return shipit charges a commission on the payable amount.

Depending upon the country rules where the traveler is shipping the package, he/she can get paid in fiat, cryptocurrency or in both. Same rules are applied to the sender.

The commission fees of shipit is charged in the same currency which is used in the transaction process.


Why you should use Shipit?

The app monitors the safety of the package through whole shipment process. All users goes through same and multiple verification process. This helps to build trust and transparency on the shipit platform.

Nowadays crowdsource and sharing economy are highly supported. They are popular as well as effective. According to the developers by using this app you can easily transport your package to almost anywhere or over 1000+ kms.

shipit comaprison


Token information

  • Platform – Ethereum
  • Type – ERC20
  • Symbol – SHPT
  • Overall tokens – 500 000 000
  • Hard cap – $ 24 000 000
  • Soft cap – $ 3 000 000
  • Price – $ 0.1
  • Accepted currency – ETH, BTC, LTC
  • Presale start date – May 01, 2018
  • Presale end date – Jun 30, 2018


Use of Shipit tokens?

  • To make payments for delivery at a lower shipit commission rate.
  • To set higher priorities of a sender’s listing in waiting list.
  • To speed up moderation procedure.
  • For lower mail forwarding commissions.
  • To set higher priorities of a traveler’s listing in waiting list.
  • To lower factoring fees.
  • To give access to the sender’s and traveler’s list.
  • To lower the advertising fees.


Token sale allocation and distribution

token Token SHPT


Shipit targeted market

The Asia-Pacific Region (APAC) has long been a serious focus for international enterprises, because the provide chains are inquiring the method of globalization, and therefore the demand of Western countries for Asian exports has been increasing. Because the region shifts from associate degree export-dependent economy to a customer-oriented one, the dynamics of provision endure changes furthermore.


Native international provide chains once primarily established by dominating air and water freight firms became a solid network of regional provide chains supported e-commerce. Not like the United States of America, the APAC market is fragmented and immature and is troubled to deal with vast demand. As a result, several retailers and e-commerce suppliers have created their own provision solutions.


Despite the expansion in on-line defrayment, the domestic provide chains within the Asia-Pacific Region square measure underdeveloped compared to its export provide chains. a number of the issues that the region is scuffling with inadequate warehouse services, fragmented provide chains, poor technology and repair, competition based mostly solely on costs.


The Shipit team powerfully believes that the Asia-Pacific Region is that the most promising among the most important and developing markets. In line with reports by consultants from Accenture, the region’s share within the close to future won’t solely prevail over alternative regions of the globe, however additionally can strengthen its position normally because of economic process by 2020.

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