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ABOUT SHIPITThe development of more advanced and more modern technology, making human life more profitable and better. One that is experiencing rapid development is an online business. Online shopping is now a necessity for every individual. By leveraging social media or the E-Commerce Marketplace, shopping needs to be more convenient and very complete in comparison shopping in the offline market. The diverse options and relatively quick time efficiency make online shopping fun today.Shipit is a beneficial interaction of the ideas and best practices of messenger, crowdsource, and crowdshipping administration. We have synthesized the best business practices to create a progressive and unique administration. Just as Uber and BlaBlaCar have just turned into a part of our everyday lives, Shipit will turn out to be an indispensable tool for shipping.”This is the main application of its kind that will leverage smart contracts and blockchain as a local tool to make individuals lives easier around the world.By executing Shipit tokens and utilizing blockchain we need to assemble connections between users based on candor, prosperity and ease of follow for all the tools transport on platform “.One of the crypto projects that utilize blockchain technology and apply it to the Shipping platform is the Shipit project. Project shipit is an express delivery service project that will deliver goods to the world with great ease.Shipit is a mobile app that provides an effective and efficient delivery service. This app connects travelers and shippers, becoming one of the platforms to make extra money for tourists. Delivery is easier because it does not affect delivery destination. All done at a very affordable and effective cost. This is a modern innovation in the freight forwarding business.This app will be fully supported with smart contracts, making it more secure and no middlemen. In Shipit application also provided cryptowallet that serves to store Shipit token. Information about tokens will be explained in the next chapter. By embracing the principle of economic sharing, Shipit is ambitious to be the first mobile app to facilitate the delivery of goods to the world.The advantages of Shipit application are simplicity. Shippers can work with travelers to ship items. This system is very convenient and secure because there are some verifications that must be done. Shipit also reduces sender fees and is useful for travelers to earn extra money.Solutions offered SHIPIT is the latest solution for the courier and forwarding industry. It provides a mobile app that connects people directly and generates crowd-shipping solutions for packet delivery. Based on Blockchain and Intelligent Contract technologies, packet delivery is made transparent and reliable.The package delivery process on the platform is quite simple. People traveling to a particular location can check the platform to see if packets can be delivered to a specific location. This provides an opportunity for people to get prizes while effectively sending packages and reaching their goals.Use the crowd, to manage courier and Zustellungs package system on an effective platform, is a concept applied in other industries. Various tools and services are available on the platform to make the process very easy for both senders and recipients.How Shipit works Shipit will verify every user and monitor all shipments and ensure safe delivery to destination. Delivery process will be done quickly. Below is a delivery scheme.SenderPost the list Schedule a meeting with a traveler Use a tracking system Track shipment Pay for shipping TravelerSelect a list Schedule a meeting with the sender Communicate with the sender in real time Submit submissions Get paid Fame and securityShipit considers important security issues. We have made strict prerequisites for senders and travelers to create a fine platform for each client.Deposit GuaranteeStores must be filled as protection for shipping. Shipit uses security stores to prevent theft, misfortune or harm the goods. Such stores are discretionary, but they are done to protect the sender.RememberingShipit Factoring outlines the storage issues for the welfare of shipping paid by a traveler. Shipit makes shop for travelers – only a small consideration fee is required.Good contractBrilliant contracts are the best answer for automation forms without mediators. All exchanges must be handled by an intelligent contract. Their historical data will be stored in blockchain.Send mailThe mail delivery buys something globally and sends it farther away from the purchasing country by the administration of the intermediate people. Shipit means creating a new online exchange chain that allows individuals to get things from any country.Shipit – Submit a bundle.There are no posts. Quite individual.SenderLicensed vessels to reduce shipping costs and at the same time increase the benefits of being more secure and proficient.TravelerShipit is a valuable tool that gives you the opportunity to earn money and make your journey more adept.EasyYou can easily find someone who is traveling to where you asked for your delivery delivered and ready to make the conveyance.HelpfulSet a goal to track a conveyance. Choose whoever you need to deliver your bundle.SecureShipit has a multi-factor shop, auditing and proofing system that ensures sheltered transport.Shipping Service IssuesThere are some common problems with existing shipping companies. The problem is between this.Expensive Costs – The operational costs of shipping services are currently quite expensive when they want to ship goods abroad. Costly due to payment of courier service, thousands of employees, machinery and other supporting equipment to send the goods.Shipping Time – Long delivery time is also an issue of international shipping service. Sometimes the package is still in a delay until verification. Many procedures must be allowed to exit the packet. Delivery is not just at one point, there are some places to be in the direction. The shipping service also uses a third party service that makes the delivery time longer.Lost or Broken Delivery – customer risk and loss are loss of delivery and undetected, fragile items due to multiple passes and multiple checks. Lost and damaged items will be made to confirm to customers that will frustrate customers.ICO INFORMATION AND TEAMSign SHPTPrice PREICO 1 SHPT = 0.1 USD
Price 1 SHPT = 0.1 USD
Available Bonus
Bounty Available
MVP / Prototype Available
Ethher platform
Accept ETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimum investment 10,000 USD
Soft cap 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap 24,000,000 USD
Country Saint Kitts and Nevis
White List / KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China, Singapore, New Zealand

ROADMAPTEAMADVISORSConclusionThe solution lies in the concept of economic sharing, which has been successfully used by many new companies to conquer the market. As the world’s population grows, it’s time to capitalize on these opportunities for business value. Lower cost for users is another advantage of the platform, which will help with the launch of the mobile app. Blockchain technology will help them to optimize and update traditional world problems.This platform relies on globalization and digitalization in the world. People will be key growth drivers on the platform because they act as a bridge between packages used in many locations.Blockchain technology is an important component of the platform, which will contribute to more efficient cost reductions and deliveries to the market. What do you think about the concept of platform mass transfer? Do you think we are ready for platforms in the courier and parcel industry?For more information please visit and join on our link below:Website:

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