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The world of digital currency opens up real opportunities for humanity, removing all boundaries. Those who have time to jump into it, no longer imagine their lives without crypto. They have become a symbol of change for all. And even those who have just drowned in this industry will remain there forever. With examples and people around me I can with the company’s belief that world cryptocurrency – truly new, uncharted territory – “let go” in short, the whole age for humanity, which attracts their abilities and almost never you find you are so attractive and much needed without you not being able to imagine your life any longer. And mastodon, who knows a lot about this area, moves forward,
Because here everything is transparent, the most honest, the project is based on Blokcheyn technology – a distributed database, which does instant translation, do not expect to confirm transactions, as with banking transactions, there are no excessive and unnecessary costs, and technology protects against various frauds – here fraudulent fraud is excluded. Operations are anonymous.
The #Sidera company  does  not  stand  aside and offers Megaproject, which offers to adjust crypto currencies for further use in retail stores due to the presence of a contactless smart bracelet. #Sidera  follows in the footsteps of Bitcoin and has the same characteristics related to management, motivation, real applications, which ensures the development of this solution at the international level. The development of full core with open source and specifications – all of this contributes to the distribution of the #Sidera protocol   everywhere and ensures this network expansion. Bitcoin has become a “brand”, which is the most significant digital currency in the world of cryptography, therefore, in my opinion, the company  #Sidera not just an ecosystem with steep solutions, but a real future for all crypto investors. He has no analogues and competitors, so the success of this project is more than clear
#Sidera  , providing free equipment to stores in Europe, attracts participants who are not only smart watch users and convenient applications, but also full participants in this platform, thanks to their availability and ease of use. The company will form demand for all crypto currencies – old, new, known and little known
Sidera’s goal   is to enter the consumer market, there are no other crypto exchanges that will be able to attract many crypto currency users from this segment except for this platform.
Companies use IoT (Internet of things), which popularizes the distribution of existing devices, vehicles, structures and more by sensors and network connections, ensuring data collection and exchange. Collective applications work on P2P schemes, which exclude intermediaries
SmartBit  is  the first and only decentralized portable device in the world. This is a revolutionary solution for sending crypto currencies, which offer a measurable ecosystem  #Sidera  . You carry all your crypto assets “on your wrist.” This bracelet uses a system of data storage and military level encryption, with SmartBit you don’t have to worry about your assets, even if you lose or steal a smart watch – no one can use your data, because this device responds to requests from people who have it – defines ” true holder “through biometrics, the presence of sensors in the body, and methods of recognizing faces
SmartBit is presented in three versions:
1. BitBand – a bracelet exchanged with a touch screen
2. BitWatch Premium – smart smart clock with touch screen
3. BitWatch Visionary – smart clock with touch screen and multi-level security with face recognition and biometric sensors
I am the owner of the third version of the device – of course, in the first place, this is the maximum number of functions, my kriptoaktivov security, convenience and ease of use, but it is very important to me, as a person who always tries to be a trend, it is a cool design bracelet.
A very important function “from wrist to wrist”, that is to bluetooth in a certain range, you can transfer and receive funds from your “clock” to other users of this device. All of this is done in a decentralized way. In addition, the owner of the bracelet can determine the amount of the amount for the fee and send money only after confirming the PIN code.
Well, the most important advantage of this device is “ghost mode”. This function hides the hardware wallet and everything related to crypto currency, and the crane displays time, weather, etc. Nobody will understand what kind of device it really is.
Private keys, unique identifiers, multi-level security, zk-SNARK technology (a high level of confidentiality), various extensions and additions – these are only a small part of what will give the #Sidera participants and SmartBit users   . This is a magnificent project that will change the entire cryptography world.
Already, there is an ICO, where you can be part of the #Sidera project  and not just a party, and a full shareholder in the company by buying eQUOS tokens
The lower limit of the financing of this project is 1 500 000 $ (if, as long as the sale of the token is reached Softcap – funds will be returned)
On the funding threshold – 15 000 000 $
Total number of tokens – 51 million eQUOS
Price for 1 eQUOS – $ 2
1% of funds collected will be given to charity
Token distributions are as follows:
Funds are distributed according to the principle:
Inviting your professionals to the team, #SIDERA company  creates a platform that has no analogues in the world, providing maximum opportunities in the world of crypto currencies
Project partner:
Details about the project can be found on the website  and familiarized with the Whitepaper
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