Sidera – A Decentralized Tool with Blockchain Technology

 Sidera is a new platform created for consumer cryptocurrency that enables users in Point of Sale (POS) retail using smartwatch and contactless smartband. Sidera is the first blockchain technology to use the first decentralized wearable device.Sidera will provide an incentive network for participants through free hardware providers for retail stores in European geographies for starters. Users will be given incentives to participate in the network of sidera through the ease and accessibility of use, the convenience of payment with mobile devices and the simplicity of the smart clock.
The sidera platform helps generate requests for both cryptocurrency and old as well as cryptocurrencies that are already large and small. Other online cryptocurrency exchanges no one can bring new cryptocurrency users from this segment in the same amount. We focus on consumer market withdrawal.
[Sophisticated and Unique Features Sidera Wearable Device (DWD)]

  • Global Measured and Fully Decentralized – BitSmart is a hardware wallet that can be used on your wrist and is fully decentralized and guaranteed by blockchain.
  • Extra Features – Provides full-featured features such as automatic transaction address detection, mobile Notifications, customized watches, ghost modes, price alerts, QR Barcode generators, trades and more. This Wearable device has also been using BitSmart smart software that will provide the latest news, weather news and can trade using this device do not be a smart or wearable device. In the near future this device will be added with 2FA authentication for third parties. BitSmart software will be released OPEN SOURCE that can be developed by the community to add new features in want.
  • Offline Transactions by Approaching the Wrist – This Wearable device has a proximity projection that will allow smartwatch to interact with other BitSmart devices using Bluetooth or Wifi connection with a certain distance. This feature will make it easier for users to make transactions by simply closer between the wrist of the sender and receiver. You can transact cryptocurrency OFF-CHAIN ​​in the fully decentralized way even without other third-party applications.
  • POS Payments Using Internal NFC Module – This device is equipped with an internal NFC module that allows you to process POS payments very quickly. NFC system is cultivated more sophisticated in the current NFC appeal. You can shop at the store using NFC very easily and quickly.
  • Automatically Detect Transaction Addresses – BitSmart Smartwatch Device Users can send more bitcoin or cryptocurrency in a more revolutionary way, which will detect the transaction address automatically. If you get notified about bitcoin or other cryptocurrency addresses, it will be detected automatically and then you are given the option to close the transaction notification or send the funds to a specific address.

Examples like below: “Hey, do not forget to send me 0, 321 BTC. You can send it to address 1HBtvjiVk8Bb2rPTAGJrD6UuC6f 9uB54gUB8B “
Or:“I am taufik123 from steemit , this is the address for the transaction: 1HBtvjiVk8Bb2rPTAGJrD6UuC6f 9uB54gUB8B “

  • Generation of Entropy with Your Hand Movement – BitSmart Tool can generate entropy for your wallet just by moving your hand. This feature is developed by utilizing the built-in Accelerometer sensor.
  • Bitcoin or ERC20 Wallet – Your funds can be saved on OFF-CHAIN ​​wallet on Wearable device on your wrist. Using the security of multi-layer level militated encryption that will not be in the collapse.

[Security Level Wearable Device (DWD)]

  1. Unique Identifier System – a passphrase or encryption key encrypted using a unique identifier method generated from the user’s arm movements, a skin of arms, sweat and other elements is a unique part for everyone. Smartwatch is equipped with sensors that will receive and decode this body then the sensor will give access to your hardware wallet.
  2. Ghost Mode – Ultra security that is applied using a special mode that is Ghost Mode. With this mode your wallet will not be detected by other devices. Ghost mode will also change the clock mode to normal hours so it will not look like a cryptocurrency wallet. Security in locks with military level encryption.
  3. Secure anti-theft system – This system will provide high security by using a private key that is stored in the device’s sandbox. This super-secure partition will be encrypted at AES-2048 military level that can not be penetrated by anyone, making it safe from theft. BystSmart Smartwatch becomes a separate device and companion apps do not store your private key. Only you can have a private key written in 12 random words to access your funds. You should keep it in a safe place because it can not be restored.

[The First Decentralized Wearable Exchange]

Continuum is the first exchange that can be used in the hand and has been decentralized. You can trade directly from your wrist and unrelated and depend on the central authority.

  • Proof-of-Load Protocol – The POL will occur continuously to check the state of the network node, then delegate to the intelligent micro-node level in some suitable operations to illuminate blockchain instantaneously.
  • Balancer – The sidera platform provides network balancing, validating transactions, accepting networks and delegating computational surpluses to micro-node sublevels.
  • Intersect – The Sidera blockchain platform adopts the Intersect principle where DAPPS cryptography and transaction functions work together and do not overload the network.

[Say Hello for the .bitcoin .btc and .blockchain domain extensions]

We ordered a portion of crowdfunding to fill out the apps on all three .bitcoin .btc and .blockchain domain extensions. we believe that the crypto community is now part of the family since the beginning of bitcoin. We have the opportunity to give back something of value in the community, the gift that gives the bitcoin and the public resonance blockchain they deserve so far.



  • Target $ 15,000,000 USD
  • 51.000.000 from EQUOS Token ERC20
  • 1 USD = 0.5 eQUOS

Sidera, if there is a problem with unaccountable platform access, or enforced large delays, is entitled to extend the distribution phase to 15 days to ensure participation of contributors.

  • SOFT CAP : $ 1,500,000 USD
  • (if the soft-stamp will not be achieved during Pre-Distribution and Distribution, the funds will be refunded)
  • HARD CAP: $ 15,000,000 USD
  • (after the hard-cap is reached, the donation will be stopped)
  • TOTAL SUPPLY 51.000.000 eQUOS
  • 1% of the funds raised will be donated to charitable organizations.


[Accurate Information]





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