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With each passing day, the world’s cryptocurrency is growing, and it’s no surprise because the technology-enabled blockchain can make an interesting decision. The most important aspect of the course is the transparency of all the activities and the ability to engage in openness and honesty to their business polzovatelyami, if not any boot.

Even so, most people do not want to deal with cryptocurrency, agrumentiruya the fact that it is not safe, is unrealistic because of the large volantilnosti, and can also use them as a payment method is also impossible.

Part of these arguments will be justified, but emerging technologies and new solutions to these problems appear on the market every day. Today we talk about the Sidera project and the SmartBit product – this is the first smartwatch/bracelet that supports relationships with cryptocurrency and also makes it possible to purchase used goods. kriptovalyutnye, but their interface and user satisfaction are usually smart clocks/bracelets.


Sidera combines the best of both worlds, blending the revolution of blockchain technology with the improvements of the wearable IoT device.

Sidera launches SmartBit – the world’s first mobile device.

The company has created a revolution in the money market, allowing for the first time to store an electronic money on the wrist with a wearable wallet. This device is a smart watch with infinite possibilities, for example:

  1. Transactions outside the chain between SmartBit devices from the wrist to the wrist.
  2. The creation of entropy wallet by hand movement (usually you do this when you move the mouse).
  3. Ghost Mode: You can completely hide Blockchain’s functionality and keep everything away from prying eyes.
  4. Pay with NFC with the conversion of electronic money when switching to traditional currency: You can pay directly to any US dollar store, by filling out an electronic payment license. Sidera. This completely destroys the electronic money market, allowing you to expand exponentially.
  5. Finally, let’s talk about security. This is the most important part of the project. Due to the safety of the device, and its integrated equipment, the body sensor is placed in the Smartwatch’s answer. This sensor will analyze the signals from your body (motion, sweat) that will develop a specific ID, in which the Seeds of your hardware wallet will be encrypted.
  6. If someone steals your device, he will not be able to access the fund, because the sensor will separate his body. This is a great advance that will allow you to break through the currency coding market and will engage in such areas as:

+Banking and Finance


+Health care industry.


How does it work?

The main objective of the project is to provide a single device that will simplify interaction with electronic currencies, making the process easier, more easily and more scalable.

SmartBit allows users to receive, manage or send electronic money assets such as bitcoin, any other altcoyines or tokens that support the ERC-20 standard.

SmartBit will be available in 3 versions:

BitBand – Interchangeable wrist strap with touch screen, in different colors.

BitWatch – Elegant smart clock with touch screen, available in 3 colors.

BitWatch Visionary – Elegant smart watch with touch screen and enhanced protection, featuring functions like face recognition and biometric sensors.


Does this company make a good investment for you? If you believe in the power of artificial intelligence, yes. The developers of SIDERA are confident that they will be able to achieve some success in this segment. AI is likely to improve a lot in the future, as well as the cost of this company and the tokens.

SIDERA can be a good long-term investment for you, because it is likely that this company will bring you a good return on investment, but in the future. If you have enough patience, it would be nice to invest in this company.

Here are the reviews that I recommend to you in finding information and knowing the SIDERA project is currently being run by their team. If you do not have any explanations for this article, do not worry. , I have set up a link so you get the correct information. and of course you will be able to talk face to face with their founder or team, at the link.

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