Sidera ICO – Decentralized Wearable Devices

Sidera ICO

Sidera ICO

Sidera ICOSidera ICO – Sidera may be a new platform that enables users at purpose of Sale Sale (POS) to use smartphones and non-contact smartphones. Sidera is that the 1st blockchain technology that uses the primary wearable sticker.

Sidera may be a comprehensive and comprehensive resolution for non-contact retail and purpose of sale (POS) smartwatches together with the complete focus reference implementation of all elements. It includes prepared and dealing port terminals and purpose of sale (POS). All of those elements are offered extensively through open supply and open specifications.

More clearly, Sidera may be a new platform created for user cryptocurrency that enables users in retail purpose od Sale (POS) to use smartwatch and smartphones while not bit. Sidera is that the 1st blockchain technology that uses the primary suburbanized wearable device.

Sidera can give a spread of incentives for participants through a free hardware supplier for grocery retailers in Europe for a begin. customers are given incentives to affix sidebar through simple use and convenience, payment facilities with mobile devices and sensible clock simplicity.

Sidebar platform helps generate demand for each cryptocurrency and recent and cryptocurrency that’s massive and tiny. Another on-line cryptocurrency exchange exchange can’t bring new cryptocurrency users from this section within the same quantity. we tend to concentrate on shopper market production.

Sidera ICO difference

Sidera releases the primary wearable hardware pocketbook with the whole service system, together with the primary suburbanized exchange that may be employed in the globe. Our and is security: device security, and integrated hardware pocketbook, secured by body sensors placed beneath the smartwatch. This detector can analyze from your body some signals (movement, perspiration, etc.) describing sure IDs wherever are encrypted the personal seed of the hardware pocketbook.

Why are Sidera ICO Going to Success

We have a extremely competent team of co-operatives and advisors. the security of the project is managed by a Security Broker, one amongst the world’s most vital Cyber   Security corporations, with leading consultants operating directly with defense departments, international law enforcement agency etc. the full method, from development to production and delivery, has been set and compiled. we’ve got entered into agreements with major suppliers and makers, and our prototypes square measure within the method of settlement.

Sidera ICO


Sidera ICO Wearable Device (DWD) Features

Global Measured and totally Decentralized

BitSmart may be a hardware bag that may be used on your wrist joint and totally suburbanized and warranted by the blockchain.

Sidera ICO


Additional Features

Provide complete options like automatic group action address pursuit, Mobile notifications, custom watches, ghost modes, worth alerts, QR Barcode generator and a lot of. This wearable device has additionally been victimization BitSmart sensible code that may give the most recent news, casting news and may trade victimization this device not being a sensible or easy-to-use device. within the close to future this device are additional with 2FA authentication to 3rd parties. BitSmart code are free OPEN SOURCES that may be developed by the community to feature new options that square measure needed.

Sidera ICO


Offline Transactions with Approach Auction

This device has shut projection that may enable the smartwatch to move with alternative BitSmart devices victimization Bluetooth or WiFi association at a particular distance. This feature can create it easier for users to form transactions a lot of simply between the sender and receiver wrist joint. you’ll manage the OFF-CHAIN   cryptocurrency during a totally suburbanized manner even with none alternative third-party applications.

POS Payment victimization the inner NFC Module

This device comes with an enclosed NFC module that enables you to method POS payments quickly. The NFC system is a lot of refined within the current NFC attractiveness. you’ll look within the store victimization NFC simply and quickly.

Automatically sight group action Address

BitSmart Smartwatch Device Users will send bitcoin or cryptocurrency a lot of during a revolutionary manner, which is able to mechanically sight the group action address. If you get data regarding bitcoin or alternative cryptocurrency address, it’ll be caterpillar-tracked mechanically so you may lean the choice to shut the group action notification or send the funds to a selected address.

Entropy Generation together with your Hand Movement

BitSmart Tool will generate entropy for your pocketbook simply by moving your hands. This feature is developed victimization the constitutional measuring system detector.

Bitcoin or ERC20 Wallet

Your funds is keep within the OFF-CHAIN   wallet on your watch. Use level-level cryptography security which is able to not collapse.

Device Security Level Wearable (DWD)

Unique symbol System

An encrypted cryptography key or cryptography key victimization distinctive symbol methodology generated from user arm movements, sweat, sweat, and alternative components square measure distinctive components for everybody. The smartwatch comes with a detector {that can|which will|that may} receive and rewrite the body then the detector will give access to your hardware pocketbook.

Ghost Mode

Ultra Security is employed in special mode particularly Ghost Mode. With this mod, your pocketbook won’t be detected by alternative devices. The ghost mode also will amendment the clock mode to traditional traditional hours in order that it doesn’t seem like a cryptocurrency pocketbook. Security in key with military level cryptography.

Safe Anti-Claiming System

This system can give high security by employing a personal key keep within the device sandbox. This super-secure partition are encrypted at AES-2048 army level which might not be broken by anyone, creating it safe from thieving. BystSmart Smartwatch may be a separate device and also the friend app doesn’t store your personal key. solely you’ll have a private key written in twelve random words to access your funds. you must keep it during a safe place as a result of it can’t be renovated.

First Suburbanized Wearable Exchange

Kontinum is that the 1st exchange that may be employed in hand and has been suburbanized. you’ll trade directly from your wrist joint and tangential and depend upon the central authority.

Proof Proof Protocol

POL can occur unceasingly to visualize the state of the network node, then delegate to the extent of intelligent small nodes in some acceptable operation to illuminate the adjacent block directly.


The sidebar platform provides offset networking, confirming transactions, receiving networks and authorisation computing surplus to small node sublevels.


Sidera platform blocker adopts across principles wherever DAPPS scientific discipline and scientific discipline functions work along and not burden the network.

Sidera ICO Token

Detail: Sidera ICO Token
Token eQUOS
Price 1 eQUOS = 2 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, Fiat
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD
Country Lithuania
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China
Sidera ICO


Sidera ICO Team

Sidera ICO


Sidera ICO


Sidera ICO Partners

Sidera ICO


Sidera ICO

Sidera ICO Roadmap

Sidera ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63



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