So why such an explosive amount in bitcoin despite the fact that its forerunner were additional fascinated by in tutorial works. additional to its whitepaper, it had a reference implementation within the year 2009 and an actual operating system that was ready to attract the thinking of developers and influence the paradigm of open supply software package development to instantly enhance and improve into a global-class monetary infrastructure.

What is SIDERA?
Sidera may be a new platform created for shopper cryptocurrency that permits users within the sale of purpose of Sale (POS) victimization smartwatch and contactless smartband. Sidera is that the 1st blockchain technology to use the primary decentralized wearable devices.

Sidera can offer associate incentive network for participants through free hardware suppliers for retail stores in European geographics as a begin. Users are given incentives to participate within the network of sidera through ease and accessibility of use, simple payment with mobile devices and also the simplicity of the sensible clock.

The sidera platform helps generate cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency requests that ar already giant and little. alternative on-line cryptocurrency exchanges nobody will bring new cryptocurrency users from this section within the same quantity. we tend to target shopper market withdrawal.

The biggest downside with Bitcoin presently is that it’s not broken out into thought adoption. One study pegs the quantity of active cryptocurrency users to between a pair of.9 and 5.8 million. the answer for adding a billion users to the cryptocurrency movement by adding 2 key parts missing so as to produce important adoption by thought users. following billion users haven’t nevertheless entered cryptocurrency for 2 main reasons:

Too difficult
Cryptocurrency suffers from complexness for the common user. Managing personal keys, public keys, blockchain concepts—it’s all immensely out of the reach of the common user. In some cases following Billion users might even barely be ready to operate a smartphone.

Not relevant
The only factor you’ll purchase with a cryptocurrency square measure different cryptocurrencies. The overwhelming majority of individuals don’t have any involvement with this method and no interest. till the common user will use cryptocurrency to shop for a bag of rice or a loaf of bread, the relevance of cryptocurrency are restricted to atiny low audience.

Sidera platform to consumerizing cryptocurrencies by facultative their use in retail purpose of Sale (POS) through a smartwatch and a contactless smartband. Following within the footsteps of Bitcoin, Sidera has constant properties of Real Implementation, Open Governance and Incentivization that enables for the speedy international enlargement of the answer.

Sidera can facilitate to get demand for brand new and recent , still as huge and little cryptocurrencies. there’s none different on-line cryptocurrency exchange that may usher in new cryptocurrency users from this section and within the same range. because of our powerful specialize in attracting the buyer market.

We powerfully believe the crypto-community as we have a tendency to became a part of this family since the first days of bitcoin. we have a tendency to want to scale each bitcoin and cryptocurrencies adoption delivery this revolution to the plenty however before the goal, we would like to relinquish back to the community all the worth we have a tendency to received in these years. Sidera offers a present which will provide bitcoin and blockchain a public resonance they be.

The future maturity of the wearable technology market would be driven by shopper preference for gadgets, increasing growth propects of next generation show in wearable devices and maturing quality of connected devices with net of Things [IOT]. In different to produce the very best security, your personal key’s unbroken within the devices sandbase. this is often ultra-secure partition, absolutely encrypted within the military-grade AES-2048, non-reachable by anyone. You become the sole one in possession of the personal key that grants you access to your funds.

Sophisticated and Unique Features Sidera Wearable Device (DWD)
Global Measured and totally decentralised : BitSmart could be a hardware case that may be used on your wrist joint and is totally decentralised and secured by blockchain.

Extra Features: Provides full featured options like automatic address address detection, Mobile notifications, custom watches, ghost modes, value alerts, QR Barcode generators, and more. This wearable device has additionally used BitSmart good software system that may give the newest news, weather news, and might trade mistreatment this device rather than good or wearable devices. within the close to future this device are going to be superimposed with 2FA authentication for third parties. BitSmart software system are going to be discharged OPEN supply which might be developed by the community to feature new desired options.

Offline Transactions with Approaching wrist joint :This wearable device has projection projection that may enable smartwatch to move with different BitSmart devices mistreatment Bluetooth or wireless fidelity reference to an explicit distance. This feature can create it easier for users to interact additional closely between the wrist joint of the sender and therefore the recipient. you’ll transcribe cryptocurrency OFF-CHAIN in a very decentralised approach even while not different third-party applications.

POS Payments mistreatment Internal NFC Module : This device comes with an indoor NFC module that enables you to method POS payments terribly quickly. The NFC system is developed additional refined within the current NFC attractiveness. you’ll frequent the shop mistreatment NFC terribly simply and quickly.

Automatically notice dealing Address :BitSmart Smartwatch Tool Users will send additional bitcoin or cryptocurrency during a additional revolutionary approach, which is able to notice the dealing address mechanically. If you get notified concerning bitcoin or different cryptocurrency addresses, it’ll be detected mechanically so you’re given the choice to shut the dealing notification or send the funds to a selected address.

Generation of Entropy together with your Hand Movement : BitSmart Tool will generate entropy for your case simply by moving your hand. This feature was developed by utilizing the inbuilt measuring system sensing element.

Bitcoin or ERC20 case : Your funds is keep on the OFF-CHAIN wallet on the wearable device on your wrist joint. Use the safety of militated multi-layer cryptography that may not exist in collapse.

Security Level Wearable Device (DWD)
Unique System Identifier : Encrypted encryption key or encryption code using unique identifier method generated from user’s hand movements, arm skin, sweat, and other elements which is unique to everyone. Smartwatch comes with a sensor that will receive and decode this body then the sensor will give access to your hardware wallet.

Ghost Mode : The ultra security that is applied using a special mode is Ghost Mode. With this mode your wallet will not be detected by other devices. Ghost mode will also change the clock mode to a normal clock so it will not look like a cryptocurrency wallet. Security in locks with military level encryption.

Secure anti-theft system : This system will provide high security by using private keys stored in the device’s sandbox. This super-secure partition will be encrypted at AES-2048 military level that can not be penetrated by anyone, making it safe from theft. BystSmart Smartwatch becomes a separate device and the companion app does not store your private key. Only you can have a private key written in 12 random words to access your funds. You must keep it in a safe place because it can not be recovered.

The First Decentralised Wearable Exchange

Continuum is the first exchange that can be used in the hand and has been decentralized. You can trade directly from your wrist and unrelated and rely on central authority.

Proof-of-Load Protocol : POL will appear continuously to check the state of the network node, then delegate to intelligent micro-node level in some appropriate operations to illuminate blockchain instantly.
Balancer : The sidera platform provides network balancing, validating transactions, accepting networks and delegating computational surplus to micro-node sublevels.
Intersect : Sidera’s blockchain platform adopts the Intersect principle in which the cryptographic and transactional functions of DAPPS work together and do not burden the network.
Information on the token
Target: $ 15,000,000
51,000,000 Token ERC20 eQUOS
1 USD = 0.5 eQUOS

SOFT CAP: 1,500,000 US dollars
(if soft cap is not achieved during the preliminary distribution and distribution, the funds will be returned)

HARD CAP: 15,000,000 US dollars
(after the hard cap is reached, donations will be terminated)

1% of the funds raised will be donated to charitable organizations.

Token Allocation:


Donations Allocations:




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